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Balance of the soul

by Isavella Ziova 11 months ago in art
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How to eliminate stress through art

Really, what's a soul? What is this divine matter inside of us that affects us so much and distinguishes us one from each other?

A soul is the hypothetical intangible substance, which is connected to the body and through which the spiritual element of our existence is expressed. It indicates how life manifests itself in humans. The soul is not the cause of life, but it is the vector of life.

A soul is also called the sum of man's mental and spiritual functions. Phenomena (emotions) such as love, hate, joy, grief, confusion, anxiety, etc. are the usual manifestations of the soul.

According to Plato, the biggest mistake in treating diseases is that doctors separate the body from the soul, so they get away of them with a lot of illnesses, that is, they don't pay attention to the whole thing, but the part that's sick. But where the whole thing is sick, it's impossible to have a healthy place. And of course the main role in all these problems is caused by stress.

Anxiety is a diffuse, unpleasant, often unclear feeling that manifests itself with fear, tension and anxiety, and that is most often accompanied by physical symptoms.

And yet, even though there are many negative feelings that affect our lives, especially the difficult and pressing daily lives that we all experience, there are ways to deal with them effectively. We have to find the balance within us. To unite our soul, our spirit and our body, doing things that please us, make us happy and help us avoid the anxiety of everyday life.

So as I'm a multitasking person, and as an artist, I have many different artistic interests, I can't just talk about one activity that pleases me, but many, because for me, inner peace can come through a set of activities, since man is a multidimensional creature anyway.

So as a child I spent my time dancing, singing, painting, writing and playing theater. Lots of arts together, don't you think? Over the years since I came to adulthood, and up to now in my 35 years, there have only been two arts, which I now make use of professionally, drawing and writing, even though the times we are experiencing are difficult.

As a dancer, I can say that it's a kind of relaxation that automatically puts stress away on you. It unloads you from the problems of everyday life and turns you into a different person. It strips the whole body, it raises adrenaline levels, and through music, it just makes you feel great. They say, when you dance, your soul rises and your feet don't touch the ground. Dancing is thousands of images, reaching to the source of emotions, the heart. Every person has a personality, where through the movements of the body, he externalizes his feelings, joy, grief, passion, tension, desire or pain. It's a way of life. It's kind of like intangible feelings, taking matter, and being transmitted all over the place.

Almost the same sense of euphoria and freedom you feel through the song also. When you sing, you feel free. You forget all the stress and intensity you feel. Maybe it's a way of reducing stress. It's not a few times that when we sing, we feel tears in our eyes. You feel through music and lyrics, your heart beating, at that moment you feel your soul expressed. That you can't tell the spoken word, you can reveal it through a song, whether it's pain, joy, or love. Our song follows from the moment of our birth, listening to it through a lullaby. It comes from predefined notes, creating a harmonious melody, the sole purpose of which is to provoke emotion, euphoria, joy and perhaps grief. It elevates the spirit and through the lyrics creates countless images and emotions in our minds. I've heard from musicians and singers saying the same thing, "Song is my whole life," and they're right. I believe them. It's a way of life, a way of expression, to say what your heart can't stand to say in a different way.

As for the theater, it is also a unique way of expression and relief. When you're on stage, and when all the lights are on you, at that moment you're not yourself. That few minutes, you're somebody else, you're the person you embody, and through words, you express his own feelings and even try to convince the public that you're the one, the unique, the only theatrical actor, who exit through you. And all you ask is to hear the applause when the curtain falls and the lights go out. It's an alternative way to get away from the tension and anxiety of everyday life, experiencing someone else's life or fairy tale.

Painting is something different for me. I've been working for a number of years, and all I have to say is that it's a unique way to get away and get lost in the colors. There's no reality that we live, into the canvas, in there we might find some peace. A sailboat, which we just painted and is about to take us in a voyage or a green landscape up on the mountain, where we can take long walks. The emotions reflected on the canvas are unique to everyone. I've caught myself capturing the pain and the anger, making my plans more wild, with strong and violent lines. And other times when I felt joy or calm, with lines more circular or soft. It's also a way of reducing stress, but you can combine it with a walk in nature. You don't have to draw in the house. It's much more beautiful to be out in the seas and the grasslands to correctly capture a beautiful sunset or a bird that just sat on the branches of a tree that you're looking at. The only thing i'm sure is you forget everything. You're in the canvas at that moment, and all you care about is to capture the colors as real as possible.

Let's get to the writing. I left it at the end, to tell you, that, it's my only way to express myself through the words. I'am a professional writer in recent years, and i've had no regrets at all about every time that closing myself in the house or in some coffee, listening necessarily to music and writing anything i can imagine. I feel different when i write. I forget everything that weighs on me in my daily life, whether it's problems in the family or the intensity of daily job. I can write down all the things i can't say. I can write about all my feelings and please believe me, when i get angry or sad or i feel happy or love, everything is written on a page and i feel calm, as if i've just revealed some big secret. I try to describe the images i create so well that the reader can get into my story. I want him to experience absolutely and feel all the feelings contained in my story, as if they were real. An alternative reality in my exclusive world. To feel the pain or the love or anguish of the protagonists, to bring my story to life inside him, just as i do when writing it. With the help of music, i write about worlds that don't exist or exist, and all i want is to provoke the reader into euphoria. Make him forget his own problems and his own everyday life. To empty his mind out of anxiety and tension, just like the quiet knitting, with those synchronized moves that my mother and my grandmother made when they held the needles. And when they were finishing knitting, they were feeling a vast serenity.

I may be a different person, and maybe i don't love knitting. But i love the arts and learned to forget and express myself through them. But above all, i love life and i like to do a lot of things. Because this is life, a collection of experiences and emotions, which for everyone are different and maybe expressed in a canvas, or paper, or maybe expressed by dancing or singing. But the sure thing is, when the curtain closes, the applause belongs only to you who played your part well. And that no matter how difficult life is, we have to find ways to calm down, unlink ourselves and live something else, something magical, for a while, and then we can actually come back more refreshed. I hope that all people have similar tasks, that they could get rid of the anxiety and live life as beautifully, and as creatively as they can.


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