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Inspirational reading stories of Chinese and foreign celebrities

Inspirational reading stories of Chinese and foreign celebrities

By Ruban SaundersPublished 4 months ago 8 min read

Kuang Heng chiseled the wall to steal the light

Western Han Dynasty, there is a particularly learned man, called Kuang Heng, Kuang Heng when he was a child of a poor family, to read, he chiseled through the neighbors do not know the wall, by stealing a ray of candlelight reading, finally moved the neighbors do not know, with the help of everyone, small Kuang Heng learned.

In the time of Emperor Yuan of the Han Dynasty, the chief Sima, general Shi Gao recommended, Kuang Heng, be named doctor, and moved.

Che Yin capsule firefly night reading

Cheyne, the word Wuzi, Jin Dynasty Nanping (now Public security city in Hubei province) people, grew up in a poor home, but study very hard, "poor not often get oil, summer months practice bag filled dozens of firefly according to the book, with night after day." Che Yin bag firefly light read the story, in the history of the legend, inspired generations of later generations of readers.

Chen Ping bore the humiliation of studying hard

Jian, Chen ping of the western Han dynasty, youth has lived alone with his brother, for the sake of adhering to the father, Guang Yao, not producing, behind closed doors to read, but not by the eldest sister-in-law, to eliminate the contradiction of older siblings, face repeatedly humiliated, keep hair, as the eldest sister-in-law regress, finally unbearable, ran away from home, grizzled troubadour, after being brother recover, and rancor, resistance brother Hugh sister-in-law, It's a good story in the area. Eventually, there is an old, attracted to come, free to teach, after learning, assist Liu Bang, achievement of a domineering.

Wen Yiduo drunk book

Wen Yiduo reading addiction, a look on the "drunk", on his wedding day, the wedding room decorated with lights, lively. Early in the morning, relatives and friends came to congratulate him, and until the bridal sedan chair was nearly home, people still can not find the groom anywhere. He was found in the study. He was still wearing his old robe and carrying a book in his hand. No wonder people say he can't read, a look will be "drunk".

Hua Luogeng guesses the book

Hua Luogeng, a famous mathematician, had a different way of reading. He takes a book and, instead of reading from cover to cover, he thinks about it for a while and then closes his eyes. He guessed the layout of the book, considered it, then opened it, and if the author's ideas agreed with his own, he stopped reading. Hua Luogeng's guess reading method not only saves reading time but also cultivates his thinking and imagination so that he will not become a slave to books.

Hou Baolin copied books

Crosstalk language master Hou Baolin only went to primary school for three years. Due to his diligence and studiousness, his artistic level reached a perfect level and he became a famous language expert. Once, to buy a Ming Dynasty joke book "Xuelang" he wanted to buy, and run all the old book stalls in Beijing, but failed. Later, he learned that the Beijing library had the book and decided to copy it back. In winter, he went to the library to copy books in the wind and snow for eighteen days. A book of more than one hundred thousand words was finally copied by him.

Zhang Guangzhou eats books

The mathematician Zhang Guangzhou once saw a paper on deficient values and thought it was useful for his research work, so he read it over and over again. The paper was more than 20 pages long and he read it over and over again for more than half a year. Because of frequently repeated fumbling, white pages, leave a clear black print. His wife joked to him that it wasn't studying, it was eating.

Lu Xun chewed chili to ward off the cold

Mr. Lu Xun studied hard when he was young. When he was a teenager, he studied at Jiangnan Naval Academy. In the first semester, he achieved excellent results and was awarded a gold medal by the school. He immediately sold it on the street in Nanjing's Drum Tower, then bought several books and a string of red peppers. When it was a cold night and hard to read at night, he would pluck a pepper and chew it in his mouth until his forehead began to sweat. In this way, he kept reading to keep out the cold. Because of the hard reading, later became the famous astronomer

Dong Zhongshu did not visit the garden for three years

Dong Zhongshu devoted himself to his studies and worked tirelessly. Although there was a garden behind his study, he was so absorbed in his studies that he did not visit the garden for three years. Dong Zhongshu's devotion to learning made him a famous thinker in the Western Han Dynasty.

Wan Sitong studied hard behind closed doors

Wan Sitong, a famous scholar and historian in the early Qing Dynasty, participated in the compilation of the Twenty-four Histories, an important history book of China. But Vance was also a naughty boy when he was young. Wan Sitong lost face in front of the guests because of his love of play and was criticized by guests. In anger, Wan turned over the guests' tables and was locked up in the library by his father. Wan Sitong from angry, hate reading, to closed doors, and from the "Tea" inspired, began to read attentively.

More than a year passed in the twinkling of an eye, Wan Sitong read a lot of books in the library, his father forgave his son, and Wan Sitong also understood his father's good intentions. After a long period of hard study, Wan Sitong finally became a famous scholar who was well acquainted with the history and read a lot of books, and participated in the compilation of the Twenty-four Histories of the Ming Dynasty.

Qu Yuan studied hard in his cave

When Qu Yuan was young, regardless of the opposition of his elders, regardless of wind and rain, cold and cold, hiding in a cave to read the Book of Songs. After three whole years, he read 305 chapters of the Book of Songs and absorbed rich nutrition from these folk songs, and finally became a great poet.

Fan Zhongyan broken powdered porridge

Fan Zhongyan grew up poor, to study, he scrimped and saved. Finally, his studiousness moved the temple elders, the elders sent him to study in Narada. Fan Zhongyan still adheres to simple living habits and does not accept gifts from rich children to sharpen his will. After studying hard, he finally became a great writer.

Xuanzang studied the Dharma hard

Xuanzhan was an eminent monk in the Tang Dynasty. To obtain the original Buddhist scriptures, Xuanzang left Chang 'an in August of the third year of Zhenguan, traveled for thousands of miles to the west, and finally arrived in India. After 17 years, he wrote The Western Regions of the Tang Dynasty, which made great contributions to Buddhism, human progress, and world civilization.

Li Sheng has become a master archer

Li Sheng's father is a powerful general, Li Sheng hopes to grow up to be a father. However, his father always said that he was too young to learn martial arts. Unwilling to be reconciled, Li Sheng secretly learned archery and finally became a perfect archer, which impressed his father.

Ouyang Xiu borrowed ancient books

Ouyang Xiu, a great writer in the Northern Song Dynasty, was gifted since he was a child. However, due to the poor family, the family had no money to buy paper and pens. To let her son practice writing, his mother Zheng came up with a clever way to teach him to write with grass instead of a writing brush. Ouyang Xiu is diligent and assiduous, practiced good hand words, and become the prodigy of famous near and far, and this kind of assiduous spirit also affected his little friend Li Yao auxiliary, taking Li Yao auxiliary on the road of learning.

Pu Songling grass Pavilion road asked

Pu Songling, a writer in the Qing Dynasty, built a thatched pavilion on the roadside and recorded the stories told by passers-by. After decades of hard collection and his creation, he finally completed the epoch-making masterpiece Strange Stories from a Studio.

Song Lian braved the snow to visit his teacher

Song Lian, a FAMOUS essayist, and scholar of the Ming Dynasty were fond of learning since his childhood. He was not only knowledgeable, but also wrote good articles, and was praised by Zhu Yuanzhang as "the first literary official of the founding of the Ming Dynasty". Song Lian liked reading very much and would always ask for the root of any question he did not understand. This time, Song Lian makes clear a problem, braising snow walk dozens of Li, to consult the dream Ji teacher that has not accepted the student, but the teacher is not at home.

Undeterred, Song Lian visited his teacher again a few days later, but the teacher did not receive him. Because of the cold weather, Song Lian and his companions were very cold, and Song Lian's toes were frostbitten.

On his third visit alone, Song Lian fell into a snow pit and was rescued. When Song Lian almost fainted at the teacher's door, the teacher was moved by his sincerity and patiently answered Song Lian's question. Later, to obtain more knowledge, Song Lian visited many teachers despite hardships, and eventually became a famous essayist!

The Salvation of Gorge

Gorky, the world's great writer, loved books as his life. Once, when his room was on fire, the first thing he picked up was books, and he didn't think about anything else.

He narrowly escaped being burned to death trying to save his books. He said: "The book side of the enlightenment of my wisdom and soul, one side to help me stand up in a bog, if not books, I will sink in the mud, I will be stupid and dirty drowned."


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