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Love, the harbor of the soul, the conversion of the soul

by Ron M Pitts 2 months ago in art
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Love is a tree that needs to be cared for and watered with our hearts

Love, the harbor of the soul, the conversion of the soul
Photo by Shaira Dela Peña on Unsplash

Love is a tree that needs to be cared for and watered with our hearts. The sea of people is vast, looking for, what are we pursuing? It is in pursuit of a true heart. In this world, there are things that money cannot buy. A true heart between people, can not be bought. People spend their whole life pursuing, is also the pursuit of a true heart. When we meet a person who treats us with sincerity, we must treat him with a heart.

We can buy a house, buy a villa, win a whole mountain, but we can't buy a confidant, a person who truly loves us. So there is a lot of searching and searching, a lifetime of searching and searching.

When the night is quiet, ask yourself where your heart is going to stop.

The question of being loved and loving someone is something we have positioned within us before marriage. The lover, in the thousands of individuals looking for the goddess in their hearts, the male god. Desperately to pursue, can give all for love, life, and death to love you. The loved one, silently waiting, waiting for a person who truly loves them. When love comes, it will be treated with great hospitality. In the long days, the loved one will take out a heart and put it in the other person's hot chest. What people seek is this one true heart.

The busy life, the hustle and bustle of society, and the turbulence. We are small leaves, sometimes we lose our focus and go with the flow, and sometimes we are stranded on the shore. In short, we are in the sea of people, walking, walking, sometimes losing themselves, do not know what they want, what to pursue, so they made some wrong things, even they can not forgive.

If you are still young and not married, you can fall in love as much as you can, talk about it properly and forget about it. To find your true love, to find the goddess of your heart, the male god. This is the right given to you by God, you boldly go to talk. There is no one to stop it, it is your right, to cherish it well.

Don't miss the flowering season of life.

When we have been married, that is, there is a marriage, then put a kite-like heart, some restraint. Because we already have a heart. At this time, we can no longer be as free as before, to chase the wind and waves. Instead, we focus on our family and social responsibilities.

What else do you want when you're married? We have a burden on our shoulders. That is, it is our duty and responsibility to run our home well, live our lives well, and raise our children to adulthood. We then divide part of our hearts, turn back and treat our parents well. Because, they are the ones who gave us life, they are the ones who raised us. When we grow up, it's time for us to give back to our parents.

Parents raise us small, we raise them old.

Life is a lifetime, not only love but also a career. To create their career, step by step towards the glory of life. When we stand to a certain height in life, should not we call the wind and rain, capricious and frivolous?

People, a skewer upright, should bear in mind that there is so-called, something not to do. When people reach their middle and late years, they suddenly feel that their youth is gone, their youth is gone, and they are old. In a lament, a heart that has been silent for many years begins to search for it again. Because their inner voice said to themselves over and over again, "I can no longer live such a dull life, this way, my life is over, life is one life, why so dull?" So many embarked on a journey to find, but also the interpretation of many sad stories.

The search for love again, a thought. A thought pushed itself into the whirlpool of life. Stunned, regaining love. You laughed, and the people behind you cried and wept.

When you are happy and blissful, have you ever thought about the people behind you, where they are, and where to go?

The tripod stands steadily upright, with three legs to support it, one cannot be missing. Likewise, the family has three legs to support, one is indispensable, husband, wife, and children. He or she, entrusted his or her life to you, from the green hair to gray hair, how many years of adherence and silent dedication, for what?

We are looking for the soul's harbor, the conversion of the soul.

What is love? Moth to a flame. They came from their parent's sites for love, fell in love with you against all odds, got married, and followed you with all their hearts. It is not for the sake of having a home of your own, with you by your side during the days.

Whether the vicissitudes of the years or the hardships of life, in front of love, is not what, because you can bear any suffering.

The road of life, the wind a journey, rain a journey, we have to walk well. No matter how deep the flowing water is, or peach blossoms are brilliant, those have nothing to do with me. The road of life is long, the sentence: not negative as not negative Qing, not negative time, not negative themselves, not negative we had that hot love, not negative a day we accompanied each other and held. With you, holding the hand of the son and the son grow old together. This is the promise to you when you are young and beautiful, but also a lifetime of silent waiting for the promise.

The actual love, not only loves your youthful appearance but alslovesve your gray hair, old face, love: not only love your young charm but also love your slightly hunched back and nagging.

True love, a lifetime, never leave.


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