Always, Always, Always in Love

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Always, Always, Always in Love

Dear Miss Hammond,

I have a secret to tell you, and I haven't told anyone, not even my best friend Jimmy, but I am going to tell you. Okay, here it goes, I love you. Gah, there I said it! I have been holding that one in ever since I met you that day in summer my mom and I came to visit you before school started. You were so pretty in your long, yellow dress with buttons up the middle. It had little white flowers on it, and your hair was pulled back, but it was really messy cause you had some curls that kind of hung down by your face. When we came in, you were sitting behind your desk, reading a book, your glasses sitting on just the tip of your nose, like one of those old librarians, but you're not old. Not even close. You looked up at us, and you smiled so big, all your shiny, white teeth were showing. It took me by surprise how pretty you were. My cheeks got all hot, but the rest of my body felt cold, and my hands started to get all wet and itchy. You asked me a question, but I was so shocked by your beauty that I didn't really hear you. My mom had to bump me so that I could snap out of it. You stretched out your hand and said in the most beautiful voice I've ever heard, "You must be Samuel. Why, you have really amazing green eyes, Samuel. My name is Miss Hammond and I am so excited to be your teacher this year! This is my first time teaching first grade so I am as nervous as all my students." My mom bumped me again and I realized you were still wanting to shake my hand. I wiped my hands off on my jeans and put my right hand in yours. Oh my gosh, you had the softest hands ever. You must put gallons of lotion on them every day! You had us sit down at the desk that was going to be mine, I wanted to complain about how far it was from your desk, but I didn't want to seem like a baby, so I stayed quiet. My mom did most of the talking, telling you how we just moved from Arizona, and she was worried that I might have a hard time finding friends and staying focused during lesson time. After she got done rambling on, you put your hand on hers and said with a slight smile, "You have absolutely nothing to worry about. I will take care of your Samuel here. He will have a blast this year."

And you know what Miss Hammond? You made sure of just that. You did take care of me this year. You were so sweet to me. I always thought, and hoped, that maybe I was your favorite student, cause sometimes during a lesson while you were looking around the classroom talking, you'd glance over at me and give me a little smile. I asked some of the other kids, and they said you never did that to them. That made me feel all warm inside and happy. Your birthday was in November, and I made sure to give a present, remember? It was my favorite book from home, I wanted you to have it. And when Christmas came, I gave you a "Best Teacher" ornament. And when Valentine's arrived, I begged my mom to let me get flowers for you. I got you the ones that were on your dress that first day I met you. You had them all over the classroom so I knew you liked them. When I came in that morning, no one else was there yet. I walked in and saw you by the bookshelf, straightening all the books, I stopped. I got really nervous and scared. I didn't want you to think I was weird, or hate the flowers. I turned around to leave when you said my name. It was too late, you saw me. I turned around and you looked down at the flowers in my hand. "Aw daisies! How pretty! Who are they for Samuel?" you asked.

My mind went blank for a moment listening to your voice, and then I remembered you asked me a question, "Um, they're for you Miss Hammond. Happy Valentine's Day!" I said.

"You sweet, sweet boy! Thank you so much! Daisies are my favorite," you smiled your big smile. You have always been so nice to me, and always looking out for me. Tommy, the fourth grader, who is big and mean, and stinks to high heaven, caught me outside. I was terrified, I am such a small kid that it doesn't take much to hurt me. He backed me into a corner by the muddy creek towards the back of the playground. I had nowhere to hide, and my mom had just bought me new shoes, so I COULDN'T get them dirty.

"There's nowhere to hide mousy." That was his nickname for me. I could feel the tears starting to collect in my eyes and the big rock plugged up my throat. I couldn't scream now. I remember him beginning to reach for me, so I closed my eyes waiting for it to happen, but nothing did, except for the "Ow, no I am sorry! Please let go, please! You're hurting my ear!" I looked up and you were dragging him away towards the school by only his ear. He was crying quite a bit too, but you looked mad, as mad as I had ever seen you, but still pretty of course.

"Don't you dare hurt that little boy, or any other kid around here, you understand me?" you said with a very stern voice, "I am taking you to the principal's office right now." My heart welled up for you even more that day. My own personal hero. I couldn't believe it! My teacher the year before had never done anything like that for me. It was amazing!

But now the year is practically over. The teachers are packing up all their supplies and having kids clean out their desks. That means I won't really see you anymore, other than around the halls next year. It is just breaking my heart, and I had gone the whole year without telling you that I loved you, so I thought now would be the best time. Even if you don't love me the same way, or even love me back, that's okay. My dad always says, "You can love a girl Sammy, but if she doesn't love you the same way or love you back at all, you have to respect that. Always be respectful. Never mean." I just needed to tell you that I love you, Miss Hammond. You are so kind, and pretty, and oh my gosh, you're probably the smartest person I have ever met! You know so much, even taught me how to write letters like this. I feel so grown up doing it too! I am so happy I had you as my teacher this year. So happy I could see your pretty face every day. And you know what's funny, no one else, not even anyone in my family, calls me Samuel. I don't even really like it when people call me that. But when you say it, Miss Hammond, man oh man do I get some big ol' butterflies in my tummy. Swooping around in there and they never want to land either. I always make sure to be the last one in class at the end of the day just so I can hear you say my name one more time. I slowly put on my backpack and walk towards the door. You always know to look up just a little, with your glasses sitting on the tip of your nose, and you smile so pretty and say, "I'll see you tomorrow, bring those amazing green eyes with you. Goodbye Samuel."

Goodbye Miss Hammond. I love you.



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