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Jiang Wen, the best nourishment for our son is suffering

Jiang Wen, the best nourishment for our son is suffering

By Mohandas YorkPublished 6 months ago 8 min read

After finishing "Let the Bullets Fly," Jiang Wen did not appear for almost a whole year, and disappeared with him, along with his two sons. It turned out that Jiang Wen was "emigrating" with his children for a year. Europe, America, or Australia? Jiang Wen's answer was startling -- neither, Xinjiang.

It's going to rain and father wants to teach

Jiang Wen was very dissatisfied with his two sons, who were six and four years old.

Because his father was a soldier, Jiang Wen grew up in a military compound, which he felt was good for his fortitude. Can see his son, at home by elders spoil, and serve full-time nanny, worries of clothing to hand, is a good bad temper also, trips up at home after their first reaction is not climb up on a grey, but dragged away his voice howl, have to lift them, with the hand desperately to revenge after smile through tears.

Two boys at home like a dragon-like tiger, once out of the door immediately into a timid small white rabbit, the atmosphere dare not breathe. What the hell is going on? Jiang Wen decided to take a long vacation to educate his two sons on the militarization of hardship.

Not in Beijing. My grandparents have to come every once in a while to see my grandson. If I see him suffering, I will not be quiet. Must HAVE TO GO TO THE FIELD, THE FARTHER THE BETTER, AND HAD BETTER TO leave THE WIFE ZHOU Yun, because although she is tough, PROTECT the son and also protect him badly. Jiang Wen's plan consisted of only three people -- himself and his two sons.

The destination was finally decided. Jiang Wen took his eyes on Aksu in Xinjiang. Although it was located in the border area, the climate was relatively pleasant. It was not a cold or hot summer.

Jiang Wen contacted several Xinjiang friends, and let them help to find a house, the requirements are very clear: the city center of the hardcover mansion is not considered, to the suburbs of the ordinary residential areas, do not leak, can cook can take a bath can sleep.

With Lu Chuan's help, Jiang Wen finally found a private house in the suburbs of Aksu. It is said to be typical of the Turpan style, with a spacious inward courtyard and a high trellis structure.

There were four people at the party. Jiang Wen drove an SUV filled with things and daily necessities that he thought would be useful. He and Zhou Yun drove it in turn, covering a distance of 4,000 kilometers, which took three days.

When she arrived at her new home in Aksu, Ms. Zhou was alarmed. It was so simple -- adobe floors in the courtyard and inside, bare walls, old wood furniture, and the only appliances were a solar water heater and television.

Jiang Wen arranged a room for his two sons -- a far different place from the delicate, warm and secure children's room at home. There were no formaldeformalde-free floors, no knock-resistant wall cushions, no ergonomic desks, not to mention a child's bed. A plank bed and a low-end table were all the furniture.

Instead of giving Ms. Zhou a chance to go downtown to buy new furniture, Mr. Jiang put her on a flight from Aksu to Urumqi the next day and told her to make her connection back to Beijing. With a loving mother, it's hard for a strict father to take the stage. Now there was only one father and two sons, and Jiang Wen had the final say in everything!

Running wild in the Taklamakan desert

On the third day, the bitter days for the two children began...

At 6:30 in the morning, they were dragged out of the warm bed by Jiang Wen, put on the cold sports clothes, half awake and half scolded to start the morning exercise. Although known as Jiangnan, Aksu's day and night temperature differences are very big, the two sons go out shiver, and instinctively want to drill into the warm room.

Jiang Wen, however, did not give them a chance. He pulled one in each hand and dragged it out of the courtyard in a few steps, telling them: "Run with me. If you can't run any longer, you can walk. The lap was about one kilometer, and the two brothers ran less than two hundred meters. The remaining eight hundred meters were all gasping for breath.

When they finally got home, Jiang Wen took the goat's milk warm on the stove and poured a bowl for each of them. On their first day in Aksu, Jiang Wen gave them goat's milk. The two sons tasted it, saying they could not stand the strange taste. This just separated two days, the goat milk a hand then leaned up to the neck to drink the bottom.

Jiang wen to the two sons of diet also made a big adjustment, cooked the meal, replaced by the local ethnic food: food is given priority to with hand grasp lamb and large pieces of beef, the staple food is not brown rice naan, catering vegetables is neither a soup, boiled or clean pollution-free vegetables eaten raw, directly after meal drink fresh milk. Snacks such as chocolate chip cookies and jelly are not served except for meals, but fresh fruit is available 24 hours a day.

The family did not hire a part-time worker or nanny, and the two sons worked as cleaners under the command of Jiang Wen. Because it is adobe ground, the cleaning work is relatively simple, carry a plastic bucket to water the ground, with a broom to clean slightly even completed. After Jiang Wen set an example several times, his two sons learned how to make a bed. Although they could not make a bed like a bean curd, it was still great progress compared with pushing the quilt out of bed at home. There was no washing machine, and Jiang Wen had no plans to buy any more. He threw his dirty clothes into a big basin. When the sun was shining, he carried the basin to the courtyard and sat around the basin with his two sons. Wash wash, the son started to get away, with the washing powder added to the water in his hand out a soap bubble. Although washing clothes turns into soap bubbles, Jiang Wen refuses to stop it -- at home, hundreds of toys fail to make them laugh from the bottom of their hearts. In Aksu, a basin of washing water makes their faces smile.

Jiang rarely lets his sons stay indoors with nothing to do, and he often takes them out for a walk as long as the weather is not bad. You don't drive, you wander around, you don't stop until your boys are out of breath and sweating. Called a spin, more like a pull. The potential of the children was endless. From the beginning, when they could not walk more than a few hundred meters, they would cry and get tired. After a month, the two sons held Jiang Wen's hand one by one and walked three kilometers without breath.

After exercising every day and eating an ecological diet, Jiang drove his two sons to their next destination, the Taklimakan Desert.

The children were overjoyed at the sight of the desert for the first time, but in a few minutes, they were overwhelmed. Running on the sand requires several times more physical strength than on a normal road surface. Every step feels like the foot sinks into the sand, and the lifting of the foot becomes pulling out of the foot, which causes great loss.

When they were so tired that they almost collapsed, Jiang Wen took them back to the car with one in each hand and went home. In the days that followed, the two sons were like two rechargeable batteries. After saving full energy at home, they would go to the desert to discharge, and then return home to have dinner and rest to charge. Unlike rechargeable batteries, the more the battery is charged, the less power it can store, and the more the two sons struggle, the greater the energy. They went to the Taklimakan desert twice a day. After a few months, they could crawl and fight continuously in the desert for more than half an hour.

When Zhou Yun came to visit the class, tears were coming down. Both boys were browned chocolate, their skin rough, and their faces had two extra patches of highland red. However, witnessing their self-care ability beyond the age, Zhou Yun has no words - day to rain dad to teach children, by Jiang Wen to go.

The best nourishment is suffering

Everything is a combination of work and rest. Once in a while, Jiang would take his son on a road trip to some unfrequented places.


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