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The Christmas season is approaching soon! I usually go to Black Friday shopping but not this year. COVID19 is stopping me from going, it is safer to do the shopping online. Most stores like Walmart are having Black Friday deals online all November and December. They are trying to minimize the crowds from going to Black Friday shopping. I am a senior and this year I am doing my shopping online. It would be wise to stay home and do your shopping online because of COVID19. While shopping online have a cup of coffee or tea and have a good time shopping. Remember the stores are having Black Friday deals all month long. Many stores do not charge you a shipping fee if you spend a certain amount. Check to see if the store has coupons and apply the coupon code at checkout. Amazon doesn't charge a fee if you spend twenty-five dollars. In Alaska, we have Fred Myers I use their Click List if you spend $35.00 it is free. I pick a time when I can go to pick up my items. I do not have to go into the store the clerk comes out with your order and puts them in your car. Many stores are doing this so make sure you check to see if they have Curb Side Pick UP!

Shopping online saves you the time in which you would spend in the store. You can shop in the comfort of your home even in your PJ'S! The best thing to do is to have a budget and stick to it. You can compare stores for the item you want to get by doing a search online. When your searching and you find the item make sure to look at the ratings and customer remarks. A four or five-star rating is great it says the item is good to buy. There are many stores to choose from so do not settle for the very first store. I like to shop around and not buy an item at the first store I see. Buying an item at the first store is not good to do. Because if you buy the item then if you discover it at another store cheaper you would be upset. It would be in your best interest to shop around.


Join Honey it is free to join. This will enable you to use the coupons available to you. Honey is a great tool to use for all your shopping needs. You will greatly benefit when you're using this browser. Besides Honey, you should join Rakuten. Rakuten gives you cashback when you shop online. These two sites will help if you are on a tight budget. I have used these two sites and they are great to use when you shop. This year more than ever people will be shopping online. Shopping in the stores this year is not a good idea because of COVID19. To avoid the crowds in the stores it is best to shop online.

Stores are having Black Friday ads all week, to get more people to shop online. Many stores have in-store pick up and curbside pick up. This is great when you are shopping online when you check out choose in-store pickup. The stores will give you a time when you can pick up your merchandise. Then all you have to do is go to the store and get your merchandise. This is far better than risking your health because of CCOVID19.

The gifts I give to my friends and family are what they can use and what they would like. One gift for my son-in-law is Star Trek he is always watching an episode. I gave him Star Trek socks and he loved them and got a kick out of the socks. I gave my daughter a soap dispenser so she can wash dishes faster and keep her hands from water. Gift-giving does not have to be expensive rather a gift in which the person can use the gift. I try to give hand made gifts too. My family and friends like the gifts I make for them. I am very happy to make a special gift to give them.

rose m lewis
rose m lewis
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