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A collection of celebrity coming-of-age stories

by murp9085 2 months ago in celebrities
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The stories are generally closely related to the production and life of primitive human beings. They are eager to understand nature, so they take themselves as the basis to imagine that all things in heaven and earth are like people, with life and will

1. Celebrity growth story: Cao Yu really reads books and takes a bath

During the Anti-Japanese War, Cao Yu taught at the National Drama School in Jiang 'an, Sichuan Province. One summer, Cao Yu's family prepared a bath and hot water and asked him to take a bath. At this time, Cao Yu was reading a book. He couldn't put it down and pushed again and again. An hour passed, and no one came out, and the noise of water was heard from time to time. Another hour passed, and the same thing happened. Cao Yu's family members were confused. They pushed the door and saw Cao Yu sitting in the bath with a book in one hand and a towel in the other hand.

2. Celebrity growth story: Smell more drunk book

Wen Yiduo reading addiction, a look on the "drunk", in his wedding day, the wedding room decorated with lights, lively. Early in the morning, relatives and friends came to congratulate him, until the bridal sedan chair nearly home, people still can not find the groom anywhere. He was found in the study. He was still wearing his old robe and carrying a book in his hand. No wonder people say he can't read, a look will be "drunk".

3. Celebrity growth story: Hua Luogeng guesses books

Mathematician Hua Luogeng reads books in a different way. He takes a book and, instead of reading from cover to cover, he thinks about it for a while and then closes his eyes. He guessed the layout of the book, considered it, then opened it, and if the author's ideas agreed with his own, he stopped reading. Hua Luogeng's guess reading method not only saves reading time, but also cultivates his thinking and imagination, so that he will not become a slave to books.

4. Growing up of celebrities: Hou Baolin copied books

Crosstalk language master Hou Baolin only went to primary school for three years. Due to his diligence and studiousness, his artistic level reached a perfect level and he became a famous language expert. Once, in order to buy a Ming Dynasty joke book "Xuelang" he wanted to buy, run all the old book stalls in Beijing, but failed. Later, he learned that the Beijing library had the book and decided to copy it back. In winter, he went to the library to copy books in the wind and snow for eighteen days. A book of more than one hundred thousand words was finally copied by him.

5. Growing up of celebrities: Kong Ziwei's three masterpieces

Confucius studied hard all his life. In his later years, he was particularly fond of the Book of Changes. The Book of Changes was difficult to read and difficult to learn, but Confucius was not afraid of hardship and repeated it until he understood it. Because Confucius lived in a time when paper had not yet been invented. Books were written in bamboo or wooden slips, which were both stupid and heavy. Many bamboo slips are woven together with leather strips, and they become a book. Confucius studied hard and exhibited his books and notes frequently, so many times that the pimpers were broken three times. Later, people created the idiom "Wei weave three unique", in order to recite Confucius's studious spirit.

6. Famous Coming-of-age story: The Origin of Ink Pool

Wang Xizhi, a great calligrapher in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, practiced calligraphy hard since childhood. Every time he finished writing, he would wash his brush in the pond in front of his house. After a long time, a pool of clean water turned into a pool of ink. Later, people called this pond "ink pond". Wang Xizhi, through diligent study and practice, finally became. Calligrapher, known as the "book sage".

7. Galileo was curious and inquisitive

Galileo is a great Italian physicist, astronomer, his contribution in mechanics is to establish the law of falling body, discovered the object of inertia law, pendulum vibration and other time, parabolic motion law, determine the Galileo principle. While studying at the University of Pisa, he was curious and often asked questions such as "Why don't the planets move in straight lines?" Some teachers thought he asked too many questions, but he never cared.

Once Galileo learned that the mathematician Leech was visiting Pisa, and he prepared many questions for Leech. This time can be good, the teacher is tireless in teaching, the students asked endlessly. Galileo soon learned about plane geometry, three-dimensional geometry, and a deep grasp of Archimedes' theory of levers, specific gravity, and so on.

8. Celebrity growth story: Chyin capsule fireflies reflect snow

Che Yin, when he was young, studious and diligent. He worked for grown-ups during the day and studied hard at night. But because of the poor family, often did not have money to buy oil lamp, books can not read. He was very distressed about it. One summer night, Che Yin sat in the courtyard silently recalling the content of the book he had read, suddenly found that there were many fireflies flashing in the air. It suddenly occurred to him that if he gathered these fireflies together, wouldn't he be able to read by their light? So he began to catch fireflies, caught a dozen, put them in a white gauze sewn pocket, hanging on the desk. From then on, he read hard every day by fluorescence.


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