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by Ron M Pitts 2 months ago in art
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When I met you, I realized what love at first sight means

Photo by Jamez Picard on Unsplash

 When I met you, I realized what love at first sight means. Although I don't have any capital or power to protect you. But it's not easy to meet you. So I can't let you be lost in my world. I am just a plain person, but I have a dream to hold you in my arms. No matter how difficult the road is in the future, I want to protect you, as my other half, okay? Although you can not enjoy the glory and wealth, I will let you enjoy it, others can not get the happiness. As a bland person, there is no sweet talk. But I have a burning heart. I will put everything down for you, I will love you well, met you in this place, is destiny, but can not be in this place once again lost you.

  Having you is good, having you are really happy, having you is home, having you is love. The next step is to give me a chance to hold your hand and say goodbye to the life of our single nobleman. Although life is full of bumps, you have me, there will be no more bumps. There will be no more people to hurt you, everyone has a chance, but I hope my chance is given by you.

  Someone said, "Like a person must go to the brave confession, although I can not use the voice to confess to you, I will express my heart to you with the article." Not because I dare not go to say because my language, can never represent all my heart, with the article can represent all my heart. Although I do not know what your character is, I still want to go to accept all of you, as long as you give me a chance, I return you a life.

   I thought I would never give my heartfelt feelings to a person again in this life, I was so proud to think that I would not be tortured by love ...... and now when everything happened when I looked back at twilight, I realized that it was just because I did not meet you.

   The fact is that you are going to be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. I thought I would let go of loving you, but my heart could never forget all the expressions you had in front of me. When you chat with boys or what action, I will secretly jealous for you, you do not know how much I love you, you only know that I like you, but like and love is not the same ah like just to do with you as a friend, and love is going to do everything for you everything, life has you are a perfect life ah. As a northeasterner, wear how thick mink can warm your heart?

  I have heard people say that like is not equal to love, now finally have a deep experience, real love can not change. Now, every day can not control themselves, the mind is full of your shadow, every moment, every second! I love you can't help it, I have also advised myself to take it and let it go, it's useless because this love is too deep. Go on with me, right? I will light up all the difficulties and bumps in the road for you.

  I want to hold you tightly at this moment, so you can feel my heart beating faster because of my love for you; I want to hold you tightly, so you can experience my rapid breathing because of my love for you.

  I allow you to come into my world, but I don't allow you to walk around in my world. Give me a chance to hold you in my hands! Will you stay with me through it?

In today's society, divorce is not a new thing, maybe there are more divorced people, and maybe our hearts are numb. Also like the cold wind blowing every day, blowing in every corner. Being in the cold wind, we don't feel cold anymore. However, in our hearts, when we see divorced people, we feel compassionate. Because people who are divorced are deplorable and sorrowful.

Those who have not experienced a divorce only know that the person is amiable. Much more than pity, is the endless sadness, endless heartache, is a ghostly miserable sorrow.


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