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Is Love Blind?

Some spoilers ahead

By Must Love Dogs Published 3 years ago 5 min read

Have you taken a dive at the new Netflix show called "Love is Blind"???

Well I did... It was one of those nights were I couldn't decide what to watch and just wanted to binge something new. Don't get me wrong, I will have FRIENDS on the background all day, everyday (yes, FRIENDS is still on Netflix in Canada) but I was not feeling it at that moment.

As soon as Netflix loaded this show was the feature at the top of the page and the trailer started. My first impression was that the show seemed a little dumb and sooooo naturally I clicked "Play". Because curiosity, that's why.

The show started with a large group of women and men bot in their own living room space where they each met everyone on their group. Basically their own competition if they were to fall for the same voice, which did happen.

It was so bizarre that both men and women dressed up to the ninths to talk to each other behind a wall! They had to literally sit in a little bubble and talk to each other through a wall, they never meet the people they are talking to unless they get ENGAGED. Why? Just why?...

So everyone starts to talking to everyone through a wall, taking notes on each "date" (as they call it on the show) to see which person they like the most and the end of the day they go back to their space and talk to each other about their experiences.

Just a side note, can you imagine how awkward it must have been?! Think about this for a second, you are basically sitting in a pod talking to someone through a wall and somehow falling in love with the person on the other side. After talking to this "dream boat" you go back to the common room and you hear a few others talking about the same person?! It is beyond weird.

Weirdness a side, some of the people in the show actually found a person who they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with. (Yes, I watched the full season within a wee.) It was so cute seeing Lauren and Cameron were the first couple to get engaged and I cried! They are such an adorable couple and you could definitely tell they would work out. He was, and probably still is, head-over-heels for her and vice versa. they went through some ups and downs but who wouldn't? Specially when you have to go through a whole bunch of emotions in a short span of time in order to make a decision that will change the rest of your life! ...Any way, they were the main couple I was rooting for the whole time.

So after seeing the amount of women and men that were on the show at the beginning to only having 5 couples get engaged, it was crazy. What happened to everyone else? Where they unable to make a connection? Did were they just sent home after they had the 5 engagements? ..Who knows but the shows follows these 5 couples for a few weeks after the engagement and sends them on a vacation setting to Mexico (where we lose one of the couples) and then to their own apartments to see how thing will be once they move in together.

Many spoilers, I know, but you should have known where this was going by the title.

Moving on, some couples seemed to be hitting it off while they were in Mexico (3/5). One couple broke up the day after they arrived to Mexico because Carlton revealed that he was bisexual to Diamond and she didn't take it well. Then we have Mark and Jessica, who by the way don't work from the beginning. Jessica is so caught up on the age difference that it seems so unfair that she kept leading Mark on for so lung.

Oh Mark and Jessica... They had a very powerful emotional connection while in the pods, yes but she had a connection with another man as well. A man that was closer to her age and he built him up in her head as a person who she would see herself marrying in the end. Barnett had three women railed in and unfortunately Jessica was one of them but she never really stopped the relationship (if that's what you want to call it) with Mark. Jessica told Mark that he was too young for her thousands of times, she had major doubts form the beginning but she kept saying that he was her person. When Barnett said something along the lines of "I could marry you tonight" that gave her the hope she was looking for and basically got ready for a proposal that was not going to come. Barnett turned her down and what did she do?... She went back to Mark and told him all the things he wanted to hear... and he proposed. Now this proposal for him, it was it, this was the proposal for the rest of his life, he was ready to spend forever with Jessica. For her, it seemed more of a rebound acceptance as she was not sure of her decision the whole time. She took off her ring a few days after the engagement! ...He tried so hard and it made me so sad. She led him on to believe that she was sooo in love with him but I think she was so desperate that she just wanted someone at that time. She did not seem interested in him like he was in her. The end was heart breaking for him... she on the other hand was "not sorry".

Even though the show has its ups and downs, a weird story line, and potential love. With 2 out of 5 couples actually getting married did it really answer the main question, Is Love Blind? After having all these people in pods, listening to each other through walls, putting a couple in a small apartment to simulate living together, pushing the couple to meet each other's families and break the news of their quick engagement and having to deal with their reactions, is Love Blind? ... I don't know but it is a crazy dramatic show that can pull you in to this crazy world just by watching the first episode.

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