Child Barren

A Story With A Twist

Child Barren

Karen has been through many challenges in her life. Now to top it all off she pregnant with her first baby. Karen has already encountered many complications with her pregnancy. But she has managed to carry her baby full term.

Today, this mother to be is having the time of her life preparing for her new bundle of joy that’s due any moment now. The phone rings, her water breaks, she bypasses the phone to tell her husband that it is time. Upon arrival to the hospital the doctors notice blood, so they decide to prep Karen for an emergency C-Section.

However, the baby is moving too fast and Karen starts to delivery vaginally. The doctor is not paying attention during delivery, he makes the wrong move and the infant hits the floor. The doctor grabbed the infant from the floor by his scrotums causing him to be child barren. Karen and Joseph named their baby boy Anthony.

Anthony grew up and became the owner of a security guard company and then took a bride named Jackie who is a nurse. Jackie had a best-friend name Melody these two have been friends since elementary school. Melody has a husband named Harold. Melody has been uneasy in her marriage because she suspects that Harold is having an affair.

Anthony just another good working man enjoying the natural things. While his wife Jackie seems to be having the time of her life. Jackie she is engaging in a few extra curriculum activities. An affair with Harold, Melody’s husband.

Things seems to be going great for Jackie. The affair has been going on for years. Anthony has no clue that his wife is cheating. Melody knows that Harold is cheating, but she just does not suspect Jackie has being the women in her husband’s life.

Jackie discovers that she is pregnant. Being a nurse, she went ahead and secretly tested both men. Her husband and her lover. Jackie knew before she married Anthony could not have children. Jackie also knew the Doctors dropped him on the floor and when they grabbed his scrotums they damaged his testicles making Anthony child barren.

Anthony and Jackie discussed this situation and the possibilities long before their marriage.

God sees everything and everyone. God also sends His Angelic Beings, to communicate with His people on earth. God sent High Priestess Li Amunetma to visit Anthony to reveal Jackie’s secret.

Anthony is working the graveyard shift. It’s 3am Anthony is lounging in his office chair, feet on the desk, palms cupping the back of his head. Anthony is sleeping soundly as if he is in middle of his king size bed at home. High Priestess-Li Amunetma calls his name, “Anthony!” He is sleeping so well Anthony doesn’t answer, she calls again “Anthony!” No, answer. The High Priestess gets louder, “ANTHONY!” “ANTHONY!” Anthony jumps up, WHAT THE HELL! WHO THE HELL! HOW THE HELL CAN I SEE THROUGH YOU! Anthony asked, Oh God, “am I dead?” High Priestess-Li laughed, no Anthony you are not dead. You are alive and I am too!

High Priestess-Li asked, Anthony do remember that you can’t have any children? Anthony responded, “Right, why am I being reminded?” High Priestess-Li said, your wife Jackie is pregnant.” Anthony asked, how could this be?” High Priestess-Li responded; Jackie is having an affair with Harold.

High Priestess-Li Amunetma left Anthony and went to visit Jackie. When the High Priestess arrived at Jackie’s house, Jackie was lying in bed awake. The High Priestess just appeared in Jackie’s bedroom. Jackie sits up very quickly in bed and ask “Who the HELL are you and where the hell did you come from?

High Priestess-Li responded, “I am High Priestess-Li Amunetma. I am here because God is not pleased with you lying to your husband and cheating on him.

High Priestess-Li asked, Jackie does Anthony know that you are pregnant? Jackie responded, No! Jackie went on to say, I was going to wait until after the baby was born. I thought I would be best if he saw the baby first and maybe he would fall in love with the baby.

High Priestess-Li said, no that was not a good plan. So, per God I had to tell your husband the truth. Jackie asked, does Anthony know I am pregnant? High Priestess-Li, said, yes. Jackie asked, why did you tell him? High Priestess-Li responded, because the Great I Am is not a God of lying and cheating and being a High Priestess-Li part of my job is revealing the truth. Jackie immediately started to call “Oh God!” High Priestess-Li said, you don’t have to call God, He is already here with me.

After High Priestess-Li left Anthony, he immediately left work, went to CVS grabbed a pregnancy test and took it home to his wife. Anthony worked the night shift, so Jackie was home in the bed when Anthony arrived.

Anthony walked in the door went straight to the bedroom, where Jackie was already awake. Anthony threw Jackie the pregnancy test. Jackie looked at the test and then looked at Anthony! Anthony said, “don’t ask me any questions, just piss on the damn stick!” Jackie said, “wait Anthony let me explain!”

Anthony said, “you do all the explaining you need to your baby’s daddy, Harold!” Jackie asked; “how did you know it was Harold?” Anthony responded, “High Priestess-Li Amunetma told me.” Jackie said, “wow she came to me too!” Anthony asked, “why in the hell did she come to you?” Jackie responded, “to tell me that God is upset with me because I cheated on you.” Jackie said, “you must be special to God!” Anthony said, “God came to me and said he has been protecting me from women like you all my life!”

High Priestess-Li Amunetma, went to visit Melody and Harold. They are home together in bed. Melody is reading a magazine and Harold watching television. High Priestess-Li appears sitting on headboard.

Harold sits up! Bitch, who the fuck is you? And how did you just appear in my damn house like that? Harold said, Bitch, you better be glad that you are invisible, I will beat your ass.

High Priestess-Li said, really and then she turned into her human body and slapped Harold. Harold was so shocked he couldn’t even move. Amunetma asked, now who is invisible? High Priestess-Li said, just like I thought you don’t want none of this! High Priestess-Li asked, do you think God would send me here with no power?

High Priestess-Li said, “Melody, Harold is cheating with Jackie.” Harold responded, what the hell! Who the hell are you? Coming in here telling my wife that lie.

High Priestess-Li, told Melody, go and look in the closet in Harold’s uniform pocket and you will find a picture of a sonogram sent to Harold from Jackie.

Harold asked, how did you know that? High Priestess-Li responded, thanks for being honest about the picture and I was sent here from God to reveal your truths. High Priestess-Li said, so Melody truth is Harold has been having an affair with Jackie for years and they are expecting a baby.

The next day Jackie went to visit Harold and Melody. Jackie told them both about the baby. Harold denied having an affair with Jackie at all. Jackie showed Melody the blood test results as solid proof. Melody told Jackie, my husband said that it’s not his baby and we won’t have anything to do with that child. So, Jackie was left alone during her pregnancy.

Good-Old Harold went on and he strikes again. Harold meets another woman who he is unaware that she is HIV positive. Harold sleeps with her unprotected and is then he is infected with HIV. Harold of course infects Melody. As a routine checkup Melody discovers that she is HIV positive. Melody has no doubt in her mind that this is because of Harold. They were tested for all STD’s after Jackie revealed the infidelity. High Priestess-Li came back and told Melody you are positive for HIV because you went along with your husband Harold and denied that baby.

So, Melody prayed very hard day in and day out. God sent High Priestess-Li Amunetma back to speak to Melody again. High Priestess-Li said, Melody, God said if you want to be healed, you have to help Jackie raise that baby. Melody continued to pray. She finally found the courage to go and apologized to Jackie. They rekindled their child-hood friendship. Melody did exactly what God told her to do. Melody and Jackie has split custody of that child.

Harold is now in the hospital dying from stage 4 HIV. Anthony has met another woman who is also child barren and they plan to get married and adopt children. God completely healed Melody from HIV for being obedient to His Word. Jackie and Melody both has a new husband!

Many people make decisions without considering later, they always focus on the now!

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