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Chagrin Delight

by Bazooka Teaches 2 years ago in literature
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Another outlandish story for Mr. Pitts. Go to my public profile to read more adventures by Mr. Pitts.

One time, in a long time, a feeling of creepy uneasiness came upon him. He tasted this feeling in his mouth and wanted to spit it out. It was more in his mind rotting away every thought that he had of her. His mind could sometimes get the worst of him.

It was a no-win situation.

No holds bar.

It punched away at every minute and took him apart. That same knocking in his mind made him smile.

It was sour and bitter, full of rancid aftermath.

It was that time that made him think of who he really was and how easily he could be dominated with just a silly act of wit.

She was strong, he thought deeply.

This woman, a beautiful woman, who needed a drink badly at the party, was illuminated with an external force. She complimented the room, the people, the atmosphere, and everything that had anything to do with class. She crept upon him like a black panther lurking the night.

He spotted her and thought nothing of it but just how lovely her body looked in her tight red dress. He thought more than how lovely her body was. It was a thought that he had for any woman with a body like this woman that wore the red dress specifically to pimp his mind. It was only a mundane thought in his world of delights and plights.

He went to the kitchen to pick up a clean cloth to wipe his shiny black-never-been-dirty shoes until now. Before that, he was walking by the house when a car ran over a puddle and a spot of mud, just only one little spot of mud, landed on his right shoe.

It was microscopic, futile.

This was disturbing, his mind a storm right after the incident because of this mud spot.

He went to the nearest house, which had a party going, and asked the first person he saw at the door if he could use a kitchen cloth to wipe the spot off his shoe.

He had lost his handkerchief or he had forgotten it. It was another issue that was multiplying his perfectionist voice in his head.

Of course, the inebriated guest that opened the door didn’t care about this man with a muddy spot on his shoe joining the party. After dealing with the inebriated guest, Mr. Pitts went into the house not really paying attention to the party.

As he grabbed the kitchen cloth, the woman in red approached him. That was the end for him. Her energy turned him into another person. He became Mister Giggles and laughter ensued from him as she poked and played with his mannerisms.

It was actually lovely. He had fun, especially spending a lovely moment with this beauty that was coveted by many at the party. Mr. Pitts completely lost himself that early evening with this gorgeous woman. She had the stuff. She was a true goddess that emitted this incredible energy. Mr. Pitts sucked it all in and literally got high from it. It was a divine feeling, and it was a feeling he had not felt in a while.

True romance, Mr. Pitts kept thinking while chatting with the woman in the red dress. He was confused and did not know what to do with his feelings and goofy reactions.

Suddenly, he caught a look and saw that someone noticed that he was not acting like his usual self. He had never felt this feeling before.

He left fast.

All he could remember while walking home with the spot on his black, shiny shoe was the look from that person that really knew about his undiscovered flirtatious side.

He looked like an amateur!

It was quite a feeling.

Mr. Pitts got drunk by himself that night.


About the author

Bazooka Teaches

A regular Joe that is just surviving the struggle. Loves to write and is constantly fighting the forces of evil.

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