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If Walls Could Talk

The Wall's Tale

By melissaPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Title: The Wall's Tale

It was a world where walls had the ability to talk, and people would gather around them to listen to their tales. They spoke of their experiences and observations, of the laughter and tears they had seen, of the secrets they had kept. At first, it was a novelty, but soon people became used to the walls speaking, and they stopped paying attention. But one day, a young girl named Sera came across a wall that had not spoken in years.

Sera was curious and approached the wall. It was covered in ivy and cobwebs, and it looked as though it had been forgotten. But as she approached, she heard a faint voice.

"Hello?" she said tentatively.

The wall's voice grew louder, and it spoke, "Hello, young one. I am a wall that can talk."

Sera was amazed, she had never heard of such a thing. She asked the wall why it had not spoken in so long.

"No one ever stops to listen," the wall replied. "They go about their business and do not pay attention to me. But you, you are different. You stopped to listen, and so I will tell you my tale."

And so, the wall began to speak. It told of its construction, how it had been built to last for centuries and how it had witnessed the rise and fall of countless civilizations. It spoke of the families who had lived in the houses that surrounded it, of their joys and sorrows, of their laughter and tears.

The wall spoke of wars and famine, of love and loss. It spoke of the secrets that had been whispered behind its walls, of the pain and heartache that had been hidden from view.

Sera listened, captivated by the wall's tales. She had never heard anything like it before, and she was determined to make sure that others would hear the wall's story too.

She spread the word of the wall's tale, and soon people from far and wide came to listen. They were moved by the wall's stories and were amazed by its tales of the past. The wall became a popular attraction, and people would come from miles away just to hear it speak.

As the years passed, Sera grew old, but the wall remained unchanged. It continued to speak, and its tales were passed down from generation to generation. People came to know the wall as the Keeper of Tales, and its stories became legend.

One day, Sera returned to the wall. She was old and frail, and she knew that she did not have much time left. She approached the wall and listened to its tales one last time.

"Thank you," she said when the wall had finished speaking. "Thank you for sharing your stories with me. They have meant so much to me."

The wall replied, "It has been my pleasure, young one. Your love and devotion have kept me alive all these years. I am grateful for the time we have spent together."

Sera passed away soon after, but the wall remained. It continued to speak, and its tales were heard by people for generations to come. And so, the story of the wall that could talk became a part of history, a tale that was passed down from generation to generation.

In time, more and more walls began to speak, and people listened. They learned about the hidden stories of their world, and they were changed by what they heard. The world was a better place, because the walls could talk.

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melissa is portrayed as an idealist who is deeply conflicted and struggling to find his place in the world. I am passionate and driven, but also confrontational and prone to mood swings.

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  • emily bronteabout a year ago

    it was impressive

melissaWritten by melissa

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