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Jolin Tsai: Let yourself be beautiful first, then your life will be more beautiful

Jolin Tsai: Let yourself be beautiful first, then your life will be more beautiful

By Caz HensleyPublished 4 months ago 6 min read

Jolin TSAI IS A WELL-KNOWN SINGER "DESPERATELY THREE NIANG", TIME and AGAIN THE CHANGING OF THE difficult performance, for her to win the reputation of "DIVa", but also because of their too strict, has been laughed that "not an idol, is a bronze statue". It was not easy to wait for her to say, "A slower life is what I want most." But today, Jolin Tsai did it.

Jolin has been a "good student" since she was a child, and she is competitive, so she only wants to do well in reading. Only by outstanding performance can she attract the attention of teachers, and she has unconsciously put a lot of pressure on herself. Every choice she made later in her career was linked to this "competing with herself" personality.

Since the album "Seventy-two Changes", Jolin has changed from a sweet song "young male killer" to a "pop diva". She added her unique dance and modeling style to the performance, and gradually became a school of her own, setting off the people's "dance" and competing to be the "Jolin Tsai second" climax.

When the album "Dancer" was first released, everyone was shocked. It was unexpected that the singer could perform such difficult ribbon dancing, cheating, and high-altitude spinning in addition to singing. This has never been done before in the music industry. In the later "Only Dance" concert, Jolin went one step further and challenged many people's "impossible" performance: rings, pommel horse all in action, like an Olympic gymnast! Even for professional dancers, those moves would take more than a decade to perfect, but Jolin learned the ropes in just a few months of concentrated practice.

Talking about the hardest experience, Jolin calmly seemed to be talking about someone else. To practice the long ballet rotation in the music video "Flower Butterfly," she laughs that she often spins from one end of the practice room to the other. In the final shoot, she spun at least 20 times, NG more than 50 times, and danced until she broke her toes, but continued in pain. The moment she finally finished became her most unforgettable memory.

Why on earth would she push her body so hard? Jolin said, "Some of those moves were from performances I had seen and enjoyed before, and they stayed in my memory. When I needed them, I offered to add them to my work. In the beginning, the staff all thought it was dangerous and advised me not to do it, but I just thought it was interesting. The things I had never done were always very attractive to me, so I went crazy to learn and practice, to do it to the end!"

Taiwan media once commented on her metamorphosis: "Jolin Tsai is not a genius like Faye Wong or Jay Chou. She is a 'local talent', and she has worked hard step by step." Jolin liked the word "Di CAI" so much that a performance DVD released in 2007 was titled "Di CAI". She also wrote a very witty sentence: "It turns out that as long as the persistence, genius and talent can also be no difference."

Jolin had no "golden bell hood" or "iron cloth shirt", nor was she an invulnerable "Iron Woman". She often felt powerless. Say here, let a person can't help but want to cherish the girl in front of them. "You can't control what people say. It is possible that what you think, your personality, and your words are different from the way others interpret them, but they are inadvertently or deliberately distorted or misunderstood. It's scary."

It can be imagined that in the past, the storm brought her many shocks. The most powerful time, then and Jay Chou "double J love", at that time all kinds of speculation and denigrating overwhelming devour her, and even once spread Jolin sad to collapse news. Later, the rumored male lead in the media became Eddie Peng, and then the current male model Jin Rong. True and false, let a person fog see a flower. But no matter who the other party is, Jolin's philosophy of love is always "plain, simple, don't be spectacular". "Because it hurts?" "Yes!" Her answer was crisp.

Because of her aggressive nature, Jolin used to keep everything bottled up inside, which turned into an internal injury.

In the past, even if the health red light, she will say to her body: "Give me support! I'm going on now!" But now she knows how to listen to her body. "I don't know how other people work. I work when I work. I'm strong! But when my body, my mind, and my spirit tell me to rest, I will rest immediately and not strain myself too much." She said that now her biggest dream is that after the stage, everyone had better ignore her, so that she can freely walk in the street, be a person to eat, shopping, to be an ordinary girl.

It is said that the age of 30 is the most important turning point in a woman's life. Jolin has a new understanding of life after turning 30. "Thirty is the best time for a woman. Think about it. You're still in school as a teenager. At 20, all you know is to meet the requirements of others, fit into the way others set you, and care about what others think of you. "But after 30, you become a little more confident, judgmental, and able to make decisions for yourself." With that, Jolin leaned lazily against the window, the sun running through her hair from behind. Her relaxed appearance made her look very attractive.

I wonder how Jolin could find time to develop her hobbies and even be professional in everything she works so hard.

Jolin's beautiful nails have been copied by fashion women and steal the show.

The hobby has now become part of Jolin's career as a creative director and designer for nail art brands. Does she have to be perfect in everything she does, even her hobbies? "Turning a hobby into a career is somewhat stressful. Manicures are my passion, but because I'm only responsible for the color and not the manager, there's less pressure. A lot of people ask me to open a dessert shop, but for me, it's just fun." Recently, Jolin has come up with a new idea. She wants to set up an online platform to share her hobbies with like-minded friends. 'It's just a concept at the moment, it's not just about fashion, it's about sharing all the things I'm interested in, like a website or designer I admire, music I like, or anything that makes a girl beautiful!'

Talking about his next goal, Jolin said with wide eyes and expectation, "I still want to do what I love and live a happier life without worrying too much." She's been working on her "Myself world Tour" since last year, and her new album, released this summer, sheds her "Supergirl" costume to reveal her truest self in life -- a woman who has joys and sorrows, loves all things good and wants to be loved.

Not long ago, Jolin forwarded a quote on Weibo: "I want someone who sends me a text message at 7 a.m., saying 'Pig, get up'; Longing for such a person, will be the most helpless and sad my arms like a father touched my head; I may not be the best to him, but he must be the best to me..."

Jolin also used the "thumbs up" emoji when forwarding, indicating that it was very good!

If this happens, we believe Jolin will be even more beautiful than she is now.


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