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Fetal education story: little duckling picking mushrooms

by Kuranda 2 months ago in vintage
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.Children too good may not be a Duckling picking mushrooms good thing.

Fetal education story: little duckling picking mushrooms
Photo by Kadyn Pierce on Unsplash

Words to the baby.

Dear baby, it's one day closer to your birth. Mommy bought you a little quilt with a cute little yellow duck on it yesterday. Today, mommy will tell you a duckling story!

Duckling Picking Mushrooms

One morning, the duckling paced happily and went to play with his good friend, the squirrel.

The door opened and the squirrel poked its head out and said shyly, "Duckling, I'm going to look for food for the winter with my mother."

The duckling hurriedly waved his wings and said, "It's okay, I'll go and play with the bunny.

"Quack, quack, quack," he sang and came to the bunny's house.

Just as he was about to knock on the door, the little rabbit came out hopping.

"Hey, ducky, I'm going to go find hay with my mom. Let's make our house warm and cozy before winter comes."

And so, the little duckling was so bored swinging and playing on the slide all by himself.

"All my friends are preparing for winter, should I do something to help my mom too? "The duckling thought about it left and right.

Catching bugs? Catching small fish? Finally, the duckling decided to go mushroom picking.

He swam across the river and came to the big forest. However, after searching for a long time, he didn't see any mushrooms.

"I'm going home." The duckling turned around and planned to go back.

Suddenly, he looked down and saw a few little ants trying to carry a seed.

"Oh, I dropped it again," muttered one little ant.

"It's okay, we're almost home, come on," said another ant.

Hey, hey, hey, finally the seeds were successfully carried home.

"Should I look harder and pick mushrooms too?" The little duckling immediately came to life.

With great effort, it found a large mushroom under a big tree.

In a short time, its little satchel was full.

When he got home, the duckling happily pulled out the mushrooms and held them in front of his mother's eyes like a treasure.

"Look, mom, these mushrooms are so beautiful, they will be delicious for mushroom soup."

"Son, they are not edible, they are very poisonous", said the mother duck, picking up the mushrooms and looking at them.

The duckling was so sad that he cried "I have searched for a long time to find them, but I can't eat them. If I had known, I would not have gone to pick mushrooms".

"Mom, the squirrel can help pick pine cones, and the rabbit can find soft and harmonious hay, but I am the most useless, I can't help anything".

"I am just ready to decorate our house, these beautiful little mushrooms are perfect, you are a big help", said the mother duck with a smile.

Like a magic trick, the mother duck made the mushrooms into various decorations. What is more amazing is that she even strung a beautiful necklace.

The duckling happily put it around his neck and thought to himself, "It's true what mommy said, all the efforts will never be disappointed.

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