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Lotus blossoms again

by MerleVillalobos 4 months ago in literature
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In the early morning, most of the adults are still resting, but energetic children have long gone out.

Lotus blossoms again
Photo by Göran Eidens on Unsplash

In the early morning, most of the adults are still resting, but energetic children have long gone out.

Some of us hurried to the lotus pond and saw from afar that a turquoise figure, a little bean-sized light pink ...... happy also called out.

The soft morning sunlight rains down from the sky, the dewdrops gathered on the lotus leaves reflect the starry light, the quietly towering lotus seems to take on a halo, appearing more noble and sacred, everything in front of us is like a fairyland dream, we are surprised to be surprisingly quiet.

All the children's eyes were gradually focused on the lotus flowers. When we look at it from a distance, we don't feel surprised, but when we walk into it, this kind of beauty, which we can't express, attracts us deeply.

The summer breeze blew in the early morning, carrying the light fragrance of lotus flowers, making the whole pond come alive. The fragrance of the lotus leaves light kisses on our tender faces, and our little hearts are overwhelmed by it.

A green lotus leaf held up the blue sky, and the silky sunset floated into the distance. We also looked into the distance expectantly, waiting for the time to pass.

A gray and earth-colored bus brings our parents back to their hometown, which they miss day and night, back to us.

In July and August, we have to pick lotus flowers and peel lotus seeds. A summer of beautiful dreams that became the sweet fruit of my childhood.

The lotus picking scene was very lively. When the adults were ready, they took us with them to pick them up. Usually, the villagers gathered at the same time to set off so that they could look after each other.

The quiet lotus pond welcomed our laughter, and the lotus flowers, which were already dying, were cleared away because of our arrival.

The adults started to pick lotus flowers in an orderly manner. They said they were taking us with them, but most of the children stayed by the lotus pond to watch. I didn't want to be bored and watched, so I paddled a canoe alone to pick lotus flowers.

The canoe was like a floating leaf, flowing along with the waves on the water. Occasionally, when I stopped, I held my breath, stood up, and stretched out my small hand to gently pick the lotus flowers, and felt proud of myself. When the wind suddenly blew, I couldn't stand on my feet and fell heavily on the canoe like a small giant, splashing the water. The unique sound of laughter and the ripples in the water rippled out together.

The evening twilight kissed the distant hills, and my father searched for a while to bring me home who was "drunk and didn't know the way home", and the family started peeling lotus seeds.

I couldn't resist peeling and eating one of them. My mother would say, "You little glutton." I blinked my bright little eyes like little stars in the sky, making my mother love me and stuff another lotus seed into my little palm.

When it was dark and starry, we sat together as a family and drank lotus seed soup.

Tasting the sweet and delicious, aromatic lotus seed soup is like savoring the taste of the years, the summer wind, the summer rain, and the summer memories ...... It is also the most innocent and delicious memory of my childhood.

The faint fragrance of lotus flowers will always remind me of the colorful summer and the good times I spent in my childhood in my hometown.

The lotus flowers are blooming again today, but I am not there.


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