Just a Letter

by R.M.Ever. 2 years ago in literature

Who knows, maybe it's just average, typical love?

Just a Letter

How did it end up like this? With him gone, and me empty? All I know is that I miss him. I know, I'll send him a letter! No, better yet, I'll take it to him. Then he'll know how I truly feel.

"You really think that will bring him back?" A voice sneered behind her.

She gasped in shock that someone heard her. "Who's there?" Her voice shook.

"Look at you, you're shaking like a scared little rabbit." The voice mocked her.

She backed up against the wall behind her as a figure walked through the door. Literally through the door. A woman with long black hair and strange old tattered clothing appeared in front of her.

Her mouth opened and shut in shock as she pointed at the woman. The woman sighed and rolled her eyes and exasperatedly. "For heavens sake, Elizabeth. Yes. I'm a ghost, I'm here because of you." The woman spun and thrusted her arms at Elizabeth in emphasis.

"But—but, you're dead," Elizabeth stammered.

"Yes I've, already said that," the lady snapped.

"But, why are you here?! Why—what did I do wrong?" Elizabeth stammered.

"Oh nothing dear Lizzy, I'm still here because you haven't found love yet." The woman paused to sit down on a chair, rather float just barely onto it. "Don't you remember, the promise I made you when you were little? Or rather, you forced me to make you."

Elizabeth, now getting slightly used to her presence, stiffly plucked herself from the wall and slid into the closest chair. She thought back to when she was younger, but to no avail didn't have the slightest clue. She shook her head.

"You made me promise to help you find your husband that you'll live the rest of your life with." The woman sighed and pinched her nose bridge in between her eyes. "I thought I was making a silly little promise to a child," she whimpered.

Elizabeth wiped her hands on her dress as she thought about the woman in front of her.

"Aunt Beatrice, why can't I remember the promise?" Elizabeth asked quietly.

Beatrice gazed at her and said casually satiated, "Because you're not dead yet."

"Oh." Elizabeth blinked. "So, what do I do?"

"Well you're going to change from out of that awful dress, because sweetie, it's horrendous." She floated to her wardrobe.

Elizabeth frowned. "I like this dress. Thomas told me he liked it."

"Well he's a man, he doesn't know what he likes." Beatrice swatted at the air. As she plucked a light blue dress with flowers embroidered on the collar and sleeves. "Here, this should win the boys!" Beatrice proudly presented.

"Aunt Beatrice, I can't wear something like that outside, what would I do if something were to happen to it?!"

"Oh pish posh, you want to woo him right? This, is perfect!"

Elizabeth could practically see the meddling sparkle in her aunt's eyes. Sighing, she stood, "Fine, let me change."


"So Lizzy, haven't seen you in awhile." The handsome face smiled at her.

She leaned away from his touch ever so slightly, and slipped around the boy. "Yes, well, nice to see you too Michael. Good day." She waved to him as she quickly walked away.

"Wow, so informal! How dare he," Beatrice stated as she floated along Elizabeth. "But, I was right, was I not dear Lizzy? You have caught the eye of every single boy here! Your light is now not under the bushel!"

Elizabeth sighed and grumbled to herself. Beatrice smiled slyly to herself.

"Auntie, we are almost there, so if you would please, wipe that smile off your face, it would help greatly."

"No. I'm dead. I'll do what I want." Beatrice stubbornly stuck her nose in the air.

Elizabeth shook her head and sighed.


"Okay, Auntie, I have the letter, and the picnic basket. I look alright, I smell good, this is it. Wish me luck!"

Giving her a thumbs up, she smiled. "Good luck my dear! Go and woo him!"

Turning on her heel, Elizabeth opened the gates to the school. Immediately, she felt as if she was being watched. As she approached the large, heavy wooden doors, she slowed down. A small man sat on a chair guarding the school doors. He carefully stood and loomed over her. "Dear girl, what could you possible want with these dim whits?"

His eyes showed his kindness and is jest in his words. She smiled and said simply, "Well, just to have a picnic with one of them?"

"Oh I would love to!" The shaky old man joked.

Elizabeth and the old man chuckled, "I'm afraid I already have someone in mind, but here is a sandwich and some grapes."

"Oh thank you young lady. You may enter. Whomever it is, he is very lucky."

She slightly curtsied. "Thank you, kind sir."


She wandered through through the first hallways and finally, she stopped to rest her feet. Suddenly, a large bell rang out. The doors bursting open spilling out boys of all ages. At first she didn't notice all the looks and stairs, and the occasional boy stopping, until a little boy ran up to her with an envelope. "Hey, you dropped this didn't you?!"

She took a look at it, it was her letter! "Oh my! Thank you! I hadn't even noticed. What's your name?"

"Charles." He smiled revealing a missing front tooth.

She smiled and ruffled his hair. "Well Charles, you deserve a prize!" She bent down slightly and gave him a little peck on the cheek.

She chuckled as she watched the little boys' face grow tomato-red. He placed his hand on cheek and hazily walked away.

"I suppose I have some competition?" Thomas's voice chuckled behind her. She gasped, smiled and swiveled around. "Thomas."

He reached for her hand and kissed it lightly. "I'm pleased to see you Elizabeth," he murmured.

She blushed as he tucked her hand into the fold of his arm and took the basket from her.

"So what do I owe this pleasure?" He mused.

"Well, I missed you. I know, that you're busy. But I just wanted to confirm something before..." her voice trailed off.

"Well, I'm sure whatever it is, you'll tell me. First, where shall we have our lunch?"

They settled onto the blanket, under a partly shaded area under a tree by a pond. "So Lizzy, what's on your mind?"

She blushed. "What happened Thomas? Why did you, leave when did?"

He smiled a little and looked down for a second. "Lizzy, I left because I did it for you."

"I don't understand," she blankly told him.

"I thought that, if you weren't around me, you wouldn't be hurt by me."

She frowned. "Well that's just absurd." She faced him. "You hurt me by leaving," she sighed. "I know you had no idea what was going on in my family, but you knew I wanted you there."

He looked down ashamed "I know. I've tried sending letters, but you never responded, so I stopped."

"What letters?"

"I've sent around 5 of them." He paused, frowning. "You haven't received not one of them?"

She shook her head. "No, that's why I'm here. To see if—if you still; still want to be with me." She avoided his eyes just in case.

"Oh my dear Liz. Why wouldn't I?" His face softened as he faced her and tipped her face up to his. "I thought that I was being obvious." He paused. "I love you Elizabeth. I wouldn't have anyone except you."

She gasped and smiled. "Even for marriage?"

"Even for marriage. Especially then." He smiled gently and kissed her gently. Quickly the kiss deepened. He pulled away slightly. "You really shouldn't have worn that dress. It's too... enticing."

"Well then it's doing it's job." She pulled him closer into a heated kiss.

Pulling away after a moment, "Elizabeth, I'm trying to be a gentleman here."

She smiled a little and nodded in agreement. "I understand. I think I have drawn enough attention to you and I for the day, so I'll be taking my leave after we eat."

"Sounds perfect." He glowed back at her.

---------THE END?---------

This short was inspired by the over 200 year old nursery rhyme, A Tisket, A Tasket.

A-tisket, a-tasket

A green and yellow basket

I wrote a letter to my love

And on the way I dropped it

I dropped it

I dropped it

Yes, on the way I dropped it

A little boy he picked it up

and put it in his pocket.

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