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By TshepisoPublished 9 months ago 3 min read
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the nice aspect you could do is train

people to jot down

due to the fact there is no difference among

that and questioning and one of the things

that just blows me away approximately


is that no one ever tells students why

they ought to write some thing

it's like nicely you have to do this

undertaking well why are you writing

properly you want the grade it's like no you

want to discover ways to

suppose due to the fact questioning makes you act

effectively in the world wondering makes

you win the battles you undertake and

the ones can be battles for right things

if you could suppose and talk and write you

are in reality

deadly nothing can get for your way

so it truly is why you learn how to write it is


when I can't consider that humans are not

just informed that it's it's it's like

it's the most powerful weapon you can

in all likelihood provide someone with

and i suggest i understand plenty of humans who have

been staggeringly a hit

and watched them throughout my lifestyles i

imply those humans you do not want to have

an argument with them they'll just curb

you into pieces

and not in a malevolent way it's like if

you are going to make your point and

they are going to make their point

you better have your points prepared

because in any other case you will appearance

like and be an absolute idiot

you are not going to get anywhere so

shall we say you personal a pencil manufacturing unit i'm a

employee in that pencil manufacturing unit

you could have all of the machinery all you

can purchase all the raw materials you need

however without me

and probably many others like me to

collect the pencils

all you will have is a pile of timber

yellow paint graphite rubber what do you

assume placed extra inside the you spend hundreds of thousands

of dollars

buying all of the equipment leasing the

region ensuring there has been a control


doing the llc formation ensuring all

the tax code became in compliance

otherwise you standing outside because you can

stick a chunk of graphite into a chunk

of wooden


if you can formulate your arguments

coherently and make a presentation if

you may speak to human beings

if you can lay out a proposal god human beings

give you cash

they give you opportunities you've got


that is what you are at college for therefore

that is what you do is you that is you're

in you are in english right you are

and yeah new languages anyhow it's like


teach people to be articulate because

that's the most

risky component you may likely be so

and that's motivating if human beings recognise

that it is like well why are you

learning to write due to the fact you're right here's

your sword right here's your m16 right here's

your bulletproof vest

such as you learn how to use them


ah it's just it is an limitless thriller to

me why

that is not made self-obtrusive

so this is the type of issue that could

force you mad trying to sort out

so i faux to train and also you fake to


it's like human beings are there may be a there is a

conspiracy to convey humans into the

education machine to lead them to

weaker so

i guess that continues the opposition down

maybe this is one manner of thinking about

it in case your college students are stupid they're

not going to undertaking you.

how to

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