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10 Signs They Will Leave You

by Ardijana 6 months ago in list

These are simply to advise you in what I have had experience in my relationships and why they will leave you I have picked few signs I noticed along the way when I was dating. These signs are my experience and you will need to be the judge of your own feelings and I would strongly suggest that you speak to your partner if you feel that you experience any of these signs below. None the less everyone is different and you may feel better once you have had deep meaningful conversations with your partner.

10 Signs They Will Leave You
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1) He's not a phone person, he is always making excuses saying that he doesn't like to talk on the phone and how he likes to communicate face to face more and that texting and calling is a waste of time for themselves.

2) Doesn't know how to communicate when they or yourself are angry they would rather go home and hide then deal with conflict and the problem that is right in front of them!

3) Never puts your needs before his - By this i mean that they are selfish and never want to do what you want to do and only comprises when it is convenient for themselves. Generally being selfish is a bad and also good trait to have but I believe if you are in a relationship there are certain things you need to let go in order for your relationship to last more.

4) Always staring at other people (opposite sex or same sex if you are in a same sex relationship) public infront of you. I find this very offensive as the main character in your relationship should be your partner especially if they are with you at the time. I understand if you are alone you will stare here and there but once your partner is in front of you. I suggest you stop as this can cause a lot of destruction on self confidence as they would feel that they are not worthy of your looks and your only attention.

5) When you have expressed your feelings towards them they disregards them and continues to agree with you until the next opportunity they gets they will do the same thing. No change in their behaviour whatsoever. There might be a change for a week or few days or even weeks and then its back to square one where you first started out to be. Also an example could be If you have mentioned that you do not like a specific person and would like for them to not stay near them as you know what kind of person this is. They tell you that they will but you find out they are still communicating with them in some type of way.

6) He avoid posting pictures with you on social media and if he does he would block half of the people that can see it. This is a big red flag this is just basically them wanting to know that they are holding off for something better to come along. If you find out that they keep blocking you on their social media and they tell you that the only reason is that they feels that you are trying to pick a fight with them of what they posts. This again is a lot of bull. They are avoiding any communication with you and want you out of the loop of their life and lifestyle without you in the picture.

7) Out of the blue they can't stand some things you are doing for example. You are at a restaurant and the waiter says something and you aren't able to hear them so you ask them to repeat themselves and all of the sudden they have a problem in the way you asked them and they try to pick out a fight over these types of little petty things which shouldn't be a problem in the first place. Other examples can include them not wanting to go out because the way you are dressed is not up to their standard anymore or the makeup you have put on is too much just things they never had a problem with in the beginning of the relationship.

8) They start to not care about the relationship and always giving you an excuse for you to leave the relationship. For example I don't want kids when in fact you know they wanted kids from the beginning, telling you they don't want to get married when in fact you can see that they want that lifestyle and they have previously told you that is something they want. What they are unconsciously saying is that they don't want this with you and every excuse in the book they are making is to get you to break up with them so they don't have to do it.

9) They have not dealt with issues that happened in their past and has caused them to be distant with everyone in hopes they will avoid getting hurt. This example is as to why they are distant. We are not paid therapist and these issues run deeper than what a normal person should be dealing with on a daily and I would suggest for you to offer professional help if you feel that this is what is needed for them , I would strongly suggest for you to talk to your partner and give them valid reasons as to why this could help them. Have evidence to back up your suggestion.

10) They finally break up with you and few weeks later they ask you to meet them so they can continue the relationship again with them. This is the biggest red flag you can get. This is a way of them to seeing how much they can throw you under the bus and for you to take it, so they can lead you into a rollercoaster of a ride of emotions throughout the extended part of the relationship they want to have. This is because they know your the only one who is willing to deal with their rollercoaster of emotions and won't leave.

I strongly suggest that you avoid getting back in bed with them until you know that they have truly changed and put your needs at the top of their list also.

Without prioritisation there is no relationship. If someone wants to be with you and you want to be with them you have to look at the mirror and really ask yourself is this worth fighting for, is the relationship with this person worth all the ups and downs and remember there definitely should be more ups than downs. After staying with your partner you should feel a sense of joy and fulfillment not emptiness and disheartened as they are portraying their weaknesses and issues into your relationship with them.

I have had all of these things hapen to me and more but I have learnt that in order for yourself to break away from a bad habit you need to put yourself into another person's shoes. If your friend was going through what you are going through right now would you tell them to stay or to leave. I asked that many times and all I could think of if my friend was in this type of relationship I would bring her to her senses. We all need some awakenings some times I just hope this has helped and remember if you both cannot fix it is it worth fighting for a relationship that is bringing you both down all the time. My personal opinion is no, there are better life partners for us and we need to be able to know we are truly loved by our partner and that they are going to stick by us through thick and thin.

As stated before I am not a love expert these are just few things I have come to realise that happiness of myself and my relationships from my experiences throughout my life time.

If this has helped into seeing you may be in the same situation I hope to see you shining and living your life with love, joy and happiness.

This covid has not made it easy for relationships either so please take this into consideration when in a relationship, friendship or family we all need to look after one another. Our mental well being is taking a toll right now but just remember to keep yourself busy and excited about some new projects or learning something new.

Hope you are all staying safe and well.

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