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Hates to Love

by Bazooka Teaches about a year ago in fact or fiction · updated 9 months ago
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The one and only eccentric Mr. Pitts.

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Mr. Pitts always looks funky in his Derby black hat, especially when he wears his round dark glasses to hide his gazes. It also complements his dark stylish suits. Always wears a tie.

Some of his wrinkles tell you stories. They tell you how he put up with hatred for a long time, and how he’s been to pugnacious places his entire ecstatic life.

He twirls his cane when he walks.

Despite a can, he doesn’t have a limp, or maybe he does.

Mr. Pitts has seen a lot of action in his life, both sexually and physically, or maybe just overall in any manner.

Mr. Pitts walks about with his cane and his dark long coat out in the drizzling rain. He always smiles while walking in the rain as he always looks up to say thank you to some deity or somebody. He never cares if his shoes get the worst of it in the drizzling rain. However, that is the only time his shoes are allowed to get dirty.

He’s not religious or maybe he is. Maybe he is religious when it rains.

One time Mr. Pitts saw a man get his throat cut. Blood spilled all over the place and the man died. It was over a funny game called “Who Can Get the Girl.” That’s what Mr. Pitts called the silly game at least. If it was a game at all, those two knuckleheads were playing it to the bitter end. Who knows?

Mr. Pitts tried to help the man that had his throat cut, but it was too late. The man died and gurgled away something. Mr. Pitts was the only one who heard the man’s last gurgles. He cherishes that memory.

Mr. Pitts smiles when he sees a little kid with scabs. It’s a sign of growing up the right way. That is the way he grew up. He came up the way with the wicked and slipping by their scheming evil ways.

He loves ravens, crows, black cats, gothic women, delusional witches, documentaries on panthers, and Whatchamacallit candy bars. He also digs soft porn, loud shoes, women with big asses, red lipstick, silver rings, the whole spectrum of rock and roll, and his collection of old jars.

When he used to be a kid, people left him alone. He had an odd way about him. It was hard to outwit him or simply trick him. He was a smart kid and hardly ever lost an argument. He was not perfect, but imperfect in a very peculiar way.

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He was a liar too and he held many titles.

Mr. Pitts could have gone to jail and never been touched. Maybe he really did go to jail? If he did, it was another eccentric adventure.

Whenever he sits at the park or any park, he watches people that watch him. He is the champ of people watching. He sits so still that he almost becomes invisible. He is a master at smiling at strangers and emitting a strange feel. He ponders about his friends that never were. Maybe he does the same with people he dislikes. He stares at the life that lives within one tree.

Mr. Pitts’s mind is full of tangents and ponders like a well-oiled machine.

Always at the park lately, he’s been seeing a woman breast-feeding. It makes him smile something wicked, especially when someone nearby is offended by it. He loves it when things go upside down.

If he is down on the upside, he will ride the ride it whether it becomes a trainwreck or a golden opportunity to get ahead in life, happiness. It’s a risk for him. The way he toys with his life like a loaded gun. The more adventures, the better the ride. No matter how odd or normal. He loves it all when it crashes or works into a blooming flower.

Here and there, darkness comes around. That is when, and only when, he starts to hate love. Mr. Pitts really hates it, when he hates to love.

By Bazooka Teaches

fact or fiction

About the author

Bazooka Teaches

A regular Joe that is just surviving the struggle. Loves to write and is constantly fighting the forces of evil.

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