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Don't focus on the goal and miss the scenery

Don't focus on the goal and miss the scenery

By Mohandas YorkPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Before the movie Love Is Not Blind was released, had anyone heard of White Lily? Perhaps some people have heard of, that is also because, she is the singer Chen Yufan's wife.

In fact, Bai Baihe was trained by the acting department of the Central Academy of Drama, but she married Chen Yufan right after graduating from college, and then gave birth to a son to be her mother. After nearly four years of living as a stay-at-home mother, Bai Baihe finally got the chance to play the role of Huang Xiaoxian in Love Is Not Blind. She became an instant hit and was born as a newcomer.

Wife and mother, happy as it is

I met Yu Fan because I was filming the TV series "The Days of Youth", in which we played a couple of lovers. When the drama was finished, Yu Fan held me and cried because she didn't want to give up. After that, we became lovers.

My idea is: I love him very much, he also loves me very much, if missed him, I will not meet such a good person in the future? I honestly can't risk it.

Every day after marriage, I feel the happiness that Yu Fan brings me. Every time I go to other places to perform, he will spare no effort to bring me gifts: all kinds of colorful socks, the toy donkey in Shrek...

I thought I could still act after I got married, but soon, I got pregnant, but I never thought not to have this child, how could I possibly kill our child! So soon the decision was made: Since the child is willing to come, let's get ready for it!

Like a duck

It is almost inconceivable for an actress to get married and have children at the prime age. And that's what I did.

I enjoy a peaceful and happy family life, but in my heart, I have never forgotten the dream of being a good actor. Once went to the suburbs to play, saw the duck in the water, I felt that I and the duck is particularly like, is the surface looks particularly calm, leisurely, but under the water, its two PAWS, is desperately rowing it! This is what happens when I get married, especially when I become a mother. I've been dieting and exercising very carefully to keep myself in shape.

No play, I think can not be idle, near the tower, let Yu Fan teach me to sing. Under his strict requirements, I can sing very well now. Later, I sang the harmony of several songs in the album of "Yu Quan".

Opportunities can only be met, not planned

My chance came in 2011, without warning. I got a call from the article, saying that there is a play, he plays the male lead, think the female lead is perfect for me. The article is my classmate in the play, but also my male bestie.

This time he asked me, I did not hesitate to say yes, on the one hand, trust, on the other hand, the script must be good, otherwise he would not agree to be the leading actor.

The phenomenal success of Love Is Not Blind has been accompanied by a flurry of advertising offers, movie offers, TV offers. It SEEMS THAT YESTERDAY, I went out with Yu Fan, someone else also introduced me as "Chen Yu Fan's wife", and today, someone else introduced him, became "Huang Xiaoxian's Sir"!

I really feel that this is the best time of my life. I have a husband, I have a son, and I am still young, and I can devote myself to my career. I can advance and retreat, and I am calm and strong inside. Walk leisurely toward the goal, on the way to meet anything to stop and see, marriage, the birth of children, what scenery did not miss, this is not happily close to the goal!

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