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Is rational love love?

If you know you won't be together, don't love this kind of rational love, is it love? For example, if you are in a relationship, you must choose 1, the same family background, 2 the same geographical location, etc. Generally speaking, you will definitely marry someone. Even if you meet the right person when you travel, but you won't go to the same city, you will give up immediately, but you will still cherish the acquaintance. But won't it go further? Can love control rational choices?

By Deborah R ParkersonPublished about a year ago 5 min read

Lu Xun said that for the same "Dream of Red Mansions", the scribes saw Yi, the Taoists saw the lewd, the talented saw the lingering, and the revolutionaries saw the row full. Similarly, in "House of Cards", some people saw the filthiness of politics, some people saw the true meaning of democracy, some people saw the role of the news media in social progress, and some people saw the subtle attitude of mainstream American society towards China. Have you seen «House of Cards»? What I want to discuss is another controversial topic where the benevolent sees benevolence and the wise see wisdom: the relationship between Frank and Claire, the hero and heroine of the show. Although it is different from any traditional understanding of the marriage model, merely resorting to political allies or mutual use is obviously a departure from the essence of their relationship. In a sense, what Frank and Claire have between them is a purer and more profound relationship that has been stripped of the practical functions of marriage, such as inheritance, firewood, rice, oil and salt. True love can only spark between two equally strong hearts. It's not a good fit or a simple match, it's just that it's hard to imagine Frank falling in love with an ignorant barmaid with big blond breasts, or Claire falling in love with a rude six-pack plumber. These two people have extraordinary IQ, execution ability and moral bottom line. They are lucky to meet each other, otherwise, their light can easily completely obscure the others around them, and reduce the supposedly equal gender relationship to pet love between the great god and the kitten and the dog. To quote Liao Yimei once said, "In one's life, it is not uncommon to meet love and sex, but it is unusual to meet understanding." What a blessing, he met her, and she met him. Under the night, when the strife and slaughter of the day had returned to tranquility, Frank and Claire reclined side by side on the windowsill, knitting their necks and murmured from time to time, sharing the comfort of a cigarette. There is no need for excessive language rendering, and in the flow of eyes, trust, understanding and appreciation are at a glance. Many people questioned that Frank and Claire were political marriages, they only valued the exchange of interests, and some even believed that there was no sexual love between them. Undoubtedly, the two have a different view of marriage and a different understanding of the definition of loyalty to each other, but it is undeniable that they are deeply attracted to each other. Claire once recalled the scene when Frank proposed to her. Frank said bluntly: "If you only want happiness, then reject me. I will not have a bunch of children with you and count the days to retire." The response was, "He's special, a lot of people have proposed to me, but he's the only one who understands me, . Zoe just toyed and exploited the reason why Claire finally abandoned photographer Adam ruthlessly. Claire leaves Adam with a painful realization that no other man's attraction to her will last for a week; Frank is like her own doppelganger, and she can't really dislike his realism, ruthlessness, and unscrupulousness, just like she does. She had to accept who she really was. And Frank, such a man, should have understood from the beginning what kind of woman he wanted. The love of most ordinary couples is like a high fever. When love comes, they seek life and death, and after love leaves, they hate each other. Really good love is not looking at each other and immersed in the narrow world of the two, but looking into the distance together and working hand in hand for a common goal. It's hard to say whether Frank made Claire or Claire made Frank. Frank would never have gotten this far without the financial backing of the Claire family in Frank's early days of politics, without Claire's courageous and wise response in a solitary interview, and without Claire's abandonment of a bill proposal at a critical moment to gain the support of party whip Jacqueline . Without Frank's support and political influence, Claire is just an ordinary business woman. A particularly impressive episode is that in the finale of the second season, Frank has lost the trust of the president, facing the tough rejection of business giant Tasker and the looming court hearing, he is exhausted, and even has the idea of ​​​​the general trend. At this point, Claire told Frank clearly and unequivocally, with her usual grace, strength, and carnivore acumen in the face of her ultimate prey: "Do what you're supposed to do, whether it's emotional, rational, or To lure him for profit, we must win the support of the president, and we must not give up unless we fight to the last minute.” At this pivotal moment of success, Claire greatly inspired Frank and supported him in his eventual success and his coveted presidency. This is reminiscent of what Yang Lan once said, "The bond of marriage is not about children or money, but about the mutual growth of the spirit. When you are most helpless and weak, having him (she) hold your chin, Straighten your spine, make you strong, and accompany you by your side to bear the fate together. At that time, in addition to love, there was also sincere loyalty, tacit understanding, and unforgettable kindness." This is Frank The best portrayal of the relationship with Claire. Although the setting of the plot is unknowable, in the new season, with the competition for interests and differences in positions, there will inevitably be new conflicts between Frank and Claire, who always love themselves the most, and it is not even ruled out that the final direction is two People go their separate ways and fight against each other; but it is undeniable that even if they have a different way of getting along, what they have is a relationship that is deeper than love, closer than friendship, and stronger than family!

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