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7,987 toilet experience is 7,987 sharpening

7,987 toilet experience is 7,987 sharpening

By Ruban SaundersPublished 7 months ago 4 min read

If it hadn't been for that interview. Xiong Suqiong is still farming in the countryside of Chongqing.

After graduating from junior high school, Xiong Suqiong worked as a waiter in a small hotel in Chongqing. At the end of 1994, she read in the newspaper that Dongguan Gemstone Hotel (a three-star hotel) was looking for a job in Chongqing, so she applied for it. At that time, the hotel wanted to hire 120 waitresses in Chongqing, but more than 1,000 people applied.

On the first day of the primary election, Xiong Suqiong because of low education, height is not enough to pass, because the majority of applicants are college girls. She was disappointed at the time, but she immediately thought: It would be nice to be a cleaner.

So, she came up with a "bad idea" -- she bought a dusty old toilet from a scrap shop, carried it to the recruitment site, and boldly told the examiner: "Manager, I am a village girl, although I don't have many cultures, I have a lot of strength..." As she spoke, she squatted down to carefully wipe the toilet with a rag.

I saw her like wiping an antique, from the outside to the inside, and from the inside to the outside, for a while will wipe the toilet shiny...... The examiner saw this short girl can calmly carry a large toilet weighing dozens of pounds, very shocked, the scene saw her "professional performance", dumbfounded, immediately hired her to do a cleaner.

In this way, Xiong Suqiong came to Dongguan. After HALF A YEAR, THE GENERAL MANAGER OF THE HOTEL CHECKS THE JOB TO DISCOVER: IN ADDITION TO BEAR SUOQIong IS RESPONSIBLE FOR all THE rooms on the sixth floor, almost every floor has guests to reflect the problem of dirty toilet.

After the general manager heard, immediately promoted bear Suoqiong when the toilet was clean class monitor. Despite being ridiculed as the "monitor of the toilet class", Xiong Suqiong never cares but concentrates on managing her job and learning the knowledge of the toilet, such as how to save water.

In January 1996, one of the assistant housekeeping managers resigned and left. Many supervisors and monitors were eyeing the position. The housekeeping manager felt that Xiong Suqiong was a good worker and encouraged her to volunteer. Xiong Suqiong would like to try, but she knows that the hotel is full of masters and undergraduate talents. She felt that it was too early for her to compete for assistant manager. She had better take up the lesson of "low diploma and poor temperament" first.

So she worked hard and taught herself about hotel management. Two years later, she received a college degree in hotel operation and management from a university and was promoted to the supervisor of the hygiene class.

In an attempt to pass on her cleaning experience to staff, she compiled the 174 daily logs she kept when she entered the hotel, recording that she had cleaned the toilet 7,987 times over three years.

After seeing this, the general manager was very moved and praised her at the hotel working meeting, saying: "Although Xiong Suqiong's condition is worse than everyone present, her working attitude is the best! Look at her work log, brushed the toilet 7987 times, for an aspiring person, is 7987 times to hone! I don't think of it as a running tally, I prefer to think of it as the 'toilet science' of hotel management!"

Get the appreciation of the hotel high - level, Xiong Suqiong more confident. She not only went to the beauty shop to have her hair styled by the master but also often went to the fitness center for transport. Over the years, friends said she became more and more like a career woman.

But Xiong Suqiong did not lose their "toilet spirit" from beginning to end. In June 2000, the hotel held an election for housekeeping manager. Ten candidates were all management elites with bachelor's degrees or above.

In the speech, Xiong Suqiong said passionately: "Compared with you, I am more like a toilet in the hotel, which is often ignored, but the toilet also has a wish, that is, it hopes to bring safe, sanitary, and healthy services to all customers..." After the speech, the applause continued, and finally, she was successfully elected as the housekeeping manager.

Two years later, Xiong Suqiong was promoted to the service manager, managing the service work of the whole hotel, and attended the education and training Center of Tsinghua University Unigroup Group, and got the certificate of "Senior Professional Manager".

In early 2005, she began her EMBA degree at Lingnan College of Sun Yat-sen University. In November 2006, she was recruited by a headhunting company to serve as deputy general manager of Huatong City Hotel, the most luxurious five-star hotel in Dongguan City.

In July 2009, Xiong Suqiong attended an international exchange activity in Hong Kong. In front of dozens of senior hotel management experts and professors from all over the world, she talked about her "toilet experience" again: "Hotel managers should always put themselves in a lower position. With the highest quality of service to meet the needs of customers, no matter how much trouble encountered, to use the same patience to wipe the toilet to solve......" Her knowledge of toilet toilets was included in the book Hotel Management of the World, compiled by Professor Sylvie, a famous French hotel management expert.

Now, Xiong Suqiong has become a well-known professional manager in Dongguan, but she is still struggling to get a master's degree in Lausanne Hotel Management School in Switzerland, and strive to get the golden key to the world!

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