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Who's Your Cryptid Counterpart?

by Alesia Brooks 2 years ago in monster
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Take this quiz and find out which monster you're most like!

We all have our counterparts in the world. Usually, they’re described as soulmates, romantic or platonic. But outside of the world we know, there are more things we have in common with the supernatural than many realize. Our personalities and energies draw us to find those who are meant to be in our lives… and who’s to say that can’t include monsters?

This personality test will tell you a bit about yourself, at least the way I see you, through finding your cryptozoological counterpart. Some of these beasts are known to be fierce and fiery, others loveable and elusive. Whatever one speaks to you can tell you a lot about your personality and how the world sees you. Think of it as a spirit animal, only more mysterious!

Of all the beasts in the world, all the unknown creatures who lay in their caves waiting to show themselves to the world - which one are you most like? Whether you’re a believer or not, have some fun and let go of the facts for five minutes while you take this quiz and find out!

1. It’s a cold and rainy fall day. Where are you most likely to be found?

A. Hanging out with friends at a restaurant or indoor activity

B. Home alone, laying in bed with no plans

C. Taking a walk or run, enjoying the weather

D. A cozy coffee shop reading a good book

2. You just got into a fight with your best friend and need to cool down. How do you work through emotions before you talk to them?

A. Hit the gym and sweat a bit while thinking it through

B. Work through emotions? They’re dead to you

C. Cry alone in your room hoping they’ll come to you when they’re ready

D. Pretend like nothing happened and go on with your life and friendship

3. Ah, the great outdoors! What activity are you likely to be doing when nature calls?

A. Going on a hike far up in the mountains

B. Outside??? No thank you, I’ll stay where the bugs can’t get me!

C. Randonauting or using Atlas Obscura to find some strange places near your home

D. Hitting the beach or a lake for some time on the water

4. School, school, school. Not a lot of people are fans of it, but there is usually one subject that is the least painful to get through. What subject is your favorite?

A. Gym or health

B. Art or drama

C. English or creative writing

D. Math or science

5. Your parents finally agree that you can get a pet! They leave the choice completely up to you! What are you choosing?

A. A dog

B. A cat

C. A horse

D. A fish

6. Food is one of the many pleasures of life. What’s your favorite meal?

A. Sushi

B. Hamburger and fries

C. Tacos

D. Spaghetti

7. What’s a trait your closest friends and family would use to describe you?

A. Adventurous

B. Determined

C. Curious

D. Patient

8. Books and movies are our way to escape the world. What genre are you most drawn to?

A. Adventure/Action

B. True Crime/Psychological Thriller

C. Horror/Slasher

D. Romantic Comedy/Coming of Age

If you answered mostly A’s…

Patterson-Gimlin Sasquatch Footage

Welcome to the world of the Sasquatch! This creature has terrorized and lived beside residents of the upper left USA since long before settlers landed in the states. It’s had many names from Bigfoot to Wild Man and The Snail Man, but Sasquatch is the most used verbiage nowadays. You are social and extroverted, similar to the very communicative Sasquatch. Adventure is your middle name and you have the strength to do whatever you set your heart to. You learn best through hands-on activities and use your intelligence to get you out of any sticky situations. The spirit of the Sasquatch helps you in your cunning abilities and walks alongside you as you go about your life.

If you answered mostly B’s…

Congratulations - you are the person I have feared since I was a child, with the features of the legendary Lizard Man! This terrifying beast lives in the underground of many major cities, rising through manholes and sewer grates to terrorize those who live above. You’re a solo person, living life by your own rules, but being alone has you lost in thought a lot. Through this escapism, you find outbursts of large creative ideas and artistic inspiration. Your dramatic tendencies can make you seem a bit hot-headed, and although you do have quite the temper, you’re pretty good at keeping it under wraps. Similar to the Lizard Man, you find peace in solitude and come off as having a theatrical personality.

If you answered mostly C’s…

Looks like we’re two peas in a pod! One of the most feared and well-documented cryptids is your life partner - allow me to introduce you to the Thunderbird! This majestic beast inhabits the land all throughout North and parts of Central America. The creature has been used to explain extreme weather phenomena and is said to wreak havoc, stealing children and battling whales. Yes, you read that right - whales. Your curiosity has a tendency to get the best of you and in the absence of logic, you sometimes make some questionable decisions. The Thunderbird spirit draws you to be rash and unpredictable, some may consider your spontaneity to be both inspiring and worrying. You describe yourself as more of an outcast with a small circle of friends. The unknown drives you and finding answers is your life mission. Maybe you’ll be the one to answer the questions about the existence of the Thunderbird.

If you answered mostly D’s…

Thousands of years worth of stories, but not one concrete fact ever discovered. Your analytical and confident soul finds companionship with the one, and only, Loch Ness Monster. Named “Nessie” lovingly by locals in Scotland. You tend to be loyal and are predictable to a fault. But your intelligence reaches far beyond your academic achievements. The ability to hide from others, never letting them get a good look at you, is a game, rather than being done with malice. You’re kind and compassionate, as your beast has no injuries or claimed attacks to its name. Your likeability and magnetic personality draws people to you and makes them want to know you better.


About the author

Alesia Brooks

Disney blogger with a dark side

23-year-old blogger and photographer

Follow along with my misadventures - IG: @livinglikealesia

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