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CAN You SEE DEAD People?! Steps on How to Contact the Dead!


By Amie kimPublished 6 months ago 5 min read

Death is the final frontier maybe maybe not there's really no way to avoid the one destination that whole life has to reach and no matter how hard one tries to hold on to things like cars houses money even our bodies. I mean death to some degree it lurks in and haunts us and because death is the ultimate mystery we always wonder what it really is. If there's some form of life even after death because there's really hard leaves for me to fully comprehend will understand that okay when you're dead that's it blackness warm food that's it and that's why so many people throughout the ages try to find the answer of what death really is and if there's more life beyond it. And the methods we used to find these answers well some are more let's say conventional than the others there's religion of course but also things like séances and even psychic sessions. However there is another way that is a Monda rose-less travel when it comes to try to find out what's in the great beyond of death cycle; mantium which is a particular practice of mirrored gazing and many people use this to unlock the mysteries of death. I just want to say not a fan of des don't try this at home psychomanteum is not a new practice rather it's a new name given to an older version of necromancy that was used in ancient Greece. Back then people much like us today ponder the meaning of life and does what is that even in what can be considered antiquity human beings one of the answers to a light beyond the veil in death and possibly. Beyond so, they went to Oracle's and temples that were called necro maintains where a series of rituals would take place all to bridge the gap between life and death to speak to family members and others that had died. These rituals sometimes include animal sacrifice but also there were long hallways that were polished to be as reflective as possible in this hallway. The light will be dimmed with only the use of lamps in a slight flickering that hit off the water to create a reflective surface much like a mirror it wasn't that reflective surface that many Greeks

believed that they could see into the beyond in the spirits of those who were dead although. However, I'm really against this mirror gazing has made a return to the mainstream and has found his place in modern day. Unfortunately it would not have been so without the famed of philosopher and psychologist dr. Raymond Moody who has devoted his life and work to study nds for near-death experiences. Dr. Moody's method of mirror gazing psychomanteum is without the animal sacrifices of course without the animal sacrifices of antiquity in ancient Greece rather the use of the mirror. This modern day practice is more as a medium or conduit for divination and what is gained from these experiences is supposedly very personal and specific so how does this work much like the ritualistic procedures found in antiquity in ancient Greece there's pre work and preparation to be done psychomanteum is not just about setting up some mirrors and angling them in asserts a way to induce some awakening or calling out to Mary or something rather there's the much internal striving that must parallel the efforts of the mirror medium dr. Moody has helped to develop specific techniques for creating an atmosphere almost anywhere to conduct your own mirror gazing experience your own personal psychomanteum and again I don't recommend doing this but here's how It works first; food food plays a significant role in in who we are whether we recognize it we're not and who we affect what we do we're better yet how we do it productive moody suggestion eliminating caffeine in dairy at least a day before and maintaining on non-meat diet only fruits and vegetables is essential next choosing a location that is relaxing and calming a place quiet in disconnected from the world is important you know so when something this come to the mirror and nothing or no one can hear you scream this also connects to the removal of things deemed material like watches and jewelry even clothing sometimes awareness mood posture all of that also affects the experience being in a supportive chair or seat to ease any possible tension reflecting on something anything soothing to stimulates awareness can also be essential. this all leads to the more tangible in hands-on aspects of asserting memories such as photographs and other personal items that belonged to or was connected to your loved one more personnel you're trying to connect with finally the mirror which should have been placed in front of you so in a way that the person can gaze at it without seeing their own reflection now. according to dr. moody the mirror gazing experience may last around a minute but sometimes long for those who have done we're not truly becoming practitioners of the medium the psychomanteum experience itself consists of different attributes such as trance-like meditative States. the feeling of heaviness in the arm tingling fingers in some occasions the mirror itself distorts remaining passive and nottaking an active role except for possibly an already prepared question in mind is the most advantageous to gaining insight in effectively making contact with the dead in the experience you know

again and this just might be from my experience playing Bloody Mary which you should never do and no one should ever gaze in a mirror and recite things or want something to maybe look that guy's just not a wise thing but to borrow a phrase from a time long gone and from a poet that had a different kind of insight of UV read from that of a mirror gazing death be not proud in our human quest to understand life it shouldn't be underestimated the critical and parallel role that death place in our perception of light so the two is linked in it is only natural while we are alive some of us try to explore what death is and seek those that have died before us but again not the smartest thing and this is just a really interesting topic so I want to share with you guys I'm not advocating you try this at all I always think a darkroom in a mirror really bad combination anyway for those of you who have done something like this.


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