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How I Feel About Everybody Now Joining Youtube - Ruth Kadiri

"No pour sand inside oh!"

By Jide OkonjoPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Nigerian actress Ruth Kadiri is known to many as the Queen of Youtube. Now, because of the success of the platform, a lot more producers and content creators are now also hopping onto the platform. In a new interview with BBC Pidgin, Ruth Kadiri finally opened up why she joined Youtube and expressed her feelings about all the new people also joining. Here's what she said.

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Speaking about how and why she joined Youtube, Ruth Kadiri said:

RUTH KADIRI: I decided to put my films on Youtube for two reasons: One, where I went to give birth, before I went , I had already been producing for long but in that our production, there were too many rules and regulations. So me and my team, I said I want an opportunity where I would just be able to express myself. I can just wake up and see something online, I want to learn it. If I learn it finish, I have to put it somewhere, so I just want somewhere that I can express myself. I had been finding it. So when I travelled and went to give birth, I got bored, and I started watching music videos. I watched and watched and then I noticed that some people were also putting films on Youtube. But at the time, I didn't know. They already started it, no be me start am. So as I saw it, I said let me come back and try it. Some people said money no dey am oh! But as I had already made up my mind that it's just something to express myself, I said let me just try it, nothing loss. So I said let's shoot, if it's good, if it's bad, all it's to learn. For us, it was just learning process, and that's how it started.

Speaking about how she feels about everybody now joining Youtube, Ruth Kadiri said:

RUTH KADIRI: Competition? Me personally, I don't worry about competition. And I feel like we as filmmakers or creatives, we are at the forefront of our hustle, our mothers are at the back praying for us. If you check it, if you remove Youtube from our industry for now, people for wound. Hunger for wire people. Hunger for squeeze people for neck like this! So God saw it and said He wants to answer our mother's prayers, how does he want to do it? And me I feel like if I do something, it's as if something is inside. So I feel like God used me because He knows that my heart is clean. And I feel like it's an opportunity for a lot of filmmakers to make money. Na Youtube dey feed people oh. Na Youtube dey feed people. People wey like film, like film. Some people can stay morning to night watching film. Me, it's only one on Thursday in a whole week that I produce. So person wey like Nollywood film don already like am, let other people also produce. The only fight I'm fighting is: this small food wey we dey chop, make them no pour sand inside oh. If e spoil, e don spoil oh. Na the only thing wey I dey complain. If not, more people should come sef.

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