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His Secret Obsession is a hugely popular relationship guide for women.

by roshan 2 months ago in book reviews

relationship guide for women.

James Bauer’s His Secret Obsession is a hugely popular relationship guide for women.

The dating guidebook for women, His Secret Obsession, is enormously popular.

When it comes to His Secret Obsession, what does a 33-year-old relationship and psychology writer have to say?

Investing time and money into anything is never easy.

To discover out, read my in-depth His Secret Obsession review.

It's worth noting that there are several variations of His Secret Obsession. To be clear, this is the first and best attempt. It's the one I read and am commenting on today.


  • What is His Secret Obsession?
  • Why you can trust this review
  • Who is His Secret Obsession for?
  • What’s inside the book
  • The signals and their uses
  • The hero instinct: What do I think about it?
  • Is His Secret Obsession worth it?
  • How much does His Secret Obsession cost?
  • Rachel and the 12 word text
  • About James Bauer
  • The pros of His Secret Obsession
  • The cons of His Secret Obsession
  • Are there any alternatives you should consider?
  • My verdict: Should you read it?

What is His Secret Obsession?

Best-selling author James Bauer has a new book out called His Secret Obsession, which is a relationship manual. It aids women in sustaining a devoted, passionate, and long-term relationship with the guy they adore.

The book's core thesis is that women must make use of their man's natural heroism.

Men's hero instincts come down to a need to have a purpose in life and to be appreciated for their achievements. Men's desire to be a hero to the women they cherish and care for is heightened in romantic relationships.

What's important to know about the hero's inclination is this:

When a man doesn't feel like her everyday hero, he'll be hesitant to commit to a relationship with her.

Using His Secret Obsession, you may set off your man's hero instincts by sending him text messages that contain the right words, phrases, and body language.

Following the reading of this book, I've been blogging extensively on my own website, Hack Spirit, on the hero impulse. A big reason why I like this notion so much is that it tells the true truth about what makes men tick in terms of romantic attachments.

So, what exactly is this mumbled Hero Instinct?

The author of 'His Secret Obsession' made a fresh revelation about the Hero Instinct.

According to him, the Hero Instinct is based on biology.A desire so strong it outweighs any physical appeal. A secret that, when found, will allow you to access your man's innermost essence. You'll be the center of his attention for the rest of his life. The Program describes the Hero Instinct as a strong bridge that unlocks your partner's heart, not the easy route. It's a compromise that helps find a happy medium between 'His and Her wishes,' so to speak. The heart of the His Secret Obsession Program is the desire to be a hero. The focus of the idea is on the habits and behaviors of men. It explains why he acts the way he does in a specific scenario. It provides the solutions to all of your most horrific fears. When the chemistry between you and him dwindled to nothing. When he becomes aloof or disinterested out of nowhere. In his eBook, His Secret Obsession, he offers solutions to all of your problems.

Let's imagine a situation to better understand the Hero Instinct. You're well aware that your boyfriend is highly motivated by monetary gain, career advancement, and social recognition. Hero Instinct, on the other hand, incorporates these variables as a single unit rather than classifying them separately. It's easier to make connections when you think of these ideas as a single, unifying force. Every piece of propaganda claims the same thing. Your boyfriend hopes to earn your trust by accomplishing these objectives. A big part of his ambition was to be a respected leader in the group, known as the 'Alpha'. There is no stronger case against James Bauer than that. Dominant ladies are all over the runways right now. We don't have anything against it. A man is attracted to a lady who is ambitious and driven. However, the real skill lies in allowing him be in control of the relationship for a while. To put it another way, guys have a natural tendency to be the alpha male in a relationship. As long as you figure out how to manipulate his emotions to your liking, the game is yours.

And how do you go about doing that? Where can you receive in-depth advice on how to become the only woman he notices? You achieve this by maximizing the use of the Hero Instinct idea found in the His Secret Obsession eBook.

About the Author – James Bauer

Known for his writing and expertise in relationships, James Bauer is a well-known author.

If you're a fan, you're probably familiar with his earlier work, 'What Men want?'

He began his work as a professional psychologist.

Who else but him could give you the inside scoop on how to get access to your man's private life for good?

Because of his masculine nature and professional experience, he is an excellent resource for women who are struggling in their relationship.

James was mesmerized by the nuanced conception of gender psychologies. As a result, he set out on a mission to unravel the secrets of behavioral instincts, human wants, and the biological urge that causes us to get fixated on another person. His methods are based on his own personal experiences. A long-kept secret from her, he has been whispering it for the last 12 years. A treatment for women who have lost all hope in finding a devoted spouse, allowing them to change the hearts of uninterested men. His Secret Obsession, a book he wrote after distilling his wisdom, is the result of that process. As a voracious reader, I am well-versed in James Bauer's writings. Although his hidden passion eBook was gaining a lot of attention, there were no tools available to assist folks like you and me understand it better. Because of this, I did what any self-proclaimed hermit geek does: I read the book. I was able to gain confidence as a result of this, and I was able to provide you with a more thorough evaluation of the Program and eBook.

Reasons to believe this review

I'm aware of how difficult it may be to locate reputable web reviews. If you're going to pay for anything, you want to be sure what you're reading is authentic.

As a result, I only endorse or recommend anything that I have used and evaluated myself.

Because of my profession as a relationship expert, I was eager to read His Secret Obsession. I'm always on the lookout for new resources or items to share with my audience.

With this review, you'll know what to expect from His Secret Obsession and whether or not it'll be beneficial to your relationship at the end of the day.

Who is His Secret Obsession for?

In a nutshell, yes.

Any woman who wants to get to know her boyfriend better and win his affections.

However, this is a wide range, so let's see who will benefit most from this eBook:

  • Women who want to gain the interest of a man they like
  • Women who want to take a friendship to the next level
  • Women who want to move from dating their man to being in a committed relationship
  • Women whose partner seems uninterested or distant emotionally
  • Women who don’t want to accept just a mediocre relationship, but who want the best
  • Women who want their man’s attention, love, and respect.

However, it's primarily for females who are open to trying something new.

Relationship issues won't be fixed in a single reading of this book.

Make an effort and follow through on all of the numerous signals and words must be willingly done. Depending on the scenario, waiting for the proper moment or changing your language may be necessary.

What's on the inside of the book

There are three sections to His Secret Obsession:

  1. Part one explores the hero's journey and the hero's motivations.
  2. Part two delves deeper into how you can activate his hero instinct.
  3. Text message formulae are included as an added bonus towards the book's conclusion, so you can start sending them to your boyfriend right now.

There are 17 modules in the book dedicated to delving deep into the psychology of the hero instinct and providing actionable ideas and methods for getting your guy to show his heroism.

If you want to activate this impulse in a man, these are the words, phrases, and tiny gestures you may utilize.

At 217 pages, the book is rather lengthy.

Understanding His Secret Obsession: The Science and Techniques at Work

Are you sick and tired of hearing the same old dating advice all the time? Your faith will be re-established as a result of His Secret Obsession.

If you've ever tried to win your man's heart, you're well-versed in the cliched strategies. It's geared at women, so it makes you look well, talk seductively, wear nice clothes, and act seductively. It's possible that it will work. But how long will this last? It's great to see a book like His Secret Obsession take a different approach. Instead of blaming the female spouse for the discrepancy, the book encourages women to search for primordial signs in their male partners. It allows you to make use of his Hero Instinct to your advantage. The Program's attention to detail and pragmatism are unquestionable assets for women who are dealing with such issues. His Secret Obsession reviews are gaining a lot of momentum as a result of the book's sound scientific approach. The eBook teaches you how to communicate effectively with your spouse without resorting to advice or asking you to change who you are. James Bauer, the author of His Secret Obsession, advises women to communicate effectively with males. According to the Program, contrary to popular belief, men love discussing their feelings in relationships. According to James Bauer, male psychology differs little from that of women. Your boyfriend likewise needs an outlet; he wants to talk to you sweetly.

The Show Stopper – The Hero Instinct

James made the most important discovery when he discovered the Hero Instinct. That the Hero Instinct may be traced back to psychological development lends credibility to the revelation. Hero Instinct is defined and explained in detail in the first section of the eBook. When he gets to that point, he'll explain how to make yourself appealing to your man by using the concept. James has a lot of interesting things to say, which helps you better understand your boyfriend. Investigating what drives him to become the object of his lust.

These Are Our Approaches

When you understand the basic impulses and customs of male psychology, you're ready to put them into practice. There are more practical and organized sections in this section of His Secret Obsession eBook. When it comes to dating, there are four steps to consider: attraction, dating while you're still on good terms, and getting your ex back. The Program's basic foundations include 12 components that James Bauer affectionately refers to as "the 12 hidden signals." Due to its extensive scientific basis and the author's pretty outstanding discourse, this eBook is a no-brainer.

Is there any truth to His Secret Obsession?

We've done our own research and analyzed hundreds of customer evaluations, so we're confident in saying that Yes! His Secret Obsession works.

We now know that the first strategy was to attack your man's most fundamental impulses. To fulfill these longings for a long-term relationship with a man who sees you as the center of his universe. But the real issue is: Does His Secret Obsession live up to the hype? James Bauer argues in his book and program that men's psychology is fundamentally sexist. Assumption that everyone has but chooses to disregard. Every guy wants to believe that he is constantly a hero. According to James, the premise of this debate may be traced back to a man's basic nature. It's always been there, and it always will be — the eBook gives you immediate access to take advantage of this never-ending reality. A review isn't complete without a closer look at the product's statistics.


  1. A new way to rekindling the passion in your marriage.
  2. Investigating your man's requirements using a methodical scientific technique.
  3. Quick and easy access to the most effective methods for maintaining a long-term healthy relationship
  4. A 60-day money-back guarantee that was promised
  5. a solution that is unique to each man or woman
  6. Looks at real-life circumstances to find a remedy to your man's apathy.


  • Not suitable for gay and lesbian couples.
  • This might come out as being sexist to certain women.
  • Only accessible as an eBook; no hardback or paperback versions are available. The difference isn't huge, though. Because eBooks are more handy than physical versions, they're becoming increasingly popular.
  • To be effective, it must be put into practice with devotion. You can't get a faster outcome by skipping stages. You have to be patient.
  • Following the recommendations in the eBook requires a great deal of generosity on your part
  • Review for His Secret Obsession: A Synopsis

    In fact, there is a limited group of women from which you will gain the most by purchasing this dating eBook Let's face it, not everyone will agree with the author's strong beliefs and ideas.

    However, if you decide to proceed with our version of events, we are certain that the Program will convert your apathetic guy into a devoted devotee.

    Our His Secret Obsession Review does not make any claims about the Program being a quick fix for your relationship issues.

    It is, in reality, a process of training, strategy, and learning for the basic male psyche.

    This is also a critical element in establishing the trustworthiness of the eBook.

    The convention's goal is to give you a better knowledge of male primordial urges so you may unleash his adoration for him.

    If you're still undecided about whether or not to purchase the eBook, keep reading.

    His Secret Obsession's dating handbook is available for just $47.

    However, the story does not finish there. The complete 60-day return is the most enticing feature of this low price.

    For the majority of our female readers, $47 is a significant amount of money.

    A modest investment now will lead to a more fulfilling, lively, and interesting relationship in the future.

    Where Can I Get Instant Access to His Secret Obsession?

    His Secret Obsession is available for purchase on a number of different platforms. However, buying it via the official website is the way to go if you want immediate access to His Secret Obsession. Please be aware that the eBook is only available as an electronic form and not as a hardback or paperback. However, we do not consider this as a disadvantage because eBooks are more convenient for learning how to be attractive on the move.

    Click to get a special price His Secret Obsession is a hugely popular relationship guide for women.

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