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Attract a Man Emotionally-Change Your Negative Messages

by Tami McDonald 12 months ago in how to

How do you attract a man emotionally?

Attract a Man Emotionally-Change Your Negative Messages
I feel you.

Before you can attract a man emotionally you must first know what an emotion is and where it comes from.

Emotion is a continuous set of positive and negative experiences that are associated with a particular pattern of physiological activity. They produce different physiological, behavioral, and cognitive changes.

Now that you are familiar with what emotion is, where does it come from?

Emotions were discovered through neural mapping organized in the limbic system of the brain.

You are probably thinking, “This is all good, but how does this help me attract a man emotionally?”

I’m glad you asked and now we can get down to business.

If you want to attract a man emotionally then there must be a series of more positive experiences than negative ones to begin to form a bond between the two of you.

Positive experiences cannot be left to just the man to deliver to the woman. In other words, let’s say you met a wonderful man and started dating. You are having a really good time being with him but you just feel no emotional connection.

This is common and doesn’t mean he isn’t into you.

There are subliminal messages that are emanating from you.

You may be doing all the right things that you think makes him happy and attracted to you, like wearing his favorite dress, perfume, or having your hair and makeup done just right. But did you know it goes way below the surface of what he sees?

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How you perceive and reflect yourself to him and the world is that subliminal message that he’s picking up.

It can be your actions and/or your habits that are causing that disconnect.

For example, let’s say you are continuously putting yourself down in front of him stating, “I’m really too fat for this dress.” Or, you have a bad habit of smoking in his car when you are traveling somewhere.

He may say to you that you look fine in that dress to appease you. He may also say it’s okay to smoke in his car. However, these are repeated negative experiences that he is associating with you.

This is the type of bond that is forming between you and him.

Before you can get that deep emotional level with him, you need to love yourself enough to change first.

How can you expect to receive that intimate connection if you are not intimate with yourself?

Once you practice self-love he will start to see a more repeated positive experience with you and will find you more attractive than ever before.

Men find confident women sexy and attractive. The bond between you two will grow stronger and stronger and that will be how you attract a man emotionally.

Do you believe this is a two-way street? Do you think a man should also practice self-love to gain that deep emotional connection to you?

Remember, men are not very social creatures. If he is showing negative actions towards you, then you may just need to demonstrate it to him.

They say action speaks louder than words. Show him what he is doing that is reflecting negatively towards you instead of telling him.

For example, let’s say he has a bad habit of chewing his nail when he’s nervous. Maybe you can gently remind him of it by lightly touching his hand when he’s doing it and shaking your head “no.”

Do this enough and the minute you reach out to him to touch his hand again, he will stop before you do.

He may learn more from you this way and remember it better to not do it again.

It’s that nonverbal communication that will resonate loudly between the two of you now and way into the future.

Don't bite your nails

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Tami McDonald
Tami McDonald
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