Wooded Visions (Pt. 1)

by Jennifer Zabala 2 years ago in fiction

Part 1

Wooded Visions (Pt. 1)

Part 1:

A woman's scream echoes through the woods.

"Sheriff Bailey, come here and check this out!"

"Oh man, what happened to this poor girl?"

The body of a young girl in her early twenties lay on the ground with cuts all over her body.

"Sheriff Bailey, look at these cuts, there's something carved into her back!"

"I don't understand this writing, Higgs, have you ever seen anything like this?"

"No sir I haven't, maybe we should call someone out to try to decipher these words."

As the officers searched around the young girl's body they felt a colder than usual breeze that gently touched the backs of their necks. The hairs on the back of their necks stood up. The officers turned to each other with a concerning look on their face. Suddenly a whisper was heard. "Help me!"

"Sir, did you hear that?"

"Yeah Higgs, I did, where do you suppose that came from?"

"I'm not sure, Sheriff Bailey, but we're the only ones out here except her and she's not talking."

"Let's get the crime scene team out here Higgs, and get a hold of Joe Johnson. He should be able to decipher this writing on her."

"You got it sir, I'll get right on that."

As the officers waited for everyone to arrive they couldn't shake the feeling of someone watching them from the woods.

The sound of rocks kicking up could be heard from down the road. A red Chevy Charger drives up.

"Thank you for coming Joe, I honestly don't know what we're dealing with here. There is some writing on this body, that we need your help figuring out."

"Okay Sheriff, I'll give it my best shot."

As the men approached the young girl's body an eerie feeling came over everyone.

"Wow, it got really cold really fast."

"Yeah we felt it too, that's why the sheriff and I were waiting outside of the wooded area."

"Oh wow, these words, they are an ancient language."

"Well, what do they say?"

"Words when spoken can release this spirit; he who speaks the words that are written, and hears the words that are said, will be responsible for putting back the dead."

"What the Hell does that mean?" asked Higgs.

"I've never seen or read anything like this before."

As the men stood over the young girl they heard a faint laugh from behind them. The men quickly turned around but didn't see anyone there. When they turned back around the girl's body had moved towards the men. Her hands were reaching out toward them.

"What the Hell is going on, Sheriff?"

"Higgs, I have no idea, I'm just seeing it as you are."

From the woods they could hear laughing. The trees were rustling vigorously but there was no wind. The men stood there in shock of what was happening around them.

"Alright guys, let's take a look around the woods. Let's see if we can find anything until the CSI investigators arrive."

"Alright, Sheriff."

As officer Higgs is walking through the forest he hears faint cries from over by a heavily wooded area.

"Hello, is anyone there?"

As he gets closer to the cries he sees a woman holding her mouth and crying. He can barely see her face because her hair is hanging over most of it. The woman's clothes are covered in blood. Officer Higgs turns around and yells out to the others.

"Guys over here! I found a woman."

When officer Higgs turns back to the woman, she's no longer there. Where the woman was crouched down there is a small wooden box.

"Higgs, where is the woman?"

"Sheriff, she was just here."

Sheriff Bailey reaches down and picks up the box. He opens the box and inside he finds a lock of hair and a book written in the same language as on the young girls body.

"Joe, can you tell me what this book says?"

The words on the front of the book read.

"Quae Quod Vivus."

"What the Hell does that mean?"

"It says, 'she is alive.'"

To be continued...

Jennifer Zabala
Jennifer Zabala
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