Dark Clouds Turn White

by Kasey Myers 2 years ago in literature

A Fresh Start

Dark Clouds Turn White

There was this beautiful young girl who existed at one time on this horrible planet we call our home. Her name was Liza. She was 17 years old with beautiful, straight dirty blonde hair, and she had greenish blue eyes. She was about five feet in height, and she was in between skinny and medium size in weight. She lived in Tampa, Florida but she moved to Mississippi not too long ago. When she moved to Mississippi she did not live with her parents. Instead, she lived with her aunt. Most people knew her as a girl who did not have a home. She wanted so bad to move somewhere and start a new life and have the most amazing little family, but no matter how hard she tried it just did not seem to happen. She was still in high school. She was almost finished with her junior year when she fell in love with her best friend. She did not only fall in love with him for his looks, but she fell in love with his words. The thing is that he knew she was and he did not use it against her, and he did not stop her. He did not even try to reject her love for him because he was falling in love with her too. Neither one of them had to tell each other how they felt because they could see it in their actions.

It was a very rainy and windy day in December; it seemed like just a normal day, but it turned out not to be so normal. The boy thought everything was fine, but he had a horrible feeling that Liza was hurting herself again. He did not want to say something to her because he felt like it would probably trigger something inside her. He shook the thought of that as he waited for her to meet him after school. He waited for an hour for her, but she never came out. He waited until everybody left to go look for her. He waited another hour and then went looking for her. He went to the last class she was in, which was gym class. He looked under the bleachers, and in the concession stand but she was not there. He went into the girl’s locker room. It was very dark, and it smelled like perfume. He heard quiet sobs so he tried to follow the sound. When he got close enough to be able to tell if it was Liza, he rushed quickly to her. As he pulled her closer to him, the sadder and deeper the sobs were. He did not know what to do, but to hold her and tell her that he was here. Before he could ask what happened, she lightly said under her breath, “I have nowhere to go, I am being kicked out.”

He told her, “Everything will be fine, because I have an idea.” He kissed her forehead and stood up with Liza still in his arms. He took her to his house to make a few phone calls to make plans for the upcoming day.

The boy awoke early that morning to go get the surprises he had for Liza. He took a shower, got out, kissed Liza on the forehead and left. First, he stopped by a jewelry store to get a ring. Then, he went to the courthouse to get papers. Finally, he went to the animal shelter to adopt a puppy because he knows how much Liza loves animals. After doing what needed to be done, he calls Liza to tell her to get dressed because he had something special planned for the evening. He arrived at the house and saw Liza walking out the door. His heart started to beat fast and he froze. He quietly said to himself, “I am going to spend the rest of my life with her, no matter how hard it gets.”

Liza got in the truck and shyly said, “Why are you looking are you looking at me like that?” as she fiddles with her fingers.

He grabbed her hand, kissed it, and said, “You look so beautiful, Liza,” as he started driving to their destination. They arrived at a park, but not just any park; it was a park where they first met when they were younger. He told her to go ahead and go to the table while he stayed and got a few things out the truck. He grabbed a box, made sure everything was in place, and then went to the table. He set the box on the table and said, “Open it, it is for you.”

Liza smiles shyly and said, “What did you do?” as she opened the box. He looked at her and waited for her reaction then, she lets out a happy cry. She said, “Aww, it's a puppy! Is he ours?”

He replied, “Yes, but something special is on his collar, look.”

She looked down at his collar and started crying and said, “Really, you want to marry me?”

He replied, “Yes, Liza, I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I want the good days and the bad days. I want days where I cannot stand you and days where I just want to smother you with love. I want to be the shoulder you cry on. I want to wake up and see you right there beside me. I want to be the reason why you are still living. I want to be everything you need me to be. Everyday for the rest of your life. Liza Louanna Bridges, will you marry me?” She shook her head yes as she held the puppy tightly. He looked at her and said, “There’s a key on it, too. I got us a camper. We can travel the world, and have a fresh start like you always wanted.”

Kasey Myers
Kasey Myers
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