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10 Ways to Win a Girl's Heart

by Kissy Anne 5 years ago in how to
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How to Win a Girl's Heart

You like a girl, but don't know what to do? Well then, let me help you out. I'm gonna give you ways on how to pursue her and win her heart.

1. Be Confident and Pursue Her

When you like a girl, make an effort and pursue her. Talk to her and be open about yourself, or just anything. Be confident and lead the conversation. We like boys who are confident, but not too confident to the point where you become arrogant. Be honest and sincere, but most of all: be real.

2. Compliment Her

Little things that you notice about us makes us really happy. Be it saying that we look good with our new hairstyle, our new accessory, or our new dress will already make our hearts flutter. So be sure to compliment her, but at the same time, be genuine about it.

3. Show Your Interest

Show your interest and be honest. Be upfront and straightforward, we don’t like guys who beat around the bush. Show her that you like her and be honest with your feelings. We like guys who are expressive the most.

4. Show That You Care

There are a lot of ways to show a girl that you care about her. Be it giving your jacket when she’s cold, buying her food when you know that she still didn’t eat yet, or helping her out with something. Things like that. Show her that you care, because it makes us feel good when we know that someone cares.

5. Make an Effort

Making an effort goes a long way. When you like a girl, be determined and make an effort. Give her a ride home, or buy her food, write her a letter, or give her flowers, it’s up to you. But make an effort to show her that you really like her.

6. Be Her Friend

Be her friend and confidant. Be there for her when she talks to you about her worries or problems. Be a good listener and give good advices. It is nice to have a friend we can talk to about anything and everything.

7. Give Her Something

Give her something, but not specifically a grand gift. Give her a letter, or a piece of art you made yourself, or a scrapbook with pictures of you and her together; you know, little things that matter. We are happy with the little things we’re given.

8. Serenade Her

As corny as it is, we like it when guys serenade us. It feels nice when you sing for us, or play an instrument for us. It makes us feel special. Sing her a song; it doesn’t matter if you have a good voice or not, but sing your heart out. You never know, she’s slowly falling in love with you.

9. Ask Her Out

Ask her out and let her know that you want to be with her. Invite her to go to a cinema to watch a movie, or go to a restaurant and have dinner together. Take the risk and don’t be shy, because overthinking what ifs doesn’t make things any better. You’ll never know until you try, right?

10. Have proper hygiene and make yourself smell good.

We like it when guys are clean and have proper hygiene. If you want to smell your best, it starts with getting clean. Put on deodorant, apply hair gel, or wear a cologne or perfume. Nothing is better than a guy smelling good. Trust me, she’ll love you forever. We like it when a guy smells good.

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