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It's really important to be with great people

It's really important to be with great people

By davidPublished about a year ago 5 min read

There is an old saying: "Those who are close to Zhu are red, those who are close to ink are black."

Take it for granted.

With different people, you will have a completely different life.

The story of Mother Meng's three relocations has long warned us that a person's living environment, especially the people who are in contact and approach in life, is very important.

close to motivated people

Make yourself work hard and be positive

Someone said: "With diligent people, you will not be lazy; with people who are used to procrastination, you will not be active."

Walk with a motivated person, and you will also become a motivated person before you know it.

On the Internet, I saw a story about a "student dormitory".

Six girls from Shandong University of Technology have common hobbies. They often participate in fun sports games together, playing badminton, running, reading, chatting at night, and singing songs together at the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala.

They also gave the dormitory a motto: the same goal, hand in hand.

One of the girls, Ji Xiaoqing, said that when she first arrived at the school, her academic performance was average, but the other roommates had very good academic performance, which made her feel like she was "holding back".

So whenever other roommates went to the library, she also went with her. Over time, she felt that she had been making progress.

When she had the idea of ​​giving up or felt confused during the postgraduate entrance examination, other roommates began to encourage and affirm her in various ways, which gave her the motivation to move on.

A person can go very fast, but a group of people can go further. The six of them support each other, encourage each other, and make each other stronger.

There is a saying that if you want to be good, you have to be with good people.

If you want to be the kind of person you want to be, you can make friends with the kind of person you want, and get along with them with a grateful attitude, to discover more beauty in life.

close to optimistic people

Let yourself be sunny and positive

As the saying goes, positive people are like the sun, and they will light up wherever they go; negative people are like the moon, which is different on the 15th day of the first day.

On the Internet, I saw a netizen who was doing sales sharing one of his experiences.

They have a very negative eldest sister in their company who is used to spreading negative energy everywhere.

In her eyes, it seems that nothing will have a good result, and she sighs every day.

For things that haven't happened yet, she will also predict a bad outcome for others.

A colleague talked about a long-distance girlfriend, and when everyone sent blessings, the eldest sister said: "You will not have results!"

When everyone said that they would work hard to win the intended customers, she said: "It is impossible to negotiate with the intended customers."

When a colleague shared the brand-name clothes she bought at a discount, she said: "I don't like the clothes of that brand, and there are basically no clothes that can be worn at a discount."

Gradually, everyone was reluctant to talk to that eldest sister.

Negative people will consume you, and with her, you will feel very depressed.

Conversely, with optimistic and positive people, you will also become cheerful and optimistic.

Optimistic people have nothing to do with age. Although some people are old, you can also see youthful vitality in them; while some people are obviously very young, but they are sluggish and weak.

On the Internet, I saw an 83-year-old old man who dresses very coolly every day and looks particularly energetic.

Many people think that fashion is a matter of young people, but this uncle doesn't think so.

The uncle has a super good mentality and is cheerful every day. He wears fashionable clothes, is full of energy, and looks very young.

Even his grandson said that he felt that his clothes were not as fashionable as his grandfather's, and he often wore them against his grandfather's clothes.

Surrounding yourself with optimistic people is an excellent way to heal your life.

close to people who appreciate you

Make yourself confident and generous

Saw this sentence:

The same tree, some people see lush greenery, while others only see caterpillars on the top of the tree. The reason is that some people know how to appreciate and praise.

With a person who rejects you, you will also become low self-esteem and negative.

In the movie "Under the Gas Lamp", the male protagonist learned that the female protagonist Paula had inherited an inheritance, so he had the idea of ​​seeking an inheritance.

He used all kinds of deceit to win Paula's trust and make her fall in love with him and marry him.

After the marriage, he lost the rhetoric before, and some just kept denying anything Paula did, which caused Paula to constantly wonder if she really did something wrong.

He gave Paula a brooch, took it away secretly, and asked Paula for a brooch, so Paula couldn't find it, so he said that Paula was forgetful.

At the beginning, Paula was still defending, until more and more such things, Paula began to question herself.

The constant negation mode of getting along is equivalent to a chronic poison, inadvertently, it will gradually make the other party's spirit gradually collapse.

When I met a friend some time ago, everyone was surprised to see her radiant complexion, because she was extremely unconfident due to her family of origin.

After chatting, I found out that she had a new boyfriend, who always encouraged her and affirmed her in various ways. Even if it was a small thing, he would praise her.

Slowly, she turned from her low self-esteem to self-confidence, and bravely pursued what she liked. Now she is doing a job she likes, and she travels with her boyfriend from time to time. Every day is enjoyable.

Denial and blow will only destroy you and make you fall into the abyss; affirmation and praise will definitely give you strength.

Stay away from people who deny you, get closer to people who appreciate you, and make yourself better and better.

Marx said that people create the environment, but the environment also affects people in turn.

The environment has a great influence on a person. If you want to become good, you must actively choose a good circle and get close to good people.


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