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Hey I’m Cristiana

by Micuta Cristiana 2 months ago in literature
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Hmm… I think this is the most important page, the most read and yet the hardest to write…

My life is a story, a story that I write every day, and sometimes when I realize that something is wrong .. I rewrite it .. This blog is a challenge especially for me but even more I want to become a therapy for those who are like me, for those who share the same principles and the same ideals as me.

About Me

I like the idea that this way we will know each other better and we will develop a beautiful friendship. So for those who want to know me, I extend my first hand and reveal a few things about me.

I was born on December 25 (I always laughed at the fact that the stork was on vacation and that Santa brought me)

I am the sign of Capricorn, I know that for some it matters for others not. There are people who really care a lot about the zodiacal characteristic, I can say that I have periods when I read and believe, when I read and I don’t believe or I just don’t read, but I know that not everyone is the same as me and there are people for which horoscope is very important.

But here I have a point of view. A person is much more complex than that, and looking only from this perspective of the zodiac signs we risk limiting the way we relate to those people because we think we already know something about them.

I like my name. The name Cristiana is of Romanian origin and has the meaning of “to anoint”. Cristiana, comes from the Latin personal names “Christianus”, “Christiana”, adjectives derived from “Christus”, by which the followers of the Christian religion were designated. The name Christ comes from vb. chriein “to anoint” and is of Greek origin. The form “Christus”, taken over by the Romans, will be the derivation base of “christianus”. Christianus appears with distinctive personal name value when Christianity became the official religion. Given that it is a name rarely used (according to my research) I can say that I am very proud of it.

I’m a perfectionist. I like things well done, so good that they are perfect. In everything I undertake, I pursue perfection.

I dislike lies. Sincerity is very important to me. It is one of the human values that holds people together. Lying on the other hand makes me move away from those people who use it. What good is spending time with someone who isn’t honest and lies to me? I understand that people have different reasons for lying, but in order to have a beautiful friendship or relationship, I believe that the lie must lack even those innocent lies as they are called. A lie is still a lie no matter what beautiful allure you are trying to give it.

I am a winner in every way. Inner strength and character, ambition and perseverance are the key to my triumph. I fulfill my goals and overcome obstacles, whether small or large, to achieve my desires.

I do what I like and I do it obsessively I tend to repeat the activities that I enjoy so much that it would sound or seem like I became obsessed with that activity. I think it has something to do with my perfectionism or simply because I feel comfortable doing it.

I say very hard: “I’m sorry” Ooops .. this is a defect. Although I often realize when I am wrong and try in an indirect way to fix things, somehow the excuses or regrets seem somehow inappropriate when the thing is already done. But yes, when I put my stubbornness and pride aside and say, I admit.

I don’t like routine. I hate it. That’s why I’m always looking to do new things. This is how I lead a rich and diverse life in activities in which I do not get bored and from which I learn and grow as a person.

I love sincerity. I am an honest person. That is why I will seek the company of people who are sincere. I believe that relationships that are based on sincerity have the greatest chance of being quality relationships. I want quality relationships with the people in my life, so I offer sincerity and ask for the same thing back.

I’m crazy about movies and games. Yeap, my favorite kind of movie is the horror genre, but I still don’t say no to a comedy or an action movie. Yes, I’m a gamer, or at least I was, I enjoyed playing any RPG that caught my attention, but now I think I’ve grown up or at least I don’t make time for such hobbies.

I like personal development. I am in full development and I always change. I like to be the best version of myself that I can be, and personal development books and articles help me a lot in this regard.

I love animals. They are also souls. Even if they don’t talk, they have a way of communicating with us. When we have them with us, they can brighten our day. It deserves all our love and care.

Yes, I like being me.

Every man is unique in his own way. I am happy to be I with everything that concerns me and makes me unique. I feel great in my skin and I would never want to be anyone other than who I am now. And I love being what makes me who I am. Now it’s your turn.

I’d like to get to know you better. What if you wrote me something about yourself?


About the author

Micuta Cristiana

I’m Cristiana and this is my blog. I hope you have fun here and enjoy my stories and feel less alone, maybe even more inspired and confident.

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