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How to Find Your Passion

by Mya 9 months ago in how to

What is Passion?

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What is passion?

If you ask me, “Passion” is another word for Love. Passion is what wakes you up in the morning. It is essentially your “Why.”

Think about why you do things. Do you like “Why” you do a particular thing? If no, then it is time to reevaluate your reason for doing it. If it is bringing you nothing but harm, it is time to take a big step back and uncover WHY you do it.

Things that people do that bring them joy in the moment but not in the long run are overeating, over-drinking, smoking, and even self in-denial. These are temporary ways to escape.

You might be saying, it is not easy to get over these things. Have you allowed yourself to try? Have you stopped purchasing the things that hold you back? Have you stopped hanging around the friends that bring you down? Have you challenged yourself to look ahead at the benefits of quitting an addiction such as the money you’d potentially save?

See, your passion is killed by excuses and things that serve you harm and negativity. You can’t expect to show up and do your best when you are imprisoned by lifelong habits. I challenge you to get to the core of your struggle, seek the help you need, and leave whatever is holding you back in the past.

Each day you wake up is a new day, a new chance, and a new opportunity to make a change.

Finding your passion

What do you love?

What interest you?

Better yet, if money did not exist, how would you serve this planet?

I hope you do not say "staying at home doing nothing." While you may feel this way because you are burnt out from work, school, kids, family, etc. Think on the brighter side.

What type of job would you have for yourself if money came effortlessly?

See, many people are focused on a dollar sign and how they will pay the bills and end up not being happy in their field of work.

What is holding you back?

Your own self. You cannot blame anyone for why you are not following your heart except yourself. Every decision you have made along the way has got you exactly to where you are now.

Your passion is found in your heart. Your passion is why your heart beats, why your blood moves, and why your mind becomes electrified. If the things you are doing now does not do that, it is time to reevaluate your passion and your “why.”

People stay in box all of their lives because they look for material satisfaction. They seek “how will I afford this.” They become dragged into debt to keep and maintain an image.

Define your own image. If you want a nice house, a nice car, and a luxurious life, nobody can take that away from you. Just make sure you keep your eyes on your lane. You deserve everything you work towards.

  1. I challenge you to make a vision board of your goals.
  2. I challenge you to delete or maneuver apps on your phone.
  3. I challenge you to get out your comfort zone.
  4. I challenge you to start a new hobby, start at a new gym, start walking, start doing yoga, start something that will bring you joy.
  5. I also challenge you to live in the moment, not the past and not too far in the future.
  6. I challenge you to hold yourself to a higher standard.
  7. I challenge you to turn heads and live a life that will bring you happiness.

I hope after reading this it gives you some motivation to start seeking and doing what you love.

Passion is why you were created. Passion is why you have life and why you breathe. Without passion there would be no you.

Just remember your life purpose is serve other’s in some way or form, and its starts by taking the journey within. Don’t enable your passion with doubt and fear. Have patience and know that… “Each day is the first day of the rest of your life.” - Shoshauna Treichel

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My name is Mya. I am a college student and fitness trainer. I am an Aries. I love to write. Thank you for checking out my post !

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