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BEST SOCIAL RULES THAT will turn you into a pleasant personality for others


By Maria Ostasevici Published 2 years ago 8 min read

Proper behavior in society will always bring you a good label. The way you serve meals, for example, when you are with colleagues, friends or girlfriend shows the level of education and especially the self-education you have.


1. Do not call someone more than twice in a row. If he doesn't answer your call, just assume he has something important to do;

2. Give back the borrowed money before the other person remembers lending it to you. That shows your integrity and character. The same goes for umbrellas, pens and lunch boxes;

3. Never order the most expensive dish on the menu when someone offers you lunch or dinner. If possible, ask him to order his choice for you;

4. Don't ask weird questions like, "Oh, aren't you married yet?" Or ′ ′ You don't have children ′ ′ or ′ ′ Why didn't you buy a house? Or why not buy a car? For God's sake, that's not your problem;

5. Always open the door of the person coming behind you. It doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl, senior or junior. You don't get small by treating someone well in public;

6. If you take a taxi with a friend and he / she pays now, try to pay next time;

7. Respects the different nuances of opinion. Remember that what is number 6 for you will be number 9 for the person facing you. Also, a second opinion is good for an alternative;

8. Never interrupt talking people. Let them pour. As they say, listen to everyone and filter them all;

9. If you tease someone and they don't seem to like it, stop and never do it again. This encourages her to do more and shows how much she appreciates it;

10. Say ′ ′ thank you ′ ′ when someone helps you.

11. Praise in public. Criticism in private;

12. There is almost never a reason to comment on a person's weight. Just say, "You look fantastic." If they want to talk about losing weight, they'll do it;

13. When someone shows you a picture on his phone, do not swipe left or right. You never know what's next;

14. If a colleague tells you that they have a doctor's appointment, don't ask them what is this for, just say "I hope you're okay." Don't put them in an awkward position to tell you about their illness. You know, they'll do it without your curiosity;

15. Treat the maintenance agent with the same respect as the CEO. No one is impressed by how rude you can treat someone your rank, but people will notice if you treat them with respect;

16. If a person speaks to you directly, looking at the phone is rude;

17. Never give advice until you are asked;

18. When you meet someone after a long time, if he doesn't want to talk about it, don't ask for his seniority and salary;

19. Take care of your business, if you're not directly worried - don't get involved;

20. Take off your sunglasses if you are talking to someone on the street. This is a sign of respect. Also, eye contact is as important as your speech;

21. Never speak of your riches in the midst of the poor. Also, do not talk about your children in the midst of barren ones.

22. After reading a good message, try to say “Thank you for the message.” * APPRECIATION * remains the easiest way to get what you don’t have.


Wherever you are in society, it is good to behave in moderation. Thus, you will be able to make a good impression, regardless of the context in which you find yourself. Here are some rules of conduct:


1. The man will always enter the room first, holding the woman's door. Then he helps her take off her coat. If there is a reservation, the man will find out where it is and will lead his partner to that table.

2. It is bad taste to laugh too loudly, to be too vocal or to stare at other meals.

3. The golden rule is that the person making the invitation pays for the consumption. However, if the meal has not been reserved, and the meeting is spontaneous, everyone will pay for their consumption. Therefore, in this situation, each participant at the table must know how much he consumed so as not to get confused when the bill is drawn up.

4. If your guests want to pay for their own consumption, don't try to convince them that you want to pay at any cost! That would be rude behavior.


5. In a restaurant, you will receive only cutlery for ordered food. If in doubt, ask the waiter for advice. It's no shame. No one will laugh at you!

6. Don't keep your phone on the table! It is disrespectful to button the phone in the company of others. You are at the table to relax, not to solve various problems.

7. Try not to be late for the meeting. Such behavior will not put you in a good light. Traffic apologies are not welcome after you arrive ... In the academic quarter (15 minutes) no one has to give explanations. But, at a later delay, get on the phone and let the others know you're not on time.


8. Well-bred people avoid talking in society about personal problems, relationships at work, ailments, children, tastes or worries. If it's not necessary, don't start telling others what you did this morning!

9. Polite people don't talk about family. In other words, he doesn't deal with gossip.

10. The ability to listen is as important as the ability to speak. That doesn't mean you just have to shut up. Look with interest at the interlocutor, participatory, using appropriate nonverbal language (nods or uses confirmatory interjections).

11. Do not interrupt. If you are well raised, you will not interrupt someone just because you have heard what he has to say.


12. It's bad not to arrive on time for an appointment (invitation to someone's house), but it's worse to arrive too early. In this situation, you could take the host by surprise. Both camps will feel embarrassed and undesirable.

13. Bring children to visit only if they have been invited. If your host has not specified that you can come with the children to visit, leave them at home.

14. When you are a guest, do not refuse food. Accept any dish, without hesitation, even if you see something on the plate that you do not like. If you have to leave, you can ask for less food or you can even leave the surplus on the plate. Under no circumstances will you start talking about the diet you started or the foods you don't like.


15. As a rule, the handshake is done after signing a business agreement.

16. When you meet strangers, you can shake hands immediately after the presentations.

17. If you are looking for a job, you can join the potential future boss at the job interview.


18. When someone holds your door open, enter without making a fuss. Guests should come first, with priority for women. If you invite a special person, you will open each door separately, until it reaches the final destination.

19. At the office or in the mall, first you go out, then you go in. This is to avoid congestion.

20. In the case of doors with double opening. The woman, in front of the man, pulls on the handle of the door on the right. The man behind her will keep the door open, allowing the lady to enter. Then he will pass too. The door on the left is to be avoided, as it is used by people leaving the building.

21. Normally, the woman goes up / down the stairs first, followed closely by the man. If there are special conditions, unlit, poor or steep stairs, he will go up / down first.

22. In the elevator, the man near the button will ask the others what level they want to reach and will operate the buttons for each one. Obviously, the ladies will be asked first. Also, women should be allowed to get out of the elevator first, except when the crowd is too big. In office buildings, unaccompanied men will allow ladies and their companions to enter the elevator.


23. Young people in power will leave their seats to women with children or the elderly. The man will sit on the chair only if a woman is not around. A well-mannered man will always give a woman a place, especially if she is overweight, pregnant or elderly.

24. Women should not give their seats to men, even if they are older. Thus, the person will feel embarrassed because of his age. The only time a fair sex offers a man a place is when the latter is a close (elderly) relative.

25. If she is accompanied by a he, the latter will open the way to the descent door. Then, the man will come down first, offering support (hand) to the woman.


26. In the store, it's good to be determined. Otherwise, you will make the seller's life bitter! Changing products several times or dissatisfaction with a particular product shows poor growth.

27. When you approach the house, make sure you have the money ready.

28. If, however, you want to change a product, do not procrastinate. Modern life requires quick reactions.



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Maria Ostasevici

Communication and public relations student, Moldova

Instagram profile: maria.ostasevici;

mother of two awesome Dobermans.


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