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By Salman siddiquePublished about a year ago 3 min read

I'm back from the great state of Texas; my visit with family was long overdo and enjoyable. Experiencing Texas for the first time was an absolute amazing feeling. The place is good for nature lover and performing yoga.

One of my goals during the vacation was to maintain an exercise schedule, and honestly that was a challenge! I focused more on isometric/strength training exercises in the privacy of the guest bedroom (with the door closed, mind you). Home workout was something that I never liked but it was the only was for me to maintain my shape. Texas was a great place for early morning cardio and I use to start with jogging and between sprints in small amounts while jogging.

Also, this born and bred Northern girl had the gumption to go for a walk outside in the afternoon... in the sun... in HOUSTON! The crazy thing was I walked for over a half hour, but that was mainly because I couldn't remember exactly how to get back to the house - echem! SO! Needless to say, I returned, red-faced, sweaty, and in need of lots of water. What's crazy is I really enjoyed my walk! (Too much heat affecting the brain, I suppose.)

I was looking for a proper gym with all the equipments. I did have the opportunity to visit a 24-Hour Fitness Center, which was great! I was able to get in with a guest pass from my mother-in-law (see, they're not all bad!) ;) I had an excellent cardio workout and weight training session, and I loved it! That felt pretty darn good!

Now it's true that when families get together, "interesting" things are bound to be said. And here are a few that I overheard and would like to share with you...

My husband to one of the family:

"I don't eat mayonnaise. I've enjoyed my life without it, so I don't feel I need to start eating it now."

When I overheard this, I paused a moment. What he said stuck with me because I thought of it in terms of sugar. I want to get to the point where I can truly say, "I don't need sugar to enjoy life! I don't need to eat it!"

Two friends of my sister-in-law during her high school graduation party. The two teenagers, a guy and girl, were rummaging through the kitchen in search of a snack. The guy decided on a bowl of strawberries. Upon learning of his choice, the girl stated,

"Strawberries?! That's not real food!"

I was sorely tempted to ask her, "What IS real food, then? A greasy cheeseburger and chips?" (but I tried to be polite and did not utter a word from my mouth.)

Two guys - again from the graduation party:

Guy 1: "Have you ever heard of salmonella and tomatoes?"

Guy 2: "Dude, what's salmonella?"

I laughed out loud at this, but I was in a different room, so no egos were damaged during the outburst.

And the one that got the best laugh out of all the family members was from my 6-year old nephew explaining why Aunt Susan didn't want to go outside and have a water gun fight:

"She's afraid of water. Cause if she gets wet she'll melt."

The response was an explosion of laughter and a certain aunt who was regretting telling a precocious boy those very words earlier in the day.

Be careful what you say to children because they WILL repeat it!

-story by one oy my student


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  • Naveed 4 months ago

    your story is well-written, funny, and relatable

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