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Don't treat life like old newspapers

by Lamonica Aguirre 3 months ago in art
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Don't treat life like old newspapers

My cousin's been a hell of a mess these past few years. After he graduated from college, he said he wanted to start his own business. He said he liked the business because it was challenging.

His parents, seeing his lofty and ambitious appearance, fully support him.

Who knows, 5 years have passed, cousin still accomplished nothing. If you look back at his experience over the years, it's been a series of failures, a series of failures. He started in the fruit business, and with his family behind him, money was no problem. However, after some time, he felt that the fruit was not easy to keep fresh, and the competition was fierce, so it was not easy to do. In short, there were many reasons for him to give up.

Soon after, the cousin switched to the clothing business, but encountered various problems, and finally gave up. From the year before last, my cousin tried to do decorative materials business. At first, it was pretty good.

But after a long time, my cousin's lazy and casual nature was exposed. Until recently, he again declared the business a failure.

The whole family gathered together, speaking of my cousin's experience in the past few years, the elders all blame him for his careless work, losing money is a small matter, the key is that he has not yet found the foundation of his career.

Cousin a face full of indifference, said to everyone: "young people have the capital of failure, failure is the mother of success! Me, it's like miswriting on a piece of paper. How to do? Tear it up and start over." He even sang out loud: "Life is heroic, you can only start over again..." It's a headache. His concept is fundamentally wrong; he always thinks that failure is nothing.

I can't help thinking of the experience of practicing brush writing. In a normal school, calligraphy class is our compulsory course, calligraphy must be practiced well. To save money, I found a large pile of old newspapers. At that time, many people practiced brush writing on old newspapers. But despite all my hard work, I was running out of a large pile of old newspapers, and my handwriting was not improving. And one of my classmates, from the beginning to the end uses good quality rice paper, his character progress is particularly fast.

I asked him the reason, he said: "I use expensive rice paper, so every time I practice my handwriting very carefully, always thinking not to waste a piece of paper, every time to write well. I don't give myself a chance to fail, so I get better at it." I suddenly saw the light, I use the old newspaper to practice words, the idea is not enough attention, always feel write not well also have nothing to do, so will not grow.

When my cousin started his business, didn't he treat life like old newspapers? Always so careless, think failure does not matter, "big deal to start over". If he can cherish every opportunity to start a business, let himself have no way back, perhaps already have success.

Many people do things have this mentality. At work, we think a small mistake doesn't matter, there is always a chance to make up for it. By treating life like an old newspaper, we allow ourselves to make mistakes over and over again, thinking that we can rip them up like old newspapers. Because the cost of mistakes is not big enough, so wrong again wrong until the old newspaper of life is riddled with holes, vulnerable to a single blow.


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