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Huang Huan: Who says women should be delicate and helpless?

Huang Huan: Who says women should be delicate and helpless?

By Mohandas YorkPublished about a year ago 7 min read

She was the sharp-tongue-lickin 'guest on a relationship show, and a pillar of change for her family. In her life dictionary, there is no easy shortcut and ease, only indomitable and aggressive. Who says women should be delicate and helpless, Huang Huan is an exception.

In Huang Huan's body, there are too many deviant labels.

Some people say that she is a evildoer, sharp words to the parties in the TV show, just self-hype Bo out of position; Others say that she is narcissistic flaunting wealth, like to dress up as cute and tender, often beauty and real estate mouth; Others say her love life is messy, she has had numerous boyfriends, but she is still single...

Huang always laughs off these negative comments.

Interview about Huang Huan in Beijing's residence, did not see her, accustomed to the screen in front of the laughing and scolding Huang Huan, worried about whether she is harsh and stern. But when I saw her, I was totally relaxed. Because she doesn't mind you seeing her messy apartment and making tea for you without her face on. Sitting in the sun of Huang Huan, little woman state revealed, although it is the first time to meet, but feel very kind.

She explained: 'I don't mind you seeing me for who I am. It's like when I say things on TV, they're ugly, but they're true."

So, listen to her speech again, then feel that every word is good, every sentence is reasonable. This makes me feel that the real Huanghuan, just like a coconut, only open the hard shell, can see the soft heart. She shows us that there's more to life than this.

I'm not beautiful. I'm more attractive

Born in 1974 in Shaowu, Fujian province, Huang Huan is the eldest daughter. As a child, she was often beaten because her father was very strict with her. In the face of his father's stick education, Huang Huan bit his lip and said stubbornly, "You beat me, not because I really did something wrong, but because you can't control, you want to vent your disappointment and fear."

She endured the pain of the lash, only to hide and cry afterwards. Once, when she was crying, her brother said, "What's the use of crying, no one will listen to a child's weak crying. People will only listen to you when you grow up and have power over them."

To have strength, is still in primary school Huang Huan deeply in mind. She used to think: One day, I'll prove it to you.

So, at home, she was a rebel beaten every day, but at school, she became the man of the hour. There is a saying that she is the first thing many students know when they arrive at school; After graduation, the most unforgettable is her.

This is because Huang Huan likes to dress up, has many tricks, acts boldly, and is versatile, which makes her surrounded by followers.

At the age of 13, Huang liked dressing up. So, during the summer vacation, while my parents were on a business trip, according to my mother's cutting book to learn proofing, and then use the sewing machine at home to press the cloth at the bottom of the box at home, to do the experiment. Unexpectedly, the clever and handy Huang Huan did not teach himself to make clothes actually have a pattern, and unique. In the following years, her unique style of dress once became a fashion vane in the school. It is this special interest that made Huang Huan University choose the major -- fashion design.

In middle school, Huang Huan came from a privileged family, which made her feel that she could be an artist without worry. But when she was a freshman, her family fell into debt, and Huang had to work her way through college. She did not want to let the teacher and classmates know all this, stubbornly on her own.

"Society is snobbish. I can't say we're broke. I'm going to apply for a bailout. I love so beautiful so proud and so publicity, early used to be envy envy hate. How can I imagine someone like me, receiving financial aid in front of everyone, being labeled as a pathetic person? I can suffer as much as I want, but I can't take pity! '

Then, in order not to be sympathetic, Huang Huan work hard, even if not on time to class also want to work, night home to help others draw, draw finger deformation.

When she graduated from university, Huang Huan became the only graduate in her class to teach in the university. This was an enviable job, but she was not willing to be stuck in the dogma and chose to go to Shanghai six months later.

"Maybe other women would be happy with a secure job, but that's not what I want. I am a pushy person who longs to be free, to shine, to have my works spread, to have a bigger stage."

For this dream, she fought hard. However, Huang Huan, 21, who has a strong sense of superiority, was surprised to find himself in Shanghai. In the end, she thought she was sweet enough to carry a cup of coffee. The result was also rejected because of the hukou issue.

Living in a small room with a monthly rent of 300 yuan, thinking of a bleak future, Huang Huan, who had been shrouded by the halo, will therefore dim down and choose to go back home?

If you have no style, you have no future

After two months, Huang got a job selling cosmetics.

Once, she was a self-admiring lecturer in fashion design on a college stage, and now... How does she cope with the huge drop?

Standing in front of the cosmetics counter of Hongqiao Friendship Mall, Huang Huan faces every customer with the most sincere smile. Her efforts and earnestness drew scorn from her colleagues, but Huang Huan shot back: "How can a sparrow know a lofty ambition?"

In the first month, she achieved the sales target that everyone thought impossible to achieve, ranking first, and the second place was not even half of her. This surprised the whole company, but also more ostracized by colleagues. One day, she asked for leave to get the trophy of the first place in the new World Cup costume design competition. The chief scolded her directly, "Boasting is not a draft". "I won't be here for more than three months," Huang says quietly. "I'm just here to prove that I can do any job because I'm still young."

Ten years later, Huang Huan has her own business and a degree of fame. She was shopping in a department store in Shanghai when she met some of her former colleagues. They were still doing their old jobs, but she was not. "I have always felt that people are not limited by knowledge and skills, but by ideas and no dreams."

In Huang's concept, "Before the age of 25, the most important thing for women is to learn to invest in themselves. Before that, your salary is small, and even if you will save, it is limited. It is better not to save at all, and invest all your money above your neck, head and face, which are the cornerstone of your future wealth."

So she worked hard on her appearance -- she insisted on not wearing the most expensive clothes, but something distinctive and memorable. At the same time, she is also enriching her heart. Besides reading a lot and studying regularly, she can even drop everything to study in London.

At the age of 25, Huang entered the advertising industry by accident. For the first time, he wrote the slogan "All is well with a good heart", which has been broadcast in China for the longest time.

This made Huang Huan see the infinite possibilities in himself. She still remembers one of her college teachers' words: "Stubbornness is a kind of energy that will make you or limit you. "It's about getting out of the well and experimenting more and finding the path that works best for you." In 1999, she started her own PR firm, which has grown from five people to 88. After that, her professional identity, changes let a person be overwhelmed. She was the youngest and only woman to be hired as the director of sales at the world's largest advertising agency.

From a salesgirl to company founder, Huang Huan's speed of development was questioned by many people. "I've heard the meanest things. They don't want you to work hard at it. They're always wondering how many bosses you've slept with."

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