Dating: Do's & Don'ts
Dating: Do's & Don'ts

Advice on Relationships

How to keep your partner content!!

Advice on Relationships

It's easy to get into a relationship. However, you need to learn the basics to keep them. That is what I am here for! It's important to keep your significant other happy if they are treating you well.

My Significant Other Seems Uninterested In Me

In some relationships, especially longer ones, one or both of the significant others seem to be bored. They don't give each "that smile" they used to before. They hardly have romantic dates. The conversations aren't as interesting anymore. The whole nine yards.

This is okay. It happens especially when you get so comfortable around them they're just like a buddy that you love with all of your heart.

In order to fix this, create a date—and do something that doesn't just involve eating, because anyone can eat. You want them to communicate and enjoy their time. Do something that you guys have never done before.

Getting The Spark Back

All relationships begin with a spark. It's the feeling of lust. Every time you think of them you smile. Both of you are always smiling and giggling. Always flirting.

Try talking to the other, and reminisce on old times. It can be sweet memories or even funny ones. Do this so that you guys feel that special connection.

Keeping Them Content (Happy)

You don't want your significant other to be bored or always sad. You don't want them feeling unloved. Let's change that.

Just because you already have your partner. You need to still make them feel comfortable. You want them to smile often, and for them to love you even harder.

Surprise them. When they come home from work or a long day, have a nice warm meal prepared for them. This goes for both males and females. A woman doesn't always have to cook. Fellas... you need to go up in that kitchen, and cook a quick meal as well. You want to treat your significant other the way you would want them to treat you.

Give them a massage and set the mood. Let them come in to roses and candles lit. If your partner isn't in to that try things that they would enjoy doing. If they enjoy swimming, schedule a day to go swimming, then get something to eat, watch a fun movie.

Affection and Friendship

Build a friendship with your significant other. It isn't always about having sex and kissing. You want to also make each other that person that you love to hang around and just talk to. Talk about interesting and controversial topics. Learn about each other. Laugh and be silly together. Record each other doing goofy things. You don't want to just talk about marriage and kids. Talk to your partner as a friend sometimes.

I Think My Partner Wants Space

Space in a relationship doesn't always mean breaking up with a person temporarily. It can simply be spending a little bit of time away from each other. This isn't a bad thing. We are all our own individuals. If every hour of every day you both are up under each other, you don't give yourself a chance to be happy without the other. It may get boring, and become a ritual. Give each other a few days or so to enjoy yourselves. You don't have to stop talking to them completely. Make sure you call and check up on them, or tell them that you love them.

Just make sure you are allowing them to do something on their own. You as well. Spend time with your family, friends, or even take yourself out, and give each other a chance to miss each other. It does not mean you two dislike each other any less. It does not mean that you guys are falling apart. You are a human being. Individuals. Space is needed for everyone. It's just like watching the same movie multiple times, and being asked to watch it again. You wouldn't mind because it isn't a bad movie, you just don't get the same happiness and excitement like you used to.


Communication is extremely important. This goes for all people. Whether it's males or females. You want to always be on the same page as your partner, because you may think that the relationship is going well and your significant other may think otherwise. Vice versa. You want to express your feelings to your partner so that they know what is bothering you, or what you are interested in. There are many scenarios where one person will get upset at their partner for not knowing something, but that is the issue. You need to always be understanding of anything going on within the relationship.

I understand that sometimes you want to avoid an argument. However, that is why maturity is needed. Learn how to approach any issues or topics that you want to talk about, whether it is bad or not. You want to make sure that both of you are listening to each other's ideas and feelings. Do not... I Repeat... Do Not... Attack each other's ideas. In literature terminology... that is ad hominem. Both of you have to learn how to talk to each other. How to not argue based on the past—unless is it necessary.

The End

Guys, yah need to just make sure there is communication, friendship, surprises, equality, and space. We are all human. We all have wants and needs. Make sure that both of you are treating the other well; giving each other time to think and be independent. Try a bunch of new things. Surprise each other. Acknowledge each other's ideas. Build a connection.

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