A Painted World

by Jade Matthews 2 years ago in literature

A World I Created in My Own Mind

A Painted World

Chapter 1

And there I was, in a world of no tomorrow, no today, no yesterday. It was like a blank canvas preparing to be written on, drawn on, or coloured on. Preparing to become a work of art, but this I did not know.

I froze for a few seconds, in the fear I was dead. But this was nothing like the stories I'd heard about death, this was baseless, almost dreamlike. A sheet of eternal paper.

I took one step forward and it was a hallucination of colours, browns, greens, pinks and purples, but instead of vanishing after a few seconds, it hung there like a painting in this extinct world. It seemed to create part of a picture, like a forest, but not all that sinister.

Another step, more wild colours appeared. This time reds, blues, yellows, all the colours and all the flowers you could possibly imagine appeared before my eyes. And again, it hung there in this distinguished creation.

I did not know what to say, or think, I was companionless, deserted, solo in this cosmos. This cosmos that seemed to be nothing until I stepped into it. A tear fell from eye, I realised I was crying so this completely distinguished my theory of death, even it I was almost certain before.

For what seemed like hours, I just sat there in the flower beds I had previously fabricated in my imagination, trying to deduce how I actually got here.

Wherever 'here' is.

I eyed the flowers which had arisen in front of my very own eyes. They were real enough, I could touch them, I ran my hand over a few of the petals. They were almost like silk, so soft and comforting. I could smell them, I picked an elegant rose and took a small breath in, they were real. How did they just appear from out of nowhere though?

This world now seemed to consume me. Taking all of my thoughts away from me, attempting a logical reason for this cosmos I was soon to create in my mind.

My line of thought faltered for a minute.

Suddenly, there stood my beautiful wife. She was wearing the wonderful navy skirt I bought her for her birthday and a studded jeweled white top, her eyes were jaded and shimmered like the night sky. The jewelry on her neck and wrist glittered like the morning dew gathered up on the leaves, she was finally here. At once, this world didn't seem so lonely anymore.

I abruptly stood up and touched her hand to make sure she was real. Her hand, as soft as the roses that lay glistening on the ground, took mine and pulled me in close. Her grasp was firm, but loving. All I could do was stand there paralyzed by the fact she was finally standing before me. Truly here.

I soon came around and picked her up high in the air, her laughter music to my to my ears, like chimes battling against the gentle wind.

As I swung her, more of this dream world seemed to come to life. I could see quaint houses, far away in the distance. Animals, in every corner of this dreamy, light forest, even down to the size of an ant, seemed to appear. I could hear children's laughter in the gentle breeze, see them playing tag, hide and seek in the depth of the forest.

This wasn't just my world anymore, it was this amazing woman's world also, and I loved her more with every second that passed.

The hours seemed to tick away, and soon night was upon us. The forest was still buzzing the the sound of the animals, crickets, and birds singing their songs. The rustling of wild boar, scavenging in the leaves.

I turned to this woman, whom I share this gorgeous, beautiful world. And looked into her jaded eyes, so delicate and sparkling in the moonlight.

She looked gorgeous, her golden hair, draped down caressing her neck, shimmering in the in the white moonlight. I placed my hand softly on her face, feeling her skin. Still as soft and youthful as ever. I looked at her, every inch of detail. Her wedding ring, still beautifully shiny and polished, hung off her pale boney fingers, almost threatening to fall off. Her slim body, and the way her clothes hung off her.

Still as breathtaking as ever.

I still had my hand on her face, I placed my lips gently against hers, touching every contour of her face delicately, like she was a flower destine to break, and her sweet tasting lips were directly on mine.

As I pulled away, she left her ruby red lipstick on my lips. Her sweet fragrance filling the air around me, filling my nostrils. I loved it, I hugged her close, feeling her shiver.

I suggest quietly we have a walk through the forest, placing my jacket around her shoulders trying to warm her up a little.

The pale moonlight shone through the low hanging canopy, the light bouncing off the bright green leaves, and every coloured flower you could see. It was mesmerizing, passing through the trees.

Chapter 2

As we walked towards these fabricated houses, the road was buzzing with energy. I'd never seen anything like it, not in this place anyway. There were people putting children to bed, others going out to what seemed like a town. It reminded me of where I used to live until I got put in this strange place.

I followed this woman, who had taken my heart, to a quaint little house on the edge of everyone else's. On what seemed like the edge of the world, the blankness hung there around this house, weighing on my mind.

How did we get here?

She opened the door and took me inside, everything was perfect, neat and tidy.

It had an old, rustic feel to it, the dark wooden beams, that looked decayed, were showing in between the cream ceilings, you could see the brown and red brick and where it was starting to crumble slightly. And the cream patterned, wallpaper was coming off at some of the corners. Despite all this, I felt in one's element. Complete, if you will.

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