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Litter Alley Part 2

by Beth (Halo) Hanson about a year ago in pop culture
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The Audition


She arrived at the audition more than a little late. Alex checked the email for the instructions to get into the building. She realized she screwed up the timing of her audition by over an hour. She found the reception desk and asked the guy sitting there.

"Hi, my name is Alex; I'm here for an audition; I'm supposed to ask for Keegan or Marge? "

"Sure, just take a seat; someone will be out to get you."

She sat in the waiting area for several minutes, trying to remain hopeful that her tardiness might not even be noticed. Eventually, a big guy in a bright pink shirt walked out and enthusiastically introduced himself.

"Hi, I'm Brian; I love your outfit! How is your day going? Did you have a long way to get here?"

"Um, Thank you, no, not too far," Alex said. Caught of guard by his energy.

"Well, follow me, the audition room is this way; Keegan and Marge are already waiting."

"Awesome, thank you," Alex said, following him down a long and winding hallway away from the reception desk.

Brian was an incredible talker. He was going on about this and that. Alex wondered how he was not getting lost; what kind of designer made a floorplan so much like a maze?

Before opening the door to the audition room, he tried to crack a joke.

"Alright, Alex, I have one skill-testing question for you. What do you think of Star Wars?"

Alex wanted him to shut up so bad, she was about to step into a room with a panel of judges and read lines for a script she had never had the chance to practice.

"I think… I like the way Yoda is known for his broken English speaking," She said. With a stutter. This made Alex laugh as he opened the door.

One of the judges sat up with interest as they entered; the other stayed slumped in his chair. Brian took a seat on the far right.

"Alright, Alex," The center judge said, "My name is Marge, this is Keegan, you've already gotten to know Brian, I see."

"Yes, I have," Alex said with a smile.

"Alright, so why don't you start from the top of scene 3."

"uh, I'm sorry," Alex said in a shaky voice, "I didn't receive a script."

The judges looked at each other annoyed. Brian piped up,

"It's ok, you're not the first; we think there must have been a mistake with the email list. Don't worry, it's probably not your fault".

This would have relieved her, except that she still had to audition and to think everyone else would have had the chance to practice; she was doomed for failure.

"Do you even know what character you are auditioning for?" Keegan said.

"Yes, Vera, A scattered-brained creative and artistic 16-year-old, best friends with the main character Tatia, a popular singer-songwriter and wannabe movie star. Vera loves philosophy and books and writing and has a secret talent for singing as well."

"Good, well, we have a copy of a script you could read off, or alternatively, since you are actually our last candidate for the day. To be frank with you, none of them have been auspicious. Why don't you try singing for us? Since I'm sure, you can act."

"Yes! I would love to," Alex said, feeling a bit more optimistic. She did love to sing.

She took a moment to think, without background music, she had to pick something with a simple melody that would amplify her range. She decided to sing the song she was most familiar with. Although, she had honestly never sung it without the song playing in the background.

"I'll sing Give me one reason, by Tracey Chapman."

"Beautiful" Brian, said.

"Whenever your ready," Said Keagan.

She took a deep breath and began. To her surprise, the judges didn't stop her for a couple of minutes. When they did, all they said was,

"Alright, you have a beautiful voice. Take the script with you, we'll call you back in a week or so and we'll practice some lines."

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Beth (Halo) Hanson

Visonary painter, Realist writer

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