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Make good articles on the quilt

by Holder Silden 2 months ago in celebrities
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Make good articles on the quilt

Mr. McKesson, a businessman, loved reading as a child and made time to read every day, no matter how busy he was at work. Even at night, before going to bed, he would read for half an hour before falling asleep.

One day, Michaelson was on a business trip to another city. When he returned to his hotel room to rest, he realized that he had forgotten to bring his book, and the bookstore was already closed because it was too late. In desperation, Mike's son had to watch TV, but the channel changed countless times and he no sleep. He closed his eyes to count the stars, self-hypnosis, and tried all kinds of methods, he still can't fall asleep, until three o 'clock in the morning, because of excessive fatigue finally fell asleep.

On his way home the next day, McKesson saw a group of hip-hop teenagers on the street wearing clothes with words on them, and it occurred to him, "Could we print words on the quilt for people to read?"

But then he said no. The area of the quilt seems large, but because people are lying or sitting on the bed, the characters can not be as small as a regular book, so a quilt can only print very few contents, no one will read a story for several years.

When he got home, it was late afternoon. After washing, Mixon picked up his favorite book and sat down on the bed to read it.

Wait, read, since the book can read, why can't you make a book that can read the quilt? Thinking of this, Mikaison jumped up excitedly. After searching the Internet, he found that there was no such quilt in the world. This may be a business opportunity!

So Mr. Mixon began his design. He first removed the cotton in the middle of the quilt and directly used cotton to make a layer of the quilt, which can not only keep warm but also achieve the effect of increasing the content of books. Then he copied the contents of a book onto the quilt, page by page, according to the arrangement of the books.

McKesson then quickly contacted a quilt manufacturer, and within a few days, the first quilt book was quickly made. Full of excitement, he immediately took the quilt home and put it on the bed, excitedly hurried to bed to experience it. But the result made him very discouraged: it turned out that the quilt was too big to see the words in the distance, and because the quilt was very soft, it was not convenient to turn up.

Mikaxon was disappointed, but he didn't give up and immediately plunged back into new research. To see the quilt in the distance of the word, the word design is larger, just in the solution of the quilt is too soft to read the problem, spent a lot of thought. He experimented many times, and finally, took it into the process of quilt weaving. The addition of stiffer flax at intervals solved the thorny problem.

Delighted that the product was finally ready, Mickelson surveyed the website. To his great excitement, many people expressed their interest in the quilt book, which gave him a boost of confidence.

McKesson also found many children's favorite books to print on the quilt, and selected books for different ages, fairy tales, stories, literary classics... In addition, there are literacy picture quilts for preschoolers, as well as English word tool quilts.

After the quilt book was put on the market, it caused a strong response. Hundreds of quilts were sold out within a week. Seeing the market outlook so good, Mckesson immediately began to contact production, and then developed suitable for adults to read the quilt book, and marketed it to hotels.

Today, if you go to the UK, when you check into the hotel, you can "order" a Michelson-invented quilt book to have a look, at humorous jokes, celebrity classics, beautiful text appreciation, novel stories... Of course, there are horror novels, if you can sleep at night.


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