5 Signs That Shows You Are In A Toxic Relationship

5 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

5 Signs That Shows You Are In A Toxic Relationship

When you are in a healthy relationship, everything seems easy and you both support each other and make decisions together. Your relationship might go through ups and downs but you always find a way to make it work. But in a toxic relationship things only get worse with time.

These days quotes on fake love and relationship are getting popular on social media because people can relate to these words and they have experienced such situations in their lives. People usually think that only abusive relationships are toxic but it’s not true. Here are some signs that show you are in a toxic relationship.

Not Taking Responsibility

One of the signs that you might be in a toxic relationship is if your partner never accepts the blame for any action even when they're responsible they will often if not always find a way to turn their adverse behaviour around on you for instance if your partner is upset that they don't have any clean clothes for work and they become angry because you didn't do the laundry then they are placing the responsibility on you when they could have easily washed clothes themselves.

There are some instances where a partner snap at each other occasionally let's face it we all get irritated now and then but if this is constant behaviour then it is a sign of toxic relationship. If your partner hurts your feelings and turns it around on you as well then that is an even more glaring sign. Always remember that your significant other should take care of your emotions.

Lack of Trust

Another sign of a toxic relationship is that there isn't any trust and your partner keeps accusing you of being unfaithful. They keep asking where you are or who you with and requiring you to text or call them back with a haste even when you’re busy then it's a red flag. Often if the union is destructive then one or both people will have a difficult time trusting their partner sometimes its because they've had issues in the past. You can't be in a successful relationship without trust because both parties will probably end up feeling uncomfortable and unhappy with each other and eventually It’ll result in a love failure.

Always Being Competitive

Is your partner always trying to compete with you? Are they continuously focused on being the best one in the relationship? If so then you may be in a toxic situation. Some competition is good of course but there's a line between the flirty fun version and the severe malicious version. If the two of you enjoy playing video games to see who is the better gamer, that's one thing but if your partner tries to compete with you in most aspects of life then it can be toxic. For example, if you get a promotion at work and your partner isn't happy for you or makes you feel bad then your relationship is not healthy. They should be there to support you and congratulate you on your achievements. Getting jealous of what you've accomplished and making you feel guilty about doing it is a toxic sign.

Feeling drained

Something else you should consider is if you feel drained, do you feel tired all the time, are you lethargic and physically exhausted? If the answer is yes then you might be in a toxic relationship if you are feeling mentally depleted then it is common for that to become a physical state as well. It is possible that your relationship might be putting too much strain on you and will begin to affect your body. It could make you lose sleep motivation and overall joy. In some instances, you can also develop anxiety depression and eating disorder etc. Stress has a severe effect on the body and mind especially if it's drawn out for extended periods of time.


We all know that criticism is a very useful and accepted tool in motivating people to improve and so better, but too much of it can make people feel degraded if your partner is always making negative comments or keep telling you how you can do better then you might be in a toxic relationship. This can include several different things they may talk to you about, your work or hobbies or act as if they know more than you about everything. They can also talk about simple tasks that you don't perform correctly or to their liking such as the laundry the dishes grocery shopping etc. If your partner is criticizing almost all of your actions then you should pay attention because it is a huge sign. These things generally only get worse with time so it's best to recognize them early on if possible.

The Bottom Line

These are some signs of the toxic relationship that you should identify as soon as possible. Though it is not easy to identify these sign, if you’ve identified these signs early, you can start working on it. And it’s okay if you are not able to fix your relationship because a toxic relationship is not worth your time and energy.

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