What are the Monsters in 'A Quiet Place?'

And why are they attracted to sound?

What are the Monsters in 'A Quiet Place?'

John Krasinski from NBC's The Office as Jim Halpert, will direct and star in an upcoming horror film called A Quiet Place, premiering on April 6th, 2018. The movie is about a family living an abandon farm while strange supernatural monstrous beings roman the earth killing or destroying anything that makes any sound whatsoever. Very quickly the U.S Military is wiped out and the U.S government, as well as all other governments and armies throughout the world, collapse. People around the world are doomed to survive on their own.

But people have raised a valuable question on what exactly are these monsters? Are they aliens? Demons? Creatures from a government lab? All we know is that these beings move at top speed whenever any sound is made at all. Within seconds the creatures show up to the exact location where the sound was made.

I would show you pictures but every available shot of the creatures is too blurry or the beasts were moving so fast the they appear as streaks.

But from what I can make out, the creatures appear to be large, bulky beings with human-like appendages. They're able to grasp with their hands and can jump down from heights.

Whatever these creatures are, they can't be animals from a government lab because no animal can move through space-time on the Earth to the exact location of where a sound originated from in seconds. Otherwise the creatures would have to traveling at the speed of light or sound. If that were to happen then the body mass of these animals would then expand greatly the faster they go.

If they were aliens, maybe. But their bodies would have to able to move beyond what the laws of physics allow on our planet. Their E.T bodies would have to had evolved somehow to beat such restrictions.

Are they demons? Well I've never heard of demons killing people because of sound. I thought demons were only allowed to tempt people and on occasion, possess a person' body if allowed in by the individual. But that's a discussion for another day. I don't think its demons. We can't label every scary monster we see on TV and movies as demons.

Here's an idea. Maybe they're inter-dimensional beings. Creatures that can move between dimensions of space-time. Perhaps these creatures move and exist outside of our universal laws and dwell in a universe much greater and more powerful than ours. Can they move through black holes into another universe?

But there's still one other question: why do these beings kill or destroy anything that makes noise? Maybe inferior beings, their food source, back home made similar noises like the ones they hear on Earth? Reminds me of how a great white shark will mistake a person's legs as a seal in distress. Or maybe sound is a hazard to them— a potential threat to their existence so they destroy the cause. Kind of like how the martians in H.G Welles, War of the Worlds died from contact to germs, viruses, and bacteria.

Nevertheless, A Quiet Place looks interesting, I may decide to go see it if I have the time. I personally am more of a general movie buff (I like all genres of film, except romance), not a horror movie buff but I strongly recommend anyone with a love or interest in horror films to watch this.

Because you never know what's in store for you on screen.

A Quite Place will be released April 6th, 2018.

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Joseph Pecher
Joseph Pecher
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