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I need to keep in my heart

by Ron M Pitts 2 months ago in art
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I always forget a lot of things, I always lose my concentration

I need to keep in my heart
Photo by Gus Ruballo on Unsplash

I always forget a lot of things, I always lose my concentration, for example, in the morning on the subway, I was reciting something I remembered yesterday, and suddenly I couldn't remember anything, I didn't even know what I was doing, I looked at the countless people in front of me, and I desperately tried to remember what I was doing, what I was reciting, what I was memorizing, what I was reading yesterday morning, where I had memorized.

For example, at work, when uploading data, just after uploading a saved, start the next data information, is entering, suddenly froze, this information I passed up? I think I did, but I don't think I did, so I'll just re-upload it and verify it. For example, I was thinking about a beautiful statement that I had seen before or for a long time, and the first half of it came to me, and I tried to recall the second half of it, but when I thought about it, I couldn't even remember what I was thinking about, and I forgot the first half of it. Is it because I am not serious? No. When doing something, I would drop everything else and just concentrate on it. Is it that I don't remember enough? I began to worry about myself, forgetting the most important things about myself, those memories that were in my heart. Those once touched, that important thing, that important person. When you get older, many things have become indifferent from the previous importance, the mind automatically avoids all the useless, people always say that things in the heart are not deliberately remembered, because those are subconscious actions, actions. But how many people can go into their hearts to understand what is in their minds? I empty my mind, and my heart is empty. This kind of memory makes me feel horrible, so what are those memories in my heart? It's the phrase "Are you okay", whether it's cold, hot, windy, or rainy, it's the night coming in your dreams, it's the lightning and thunder when you will be afraid, it's the things you will meet whether you will be troubled, it's the difficulties you will not be stuck. Maybe ignore some small details, but that also the cold wind gusts stinging when you want to add clothes to you, ask you if the bed is warm, not in the mind, is the heart appears, when seeing you in a bad mood, the heart also followed the sad, is the heart issued by wanting to make you happy, the mind pondering what ways to make you happy, the heart and brain work together. The memory of that time seeing you, your sadness and helplessness, let me regret that I did not work hard enough, the memory of that argument, ignoring your feelings, from then on to embark on a desperate path, the memory of the night that appeared, your concern and unintentionally revealed the words of the heart, let me happy all night, the memory of that time your injury, and I told your troubles sad and strong, let me heartache, the memory of that time did not reply to your message, your phone The memory of that time when we walked together on the road, your whisper and I told your story. The memory of everything began to become blurred, only your memory in the heart more and more clear, so life let themselves become more and more casual, other things are becoming less and less important, nothing can cause themselves to remember, to bother, only your everything let the mind aggravate, let the mindset aside a space dedicated to storage so that all of their subconscious is you. This is my very, very important to put in the heart, belongs to you, even if it is later dementia, it is difficult to forget everything!


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