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2018 ‧ Drama ‧ 2h 6m

By The Movie Suggest Published 2 months ago 3 min read

Original Language: Russian

Director: Aleksei Alekseivich

IMDb: ⭐ 6.4/10

The 2018 film "Dovlatov," which was directed by Alexey German Jr., immerses spectators in the political tyranny and artistic conflicts of the Soviet Union in the 1970s. This movie provides a moving and personal look into the life of famed Russian author Sergei Dovlatov, who is beautifully portrayed by Milan Maric, as he negotiates the difficult and constricting Leningrad literary environment.

The movie starts out with a sense of inescapable tension that perfectly captures the grim mood of the time. The spectator is immediately taken to a society where originality and innovation are brutally suppressed by the authorities. German Jr. successfully transports the audience back in time by capturing the gloomy, dreary atmosphere of the Soviet city with excellent photography and painstaking attention to detail.

Dovlatov is portrayed by Maric in a way that is truly amazing. He vividly depicts the inner struggle of a writer torn between his artistic integrity and the demands of an oppressive state, capturing the essence of the character with complexity and depth. Maric gives a strong yet understated performance that enables the audience to sense Dovlatov's irritation, sorrow, and sporadic moments of optimism.

Outstanding performances are also given by the supporting cast. On television, Danila Kozlovsky is irresistible as the mysterious and charismatic writer David. His conversations with Dovlatov are full of witty banter that offers a fascinating look inside the heads of two literary geniuses. Lena, played by Elena Lyadova, is Dovlatov's wife, and she exudes a calm strength that supports her husband through their difficulties.

The film's ability to effectively convey the spirit of Dovlatov's prose is one of its most pronounced advantages. German Jr. deftly incorporates quotes from Dovlatov's works into the dialogue, enabling the audience to deeply relate to the author's feelings and thoughts. In addition to enhancing the story, this strategy honours Dovlatov's literary heritage.

One of the film's strongest points is how well it captures the essence of Dovlatov's prose. By skillfully incorporating passages from Dovlatov's works into the dialogue, German Jr. enables the audience to closely identify with the author's emotions and ideas. This tactic not only improves the narrative but also pays homage to Dovlatov's literary legacy.

A severe indictment of censorship and the repression of free speech is also provided in the movie. It reveals the absurdity of the administrative obstacles that authors must overcome as well as the extremes to which the government will go in order to stifle dissent and control the narrative. In the modern world, where freedom of expression is still a crucial and contentious topic, this incisive observation on censorship has a powerful impact.

"Dovlatov" is a feast for the eyes in terms of visuals. Long takes and carefully crafted frames are hallmarks of German Jr.'s distinctive visual aesthetic. The film's cinematography vividly depicts the protagonists' isolation inside Leningrad's vast and gloomy terrain, highlighting their struggle for artistic expression in the face of the repressive political atmosphere. The visual poetry of the movie compliments the narrative and makes for an impactful viewing experience.

In addition to being a masterful piece of cinema, "Dovlatov" has a melancholy and stirring music. Igor Vdovin's music was composed to perfectly match the film's depressing mood and further envelop the audience in the emotional complexity of the story. The soundtrack improves the mood of the movie by evoking an aural world that persists after the end credits.

As a whole, "Dovlatov" is a triumph of cinematic storytelling, a mesmerising investigation of artistic desire, camaraderie, and the human spirit in the face of difficulty. The film pays homage to Sergei Dovlatov's heritage while conveying a potent message about the eternal power of literature and the indestructible character of the creative soul through its superb performances, incisive storytelling, and gorgeous production. This cinematic masterpiece is not just a movie; it is an experience that has a significant and long-lasting influence, making it a must-watch for both moviegoers and book lovers.


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