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Finals Week

by J.J. 3 years ago in literature

A Short Story - Part 1

God, what is that beeping? Ugh... never mind. Maybe if I ignore it Sawyer will turn it off... why is it still fucking beeping?

I finally gain enough awareness to realize my alarm is what is making the mysterious beeping noise. Fumbling with my phone, eyes half open, I eventually succeed in turning it off. I lay on my back and stare at the ceiling for a good five minutes. Eventually, turning my head to look at the empty space next to me.

"Fucking gym rat," I mumble pulling myself out of bed.

I walk into the kitchen greeted by the warm glow of the rising sun and the freezing cold floor tiles. There was always something about the early mornings that I loved. The quietness of it, the tiptoeing around as to not wake anyone up, the cold brisk morning air that nips at your nose. Early mornings always meant peace and quiet and to be alone with one's thoughts and that's what I loved about it. Although, for me, there was also a downside. I loved spending my mornings with Sawyer, he understood my need for quiet mornings and would sit and talk softly with me over our cups of tea. But he hasn't been here for the past week in the mornings. I figured that he was working out at five in the morning every day because of his stress. But he could also maybe leave a note or say goodbye before he leaves. I was starting to get all worked up when a piece of paper dangling from the fridge caught my attention.

Good morning Baby,

I'm sorry I haven't been home with you in the mornings this week. I've just been super stressed for my finals this week. My last two are today and I'm feeling really good about them. Again I'm really sorry I haven't been able to see you much at all this week since I'm asleep by the time you come home from work. But I promise I'll make it up to you tonight and this weekend. I love you so much baby and good luck on your final today I know you'll do great!

Love, Sawyer

A small smile spread across my face as I read his note, he always knew what I needed and when I needed it. I never realized how much you could miss someone even though you slept right next to them every night. Before I could fall deeper into the pit of my own sadness, my alarm went off again telling me it was time to get ready for class.

Whilst mulling over my agenda for the day, my eyes slowly scanned my closet for an outfit. Looking for something comfortable to wear to my final and to also double as a work uniform. Not a troubling task for someone who works as a barista for the college cafe. Taking into account that it was Autumn and that I did not want to freeze; I settled for dark grey leggings, a light grey t-shirt, and a dark green cardigan. My hair wasn't too frizzy today so I left it down to help keep me warm. I gathered the things I needed for my final, slipped on my shoes and braced myself for the cold.



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