Bring me to life

by Jen Moose 4 months ago in literature

What would you do for the person you love...

Bring me to life


Life for Jessie was pretty good for the most part. She had her own apartment and was living with her boyfriend, Jack. The thing is, Jack was a guy who couldn't stay in one job for too long. After a while, it made Jessie sad because she felt like she was stuck and couldn’t get away. Jessie decided to make a difference in her life and change it for the better.

Jessie tried to be a scientist, which lasted for two years (and) dropped out because she fell back into her old ways of supporting Jack and she couldn’t keep up with school full time and working two jobs. It worked out for the better anyways because it helped her realize that she would rather be more creative. She enjoyed being artful and speaking her mind. So, she made a platform where she could do all of that.

Jessie might of what she felt like her rock bottom, but she made it possible to be able to find away back up to the top. It was hard for Jessie because even though she watched everything fell apart in front of her eyes she decided to make an effort to do something with herself. You can’t pounder around about how shitty your life is and not do something about it.

The best Jessie could do is take it one day at a time. She decided to stay with Jack but to worry about herself. He didn’t like that to much because he always felt like he was getting the short end of the stick and couldn’t see he was the reason for all of Jessie’s pain.

Jessie did give him a choice to walk out the door if he didn’t like it. Someone has to look out for her. So, might as well be herself who looks after her. Jack didn’t approve because it meant he couldn’t control and knock her down anymore. She was now untouchable; this is when Jessie started her climb.

Jack and Jessie were invited to a Mental Health Awareness Banquet.

“Matt is hosting the banquet,” Jack says to Jessie as he zips the back of her dress.

Jessie walking to the mirror to put her earrings in, “Do we have to go?”

“Well, I already told Matt- We already bought the tickets to go. What’s the big deal?” Jack exclaimed.

“I just not fond of him is all.”

“Well, get over it. He is my best friend after all,” Jack says with no pity for Jessie what’s so ever.

Under Jessie’s breath, “Not that I ever mattered to begin with.”

“What’s that?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

Jessie and Jack continue to get ready and make their way to the banquet.

Once they arrive Jack gets himself and Jessie a drink. Jessie starts to look around the banquet and soon enough she stumbles into Matt. Matt is Jack’s best friend, they’re practically brothers. So, when Matt had humiliated Jessie at a party last year, Jack was quick to take his side. Even though it was uncalled for.

“Hey, Jes,” Matt says almost dreading that she is here but at the same time almost glad she came.

Jessie rolls her eyes and to be polite back, smiles and says; “Oh, hi Matt.”

“How are you? What you think of the banquet?” Matt starting to feel the tension and wanting to ease the situation? Conversation?

“Uhm, I’m alright. And I don’t know yet, I just arrived,” Jessie replied awkwardly.

Thankfully Jack had joined them; “Hey, Matt.”

“Hey, Jack,” Matt replied.

Matt walked off to finish helping with hosting the event. Jessie watching Matt as he greets other people who have arrived and wondering why’d he come to make small talk. As the night went on Jessie and Jack were enjoying their time at the banquet. At the end of the night they were about to leave when Matt had caught Jessie before she left.

Matt softly grabs Jessie’s arm; “Hey, uhm, can I talk to you before you go?”

Startled and confused at first Jessie agrees; “Erh, sure. What’s up?”

“I just wanted to apologize for what happened last year. I jumped to conclusion and treated you like shit. It was uncalled for, I’m sorry,” Matt said.

Unsure of what’s happening. Jessie is wondering why Matt is apologizing to begin with. He hates her.

“It’s okay. No big deal,” Jessie brushes it off.

‘Did Jack put him up to this. I don’t think he’d do this on his own without a push,’ Jessie thought to herself.

“Well, I am sorry. Hug?” Before Matt even finished asking and Jessie could answer he was already hugging her.

‘My god, what’s happening?’ Jessie thought. This point in time she had no idea on what to do besides hug back. Jessie had an odd sensation of relief like felt almost safe. With the moment his arms were around her.

Halfway home Jessie had brought up that Matt had apologized to her that night.

“Well, good. Took him long enough though,” Jack stated.

“Wait, what?” Jessie knew it was too good to be true.

“Yea took a while but I talked to him about it. Explained that you would like to try and be friends, and I want you both to be civil for me,” Jack admitted.

“So, it wasn’t a real apology. It was a pity apology. Why do you have to do that? Why can’t you let things be? Not everything can be fixed,” Jessie argued.

“I knew how upset you were after that. I was only trying to help,” Jack pleaded.

“Help how? By forcing people to apologize when they don’t want to or when they don’t feel like they in the wrong,” Jessie said angered.

“Whatever,” Jack says when he feels like he was in the right and everyone else is wrong.

The following summer Jessie went to Creator’s convention in Toronto. This is a creator event, where creators of all creators come together and share their love of being able to create in their own talented ways. Frankie had gone with Jessie to Toronto for the weekend. When Jessie arrived in Toronto, she went to her hotel to drop off her bags and decided to walk to Starbucks for a Latte. On the way to Starbucks, Jessie walked into Matt.

Jessie was interested on why Matt was in Toronto. Matt had explained that he was also in town for Creator’s convention. They talked for a little bit and Matt invited her out to the club later on that night. Jessie was up for a night out.

Later that day, Jessie met up with Matt in line at the club. Matt’s waiting in line with his cousin Bernard and his friend Jeff. When Jessie arrived, Matt had waved Jessie over. After standing in line for about 20 mins they were at front of line. Jessie got in free since it was Ladies Night. When they got in, they walked to the bar. One the way to the bar Jessie Walked into some guy.

“Oftp, sorry,” said Jessie.

“Watch it!” said the guy.

“Sorrry,” Jessie replied in a snarky attitude.

Jessie looked up at Matt and his friends to find them laughing. They finally got there drinks and just hung out for a while before deciding to dance. Throughout the night Jessie noticed that the guy she bumped into was watching her.

‘This guy’s kind of creepy,’ Jessie thought to herself as she just moved to another part of the club.

Jeff had noticed that Jessie kept on moving around the club and when he looked around, he saw that the guy from earlier was watching her and thought it was creepy. By this point Jessie had a lot to drink. Jessie had gone to the bathroom and when she came out the creepy guy had approached her.

“Hey, Beautiful. How about a dance?” said the creepy guy.

“Hey. How about no?” replied Jessie. She then tried to walk away but he grabbed her arm.

“Oh, come on. Just one an-” Jeff couldn’t come at the right moment.

“Hey, buddy. She said no,” Jeff had stepped in between them and put his arm around Jessie to indicate she was taking. The creepy guy rolled his eyes and walked away.

“Thanks,” said Jessie.

“No problem,” replied Jeff.

A little bit after that, Jessie and Matt made their way to the bar. They took a couple shots and Jessie got some water since she was feeling dizzy. When they turned back around to the dance floor, the creepy guy bumped into Jessie and spilt the water all over her. Matt had then pushed the guy and it ended in a fight. The bouncer came and Matt, Jessie, and the creepy guy were asked to leave.

Jessie woke up in her hotel room in just her panties and a tank top. She had a pounding headache and her whole body ached, and she didn't know why.

Jessie went to the forum for the first meeting of the day. She felt off like something had gone wrong the night before but couldn’t put her finger on it. The whole time she felt like people were staring at her. She couldn't see Matt anywhere and she didn't know where to find him. Of course, the man who was hosting the event had brought up to the attention of the events that had taken place last night. He expressed his concern because the person who was attack is attending the convention.

'Oh god,' Jessie thought to herself. Jessie started panicking because she realised it was her who was attacked the night before. She couldn’t remember anything but that did explain why she hurt all over. Jessie knew she had to get out of there. She ran back up to room, packed her stuff and left. Jessie didn't know what to do but to leave town and go home. The same time Matt was looking for Jessie to talk to her about last night.

For the for the next two weeks, Jessie was so distraught that she didn't eat very much and took up running as a way to cope. To forget or to remember. Jessie was pretty much zoned out and emotionless.

Elizabeth had noticed: “Hey, what’s going on? You’ve been acting weird since you got back from Toronto.”

“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it,” Jessie tried to brush it off hoping she would drop it.

“Clearly it’s something,” replied Elizabeth.

“Fine,” Jessie had told Elizabeth what happened that weekend.

Elizabeth assumed Matt had done something to her. Once Jessie left the room, Elizabeth ended went through Jessie’s phone to text Matt to come over.

Matt came storming over. When Jessie opened the door, she was shocked to see Matt. Jessie was confused at first as to why matt was here but seeing his face, he seemed to be angry. At the same time Matt looked concerned.

"What did you do!" Jessie snapped at Elizabeth.

"I can explain," said Matt.

"You need to know what happened, Jess. Knowing he's the on-," stated Elizabeth.

“I’m the one what?! I’m here to find out myself on what happened that weekend,” Matt expressed. “You’re one hard person to get a hold of, Jes.”

“Then explain what happened. Explain the brui-,” Elizabeth said.

"He didn’t do anything!” Jessie exclaimed.

"Oh," said Elizabeth embarrassed.

"Yea, 'oh'. I never said anything about that. Just the fact that I don't understand why I was bruised," said Jessie

"I just assumed because you said you woke up and didn't know anything about what happened. Also, the fact that you were with Matt all night," explained Elizabeth.

"What is that supposed to mean? I didn't do anything to hurt her. I wouldn't do anything to hurt her," pleaded Matt.

"Then what the fuck happened?" asked Elizabeth.

"That's what I'm trying to fucking explain," said Matt. "I helped her to bed. Then I helped her take her wet clothes off from when that creep spilt her drink all over her. Then I left."

"Bullshit," said Elizabeth.

By standing next to Matt, Jessie could smell his cologne and vaguely remember more of that night.

Matt and Elizabeth had continued to argue in the background.

Jessie has been having flash backs of what happened that weekend in Toronto.


Just turned around to walk back to the dance floor when that creep had bumped into me and I dropped the water all over me.

Matt had instantly been pissed off and shoved the guy.

“What the fuck is your problem man?”

The guy stood up and pushed Matt back. Then Matt had swung back, and next thing was Matt had pinned him down and started to hit him. The bouncer came and tried to break up the fight.

“You three need to leave now,” the bouncer had kicked us out for fighting.

When we got outside, I felt so dizzy. I tried looking for Matt but can’t find him anywhere. Then I felt someone pull me into the ally way and pinned me against the wall.

“Stop. What are you doing? Get off of me!” I screamed trying to push them off, but I didn’t have the strength to push them away.

It felt like forever. I could feel him trying to undo my jeans when all of a sudden it felt like the weight was lifted off of me and I fell down to the ground. I could hear what was going on, but I was so disoriented I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Next thing I knew I was being picked up off the ground.

It was Matt. I turned towards him and he wrapped his arms around me to hug me; “Jes, you ok?”


“Jes? You ok?” asked Elizabeth.

“I-I-I don’t know,” Jessie replied and just pushed her out the way and ran out the door.

Elizabeth tried to run after Jessie.

“Elizabeth-” exclaimed Matt.

“You know what Matt? I think you’ve done enough,” she replied with the snarkiest attitude then ran out after Jessie.

“I didn’t do anything. I was trying to help her...” by then she already left. “FUUUCK.”

Jessie had run off to the beach trying to piece everything from that night. Elizabeth was on her way to find her...


Matt and Jessie stumbles off the elevator.

“Mattie, I don’t feel so good,” I tell him.

Matt had unlocked the room door and I just made it to the bathroom and started throwing up. I could feel Matt standing behind me and just looking at me and put a smile on that is somewhat mocking.

Matt walks behind me and ties my hair back and helped me clean myself up.

“We should get you out of these wet clothes,” stated Matt as he helps me off the floor.

After getting changed Matt and I were facing each other; “Why do you hate me so much?”

“I-I- don’t hate you, it’s just-”

“I get that like I’m stuck up and bossy, but-”

“I never said I hated yo-,” Matt tried to explain before Jessie kissed him. Matt didn’t necessarily push her away but didn’t necessarily kiss her back either.

“Oh, god. I’m sorry. I don’t know what I’m doing,” I say embarrassingly. Matt doesn’t say anything.

As I pull away to crawl into bed to die of embarrassment I nearly trip and fall flat on my face.

“Jes- careful,” Matt said helping me stumble into bed.

Matt has this look of trying to process what just happened and left.


Jessie was sitting on the rocks remember what had happened.

“Hey,” Elizabeth called out making Jessie jump a bit. “Op, sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.”

When Elizabeth got closer to Jessie, she noticed Jessie was crying.

“Jack broke up with me. I told him everything that I remembered from that weekend and he just broke up with me,” Jessie explained.

Over the last couple of weeks of summer, Jessie had completely gone cold.

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