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Listen to Little Big Town x "Girl Crush" to set the mood.


Marie closed her locker and there stood watching Jack and Anna. She stood there as her books tried to escape as she watched them laughing and talking. The sound of the bell made Marie jump and the book dropped to the ground catching the eye of Jack. Everyone began to disappear into rooms as Marie picked up her book and glanced back up to see Anna kissing Jack goodbye. Jack swung his backpack on his should as Marie stood up eyes still on Jack. He waved and she smiled in shock as he walked away as she realized how weird she must have seemed and shook her head and headed to class.

After staring into space, Marie’s daydreaming session was interrupted by her dad picking on her mom. They both laughed, kissed and he held her from behind while she finished dinner. Marie smiled then shoved another spoon of ice cream in her mouth.

The bell rang to dismiss the children for the day. Across the hall stood Jack and Marie could not help but watch his every move. Wondering why he chose Anna over her, Jack looked over and waved in a confused way. Marie smiled and before she could wave back Anna ran up to Jack and laid a kiss on his lips as they walked away. Marie began to wonder what it was like to be in love, held, kissed, and touched. As she broke her daydreaming again she saw a guy standing across the hall who then waved, she waved back with a slight smile and headed home.

Marie’s walls were designed with romantic and city views like sunsets, beaches, New York City, and California with dim Christmas lights hanging down. Laying on the bed, she grabbed her favorite sweater from the floor and pulled it over her medium size teddy bear. She turned on her favorite song, "The Man I Love" by Ella Fitzgerald, grabbing her teddy bear, and began swaying across the floor with it. The door swung open and she dropped the teddy bear thinking she was in trouble.

Marie’s dad laughed and walked over, throwing the teddy bear on her bed as he bowed and asked, “May I have this dance?”

Marie laughed and joined her dad as they swayed to the rest of the song.

Their dancing session ended and her dad stopped to look his daughter in the eyes then softly stated “Love will find you,” and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

He headed out the room but before closing the door back he turned to say “I love you, kiddo.”

A small smile formed on the right side of her face, “I know, Dad, I love you too.”

Running to her locker trying not to be late for class, Marie opened her locker to see a single rose and a note. “Would you like to go on a date?—Brad” read the note and she began blushing and searching the hall for Brad. No sign of Brad, but there was Anna and Jack staring at her and she began to feel as if someone played a trick on her. Feeling a little disappointed, she grabbed her books and began to head to class.

“Here, let me carry that for you,” said a voice as Marie’s books slid out of her arms.

Marie turned and met eyes with Brad.


“Hi,” they both seemed a little nervous and loss of words.

“I’m Brad, I’m in your—“

“Yeah, I know,” Marie interrupted him.

They both smiled.

“Soo, what do you say, would you like to go on a date with me?” asked Brad.

Marie paused before smiling and nodding yes. “Yeah, I’d love to.”

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