Destined to Be

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Destined to Be

Part 1

Alex Ryan woke up at his usual time, 6:30 in the morning and started getting ready for school. He fumbled around for his square glasses but as he did, he walked into his dresser and let out a curse.

“Son of a bitch,” he muttered before grabbing his glasses and putting them on his face.

His glasses fell to the bridge of his nose as his attention was drawn to the calendar, which made him notice what today was. Alex’s heart skipped a beat, he knew what today meant...he was eighteen now and that meant he would stop aging until he found his soulmate, if he ever found her.

There was a soft knock on his door and the voice of his older brother James followed. “Hey bud, you okay? You up yet?”

Alex crossed his room, finishing putting on his short sleeved button down before opening his door. “Yeah I’m okay James, just getting ready. I realized today’s my birthday.”

James ruffled his little brother’s hair, laughing. “Which is why I have something for you little brother.”

Alex tilted his head curiously as they sat down on the edge of his bed. James sat beside Alex, pulling out a small box from behind his back that was covered in a shiny blue wrapping paper and smiled like an idiot.

“Go on bud, open it,” James encouraged him on.

Alex shrugged, going along with it as he started to open up his present. Once it was all unwrapped, the inside revealed a silver Rolex watch which made Alex’s jaw drop.

“Holy shit James, this is absolutely beautiful and expensive, thank you.”

“Turn it over, there’s writing engraved on the back,” James smiled widely.

“Huh? Oh okay,” Alex complied and flipped it over gently to read the engraving.

To my boy Alex: Happy 18th birthday, son. I will always be with you. Love, Dad.

Alex’s eyes hazel eyes swelled up with tears and hugged James tightly. “Thanks James, I love it a lot. I wish Dad was still here with us.”

James patted his younger brother’s back. “Me too Al, me too. He made me promise to give it to you before he passed away. I kept it and now Dad’s always gonna be with you.”

Alex smiled through his tears and slipped the watch onto his right wrist, it fit perfectly.

“Looks sharp kiddo,” came the voice of James’ wife Kaylyn as she walked into the room and smiled before giving James a kiss.

Kaylyn and James had been soulmates for seven years at this point. James had gotten lucky, meeting Kaylyn at eighteen right away when they met at college. Alex watched them interact and was hoping silently he would find that someone and be lucky like his older brother and his parents.

“I should head to school, don’t want to be late even though it is my birthday today,” Alex finally spoke up as he stood up to grab his messenger bag, wallet, and keys to his truck.

“Do you want to take the Mustang today? It is your birthday after all?” James offered, figuring his little brother wanted to show up in style.

Alex shook his head, declining politely. “Nah it’s okay James, thanks though. Besides I just had the truck cleaned and a fresh coat of paint put on it not that long ago, I wanna show it off today.”

That got James and Kaylyn to laugh as they said goodbye to Alex as he left. He started up his truck, turning up the radio before driving off to school and got there in ten minutes. As Alex found a parking spot for the truck, he noticed a blue Honda Civic pull up next to him and out stepped a girl with brown curly hair wearing sunglasses on her face, blue jeans and a Hufflepuff t-shirt. Alex couldn’t help but stare then feeling a slight itch on his right arm so he rolled up the sleeve of his button down and saw a tattoo that wasn’t there before which looked like a trumpet. He had a feeling he knew what it meant but wasn’t entirely sure so he rolled back down the sleeve, grabbed his keys and bag before jumping out of the truck. Alex noticed that the girl was still there, feeling his heart race and trying to find the courage to go over to talk to her but he stayed frozen in his spot.

When he finally found his courage after a few brief moments and began to move, out of nowhere his two best friends and teammates on the soccer team, Chase and Roman jumped in front of him. Alex then watched the girl walk away sadly, mentally kicking himself before turning to his friends.

“Hey there’s the birthday boy, we’ve been looking all over for you man, where you been?” Chase asked as he wrapped his arm around Alex’s shoulders while Roman jumped on his back.

“Guys chill, I just got here and I might’ve found my soulmate till you guys jumped in front of me,” Alex replied, sounding annoyed as he tossed Roman off his back finally.

They made faces and looked sorry before apologizing right away.

“Aw man, we’re sorry Al. We didn’t know,” Roman spoke first after getting up off the grass.

“Yeah bud, we’re sorry. Damn, we’ll make it up to you don’t worry,” Chase promised as they walked through the front doors of the high school.

Alex gave them looks, running his fingers through his dark hair and adjusted his glasses. “Yeah okay guys, if you say so. Always leads us getting into trouble.”

“Now that’s just hurtful, we’re wounded,” Roman feigned hurt, going to Alex’s right to get to his locker.

Alex rolled his eyes but laughed as all three of them opened their lockers at the same time, putting their bags away and grabbing books. Chase and Roman noticed the silver Rolex resting on Alex’s wrist, their eyes widened.

“Dude that is one dope watch. Where’d you get it?” Chase was the first to ask.

Alex smiled widely, “It’s a birthday gift from my dad. James has been holding onto it for him for I guess a year now before Dad died last year and he gave it to me this morning.”

“Damn, I bet it was expensive,” Roman whistled. “But a hell of a gift.”

That got Alex to chuckle, shutting his locker finally, “Yeah it really is. And this showed up on my right shoulder in the parking lot.” He rolled up his sleeve to show his friends the trumpet tattoo that had appeared on his right shoulder.

“When did you get that?” they both asked.

“Like I said, it showed up in the parking lot right after this girl got out of a blue Honda Civic. Because I’ve only got my wolf tattoo on my left arm,” Alex explained a he rolled his sleeve back down.

Their eyes widened in shock, jaws dropping and said at the same time, “Holy shit!”

Alex rolled hi eyes at them. “Yeah holy shit is right and I have no idea who this girl is. I don’t know if I’m ever gonna find her.”

“We’ll help you bud, we got this,” Chase promised as they headed to their first class.

Alex wanted to believe him but doubt filled his mind. As they walked to English, without knowing Alex had passed the same girl in the parking lot.

Emma O’Neil was walking to her locker when she felt an itch on her left shoulder but she knew roughly what it meant. As soon as she opened her locker, she rolled up her sleeve seeing a wolf tattoo.

“Oh my god Emma!” Emma’s best friend Carly squealed. “You have a wolf tattoo!”

Emma laughed at Carly, shaking her head. “Car, it just appeared not that long ago. That means my soulmate is close enough, I must’ve passed them in the hall but I don’t know who it is.”

“We’ll find out who it is don’t worry. Come on we’re gonna be late for English,” Carly said as she linked her arm through Emma’s as they walked to class.

Thankfully the pair had made it to class on time and found their seats in the front of the room. Alex noticed Emma, recognizing the Hufflepuff shirt and his heart skipped a beat, then his arm felt warm...this was the girl from the parking lot and he knew it for sure. Emma then turned her head over in Alex’s direction, throwing him a bright smile which made Alex’s face turn red but he smiled back at her which made his heart beat as did Emma’s. She turned around again, still smiling. Alex did the same which received questioning looks from Chase and Roman.

“Later,” Alex mouthed before their teacher started the lesson.

As soon as the bell rang, Carly dragged Emma out of the room without saying a word which left Emma confused.

“Whoa hey, what’s going on Carly?” Emma asked in confusion.

“You were smiling at Alex Ryan, what’s up with that?” Carly folded her arms, raising an eyebrow curiously as she smirked.

Emma started blushing, smiling like an idiot. “So what of it, can’t I smile at a guy without being questioned?”

“Um no, it wasn’t just some random guy. This is Alex Ryan, the star forward of the soccer team, he’s a legend like his brother James.”

Emma just shrugged. “He’s still pretty cute though.”

“There’s something else isn’t there? But you’re just keeping it to yourself for now,” Carly stated, playfully poking Emma’s side.

Emma just smiled, grabbing Carly by the hand as they walked down the hallway laughing. Meanwhile, Chase and Roman were interrogating Alex by their lockers.

“Dude, Emma O’Neil was hella smiling at you. What’s up with that?” Chase pressed curiously.

“Yeah Al, what up? Is she the girl from the parking lot this morning?” Roman added.

Alex laughed, switching out his English books for math and smiling stupidly. “I believe so, I felt my arm get warm when she turned and smiled at me. I think Emma’s my soulmate guys.”

Their eyes widened, jaws dropping in shock but mostly awe as well.

“Dude you gotta talk to her! It’s meant to be, you two are soulmates. We better find her soon,” Chase spoke with urgency.

“Yeah no shit,” Alex spoke as he fixed his glasses.

The other two nodded in agreement, shutting their lockers in unison before going to their next class. Alex seriously hoped he would see Emma again, he had to because they were soulmates, it was pretty much destined to be. He sent a silent prayer asking to see her again.

Part 2

When lunch rolled around, Emma and Carly were standing in the lunch line together before going to their usual table where their friends were waiting. As they got out of the lunch line, Emma collided into a muscular body and she looked up she realized he had ran into Alex.

Alex smiled down at her, his arm went around her waist to steady her balance. “Whoa, you gotta be more careful.”

Emma blushed, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear shyly. “I’m a bit of a klutz, are you okay?”

Alex kept his arm loose around Emma, still smiling down at her because of their slight height difference. “Yeah I’m solid as a rock, I’m pretty good. Are you okay?”

Still blushing, Emma nodded. “I’m better now, thanks um...Alex right?”

“Yeah and you’re Emma I’m guessing,” Alex replied before letting go of her waist slowly. “I’ll see you around, hopefully you crash into me again.”

Emma nodded before they went their separate ways, both of them had smiles on their faces when reaching their group of friends. Alex found his usual spot with the rest of his soccer teammates beside Chase and Roman, they had smiles on their faces.

“So you were talking with Emma huh?” Chase teased as he elbowed Alex in the side.

“Yeah she accidentally bumped into me which is cool with me,” Alex grinned sheepishly as he dug into his tacos.

“Did you get her number at least?” Roman wondered.

The rest of the soccer team all had their eyes on Alex, leaning in close as they waited for an answer from him.

Alex just shook his head sadly. “Nah I didn’t ask for her number. Didn’t seem like the right time.”

Everyone at the table groaned in response as a reaction. Alex shrugged kind of laughing at them which made Chase and Roman slug him in the arms.

“Dude! You should’ve! She’s your soulmate!” They both yelled loudly enough for the surrounding tables to look at them, including the table Emma was sitting at.

“Emma, are they talking about you?” Carly asked curiously.

The rest of their friends looked at Emma, their eyes all widened.

“Hold up a sec, you talked to Alex Ryan who’s the superstar forward for our soccer team. We need details right now, this is a dire situation,” Emma’s one friend from band named Rachel spoke up.

Emma nodded, playing with her food nervously. “I smiled at him in English and just accidentally bumped into him. And I think we’re soulmates.”

Everyone dropped their forks in unison followed by a loud, “What?!”

Emma got flustered before adding quietly, “I think that it’s his wolf tattoo that showed up on my left shoulder too…”

“Oh my god Emma!” Carly grabbed onto Emma’s shirt. “You need to go over to him and ask him to show his tattoo!”

The group agreed which made Emma’s face turn even redder but she went silent. During that time, the soccer team was trying to convince Alex to go over and talk to Emma.

“Alex man just the man the hell up and talk to her. See if she’s got your tattoo on her arm,” Chase started pushing Alex out of his chair.

“Guys come on, cool it,” Alex groaned. “Why are you pushing this so much?”

“She’s your soulmate!” Roman slugged him in the arm.

Alex rubbed his face and took off his glasses. “Okay, okay fine. I’ll go talk to her then if you guys quit pushing me.”

They whooped and cheered as Alex stood up to take his tray up and while he did, Emma was doing the same thing after being convinced. They met up in the middle, both blushing.

“Hey again,” Alex cracked a shy grin. “I had a feeling we’d run into each other again.”

Emma smiled nervously. “I was hoping we would.”

“Yeah my uh friends wouldn’t stop annoying me to talk to you,” Alex admitted as he ran his fingers through his hair sheepishly.

Emma laughed softly, “My friends were doing the same thing to me. They wanted me to ask you to show me your tattoo."

Alex raised an eyebrow curiously. “My tattoo? Odd thing to ask but I have no problem showing it off.” He then rolled up his left sleeve to show off his wolf tattoo. “May I ask why though?”

Emma rolled up her sleeve, revealing the same tattoo. “I think we both know what it means.”

Alex looked at her in shock. “So it was you after all, I’ve got your tattoo on my right shoulder. It showed up this morning when I was in my truck after I saw you.”

“So that confirms it, doesn’t it?” Emma wondered softly as she looked into Alex’s hazel eyes.

They had put their trays away at this point, Alex then put his hands on Emma’s waist as he gazed back into her bright blue eyes. “I believe that it does for sure. And ironically enough my birthday is today and I didn’t think I’d find my soulmate right away but I’m glad I found you. Even though we kept missing each other.”

“Me too,” Emma agreed as she leaned up to kiss him, putting her hands on his chest.

The two of them kissing made everyone in the lunchroom cheer loudly, which made them pull away sort of embarrassed but couldn’t help but smile.

“Guess the whole school has been waiting for us to do that,” Emma laughed. “Especially your friends.”

Alex turned to look over at his teammates, seeing them dancing and cheering like idiots. “What a bunch of goofs. I wish I could say I don’t know them but sadly I do know them.”

“My friends are no better,” Emma pointed out, seeing her friends doing the same thing.

“Gotta love ‘em,” Alex chuckled softly and kissed Emma again. “Wanna get out of here?”

“And skip the rest of our classes?” Emma questioned. She looked around then flashed him a coy smile. “Hell yeah, let’s get out of here.”

They walked out of the lunchroom, their arms around each other’s waists and left the school together. They didn’t care about skipping the rest of their classes, they had each other and that’s the only thing that mattered.

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