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I'm just a fool

I'm just a fool

By Elora HaysPublished 8 months ago 6 min read

He was not handsome, with a high hairline that suggested thin hair, and he had no accent. Like a soldier in the Royal Guard without epaulets, behind the anchor desk he wore a suit and never a tie. At the word "rise", he was on the verge of rising to the occasion, causing the backstage editors to rush to cut the extra stories by milliseconds.

Until March 24, his commentary was one of the most masculine voices you could hear on CCTV late at night that day -- Qiu Qiming, anchor of the broadcaster's news channel '24' and Chai Jing's partner on 'Kanjian.' He described his hosting style as: "Don't be coy, let's be direct."

Take yourself as the bottom line

On March 23, 2012, Qiu Qiming posted a microblog: 'If you can't protect your own rights and interests, what's the use of the comment department? Puppet producers, I live more freely than you do! Goodbye!

This time, he took aim at the commentary department of CCTV, where he works, and although he later deleted the post and told the media that he would stay at CCTV until the end of his contract, his sharp personality has once again caught the public's eye.

Before that, he had made a distinctive sound.

Director Ping you tell me, how big is the breach? Did the people downstream move? Director Ping, I'm very interested in finding out if the people downstream have moved.

June 21, 2010, "24 Hours" reported the danger of Jiangxi Fuhe burst its banks, Qiu Qiming connected with the deputy director of Jiangxi Defense General Office Ping Qijun, Ping Qijun did not mention the safety of the masses, but began to list the leadership's instructions. Under the urgent situation, Qiu Qiming twice interrupted Ping Qijun, won the praise of netizens.

If no one is safe, do we want this speed? At present, China's development speed is the envy of the world just like high-speed rail. However, while we are satisfying the pursuit of speed, we may abandon and ignore a lot of things while satisfying the passion for speed.

-- July 26, 2011: Qiu Qiming was evaluated as "the most temperament-looking CCTV news anchor" by netizens after a series of questions about "the particularly serious railway traffic accident on July 23 of the Yongzhou-Wenzhou Line".

The comment that made Mr. Qiu feel most comfortable was written by Wang Qinglei, a former producer of "24." "What I'm looking for in a host is definitely not the right tone, but the understanding of the news and the ability and courage to express their own opinions." Wang Qinglei said.

During that period, Qiu's instructions to Wang were: "No matter how '24' is restrained by the authorities, you must give me a review every day." At that time, Qiu Qiming felt very comfortable, "for that platform, I think I made the right choice" -- to turn the eight-part lead into his own language, chat lead, and comments at any time, let the audience feel close to.

Despite the countless interruptions, Qiu Qiming does not feel depressed, because of the daily comments, "As a state television station, although it is a program close to zero, if you don't even have your own voice, it is a sad thing."

Every time he received the award, Qiu Qiming must thank his team, he just dipped in the light of the camera, in fact, he is a lot of time "team mouthpiece".

On April 1, at the "2011 China TV List" award ceremony by New Weekly magazine, Qiu Qiming said: "Everyone in his own position, to be conscientious as a bottom line, this society has no reason not to be good."

Make sure you make a sound

Qiu's wife, Li Han, was a broadcasting major at the Beijing Broadcasting University (now the Communication University of China). When they discussed professional topics, they stopped short with two or three sentences: "Do you think all the TV screens broadcast are straight and round ones from your college? I made mistakes on 24. Is that bad?"

Mr. Qiu prides himself on speaking out now, with original commentary on issues like the Bohai Bay oil spill, the forced demolition of Harbin and gay issues.

I started work at 10 p.m., slept three or four hours, and woke up at 4 a.m. to prepare for the morning show. All comments, two people talking, completely off script. "At that time, the behind the scenes team and the anchor were separated, which was very unscientific," but it was a perfect opportunity for two people who wanted to do good news on a new platform, because no one wanted to do a morning show that faced more night than day.

In 2008, CCTV seconded Qiu Qiming to host a happy New Year program in Shanghai. After Zhao Pu connected him, the opposite side calmly responded: "Zhao Jin, hello!" The error did not affect CCTV director Jiao Li's fondness for Qiu Qiming.

On the fourth day, he was told "it is you". On the fifth day, he flew back to Shanghai to resign. On the seventh day, he was already sitting on the CCTV anchor desk.

After arriving at CCTV, Qiu Qiming's request is not to do any prime-time programs, "I do not believe that 11 o 'clock can not do a good program to come." At the anchor desk, he can't say dirty words. The bottom line has been well defined. Without more information, he can't blame the relevant units and departments. But if it's a sure thing, it's got to be the subjective voice of the show.

To crawl forward, do not stand still

Within three years of "24", which began at 11pm on August 10, 2009, Qiu had "gained too much fame and fortune", so he is grateful to CCTV for its platform. Thanks to this, he feels responsible for the platform. "We should not lose our professional responsibility and social morality. We should let the audience know that CCTV, as a national media, can have a voice in some issues."

A society without media supervision is a terrible society. "The biggest problem with the media now is that they follow the wind. Does Qiu Qiming dare to stand up? NO, I have to see where the boundaries are, but I'm not going to stay where I am, and I'm not going to go backwards." So he dared to say more: the more than 50 million left-behind children, medical insurance and social security, people's happiness, food safety, the education system. "Can you say that I don't love society by raising these issues? I just want it to get better."

Qiu Qiming said frankly that there are too many people in the media industry, but there are also many people looking for their breakthrough in the bottleneck of discourse, such as Chai Jing and Bai Yansong. "Bai Yansong resigned from all the officials, and said things that others did not dare to say on the platform of CCTV, which has great influence. What's more, he did not wet his shoes." In Qiu Qiming's opinion, he was far worse than him, just a reckless man.

It is possible, he says, to do what Wallace did: "At least we have something in common -- a willingness to question everything."

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